By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Democrats Push Health Care reform: Like it or not!

I am reading news stories this morning as I enjoy my coffee. I see where Democrats are now saying that they are ready to push a health care reform bill through Congress whether the Republicans (or the rest of us American people) like it or not.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me the arrogance displayed thus far makes me sick. How dare you Ms. Pelosi? You work for us and we are tired of your faltering on the job. But it will take Californians to recall her, not Oregonians or New Yorkers. But we can make enough noise about it and maybe California voters will hear us too.

I am repeating myself when I say that health care reform starts with the health care itself. We are focused on the costs and not the results of the treatments. I don't care how much it costs, if it is not an effective treatment it is not worth any price.

Although my family history is in medicine and health care, and while I have not chosen that as a career path, I have been intimately involved in both standard and "natural" treatments for various illnesses, and I find that the natural remedies have been most beneficial to me. But collusion among AMA, FDA and Big Pharma has successfully prevented natural cures and remedies from being used by licensed practitioners.

I do not feel that the legislation offered for health care reform will benefit the majority of America. And unless Congress will accept the same health care coverage it is shoving down the throats of Americans, then we will not accept it either.

American freedom is about choice. We are being asked by the government to relinquish that choice in favor of a nanny-government making the choices that are best for you. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know what is best for you and your family and they want you to trust that they will take care of you.

So when all of the wealth is "redistributed" and there is no more left, who will the government rob next to pay for the entitlements that are being given out now?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Health Care Reform:An Open Letter to Congress

Instead of cutting a healthcare deal with individual mandates and government control, it's time for you guys to do something that would actually work. The Constitution's Commerce Clause authorizes you to tear down barriers to interstate commerce. Please do that for health insurance. Please give consumers a nationwide free market in health insurance. Doing this would . . .

* Only require a few pages
* Increase competition
* Lower the cost of health insurance
* Cost the taxpayer NOTHING

States pile on mandates that increase the cost of insurance. Things like . . .

* Maternity care for single males
* Infertility treatments for people who don't want a family
* Alcohol rehab for people who don't drink

These kinds of regulations increase the cost of health insurance, and that means millions of Americans are left uninsured.

Consumers need free market choices, not government mandates.

Do you really want to reduce healthcare costs and insure more Americans? Then, you could pass this simple reform in a matter of days, and bring instant relief to millions of Americans. You really need to START doing things that increase OUR power, and STOP doing things that increase YOUR power.

It would also reduce the cost of health care if proven natural remedies were allowed to be used by practicing physicians and other certified and licensed health care professionals. The pharmaceuticals industry and the American Medical Association both have strongly lobbied the Federal Drug Administration to ban anything that is natural from claiming cure for illness as their position is that drugs cure disease not supplements.

If that is true, then why do all of the advertisements for drugs say that it relieves the symptoms and not cure the disease? And why are there always so many precautions and side effects, some which can be fatal? Just for what? The temporary relief of a symptom? I imagine that there are some things that are quite unbearable to the human psyche and even with training there may be a point reached where a drug, even as a last resort must be administered else shock or stroke may occur. But be cautious because the very drug that offers you that temporary relief can be fatal in some (many) cases.

Drugs therefore need to be regulated more and studies of natural remedies expanded into public clinical trials that can be easily demonstrated for validity with empirical evidence.

Please make health care reform simple and straight forward instead of more complicated and regulated. I ask you as a voting constituent that wants only fair representation of the wishes of myself and my community who will continue to back you so long as you back us.

Friday, February 12, 2010

545 vs. 300,000,000

545 people make decisions that effect the lives of 300 million American citizens. 545 people are ultimately responsible for deficit spending, national debt, the troops in Afghanistan & Iraq, bailouts for banks & insurance companies that were tanking from mismanagement. 545 people, whom We the People elect. We can FIRE THEM ALL and replace them with people who care about what we the people want and what's best for US.

I sent the above paragraph to several friends on my contacts list. Most comments were very positive but one made the assumption that:

1. Replacements will be no better than what we have
2. We can't find agreement on who "they" will be (who will we elect)
3. They still won't be able to get anything done because of the red tape politics.

I say, wrong, wrong, wrong, and get off your butt and take a stand!

Lobbyists do not make laws, neither do corporate chairpersons or the President. It is the elected representatives who are charged with that Constitutional responsibility, just as they are charged with "coining money and setting the value thereof." but they instead delegated that responsibility to the private members banks that comprise (and compromise!) the Federal Reserve System.

We must return to asset-backed currency, and stop deficit spending. We all must live within our means, and have budgets that we must adhere to or else we risk the loss of our assets via foreclosure and repossession. Nobody will bail you or me out, so why did we bailout failing businesses? The "government" said it was to prevent economic collapse and stabilize t he economy. It was going to make credit available for consumers to borrow and pay down their mortgages and credit card debts. Instead, the banks and other lending institutions used it to payoff their own debts to the central banks of the federal reserve and hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their properties. Jobs were not created, here, they were outsourced to India and China.

Now the President and the Democratic-controlled House wants to pass a "health care reform bill" that will do nothing to make health care costs go down, will not make me eligible for benefits, but will give benefits to those that never paid a nickel in premiums before (MedicAid) while copays and premiums soar for those that can afford it. And Congress says it can fix the problem. Based on what past performance data do we feel confident that they can?

We have to do it, the citizen, the taxpayer, the voter that makes the choice to have representation. It is up to us to make the changes we want in America, and those within the Capital Beltway will are being put on notice; shape up or pack up, either way we will have the people in office that represent our best interests and not those of banks and corporations.

Banks and corporations do not vote, so don't think that their money will influence the election. There are other crooks that rig the polls. Paper ballots that are cast by by in ink, and instead of an election day, maybe an election week? And without all of the election day(s) returns being counted and speculated on. A public vote, a public counting, and a public reveal of results.

Now that is transparency in government!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mr. Obama: On Trial!

The next 10 days will be exciting and very busy. In addition to designing my own site and configuring the talk show software, I have to move another site and its associated forum to a new hosting service. I would accept comments from you as to what you feel other talk shows lack.

I do not plan on being like (fill in a name) or anyone else. What I envision is talking about the things you don't see or hear on television or radio. It is also why I felt that doing this with a talk show site would not serve my or my listeners' best interests. So I have chosen to do it myself, and who knows how that will look! I'll put a link up soon.

Well there have been a few emails that came through the past several days that indicate that there are some hearings taking place regarding the eligibility of one Mr. Barry (Barack Obama) Soetoro to hold the office of President of the United States of America.

A recently disclosed copy of the President's transcripts from Occidental seems to reveal that he received a Fulbright Foundation Scholarship Program fellowship award, which is given to foreign students (they must prove foreign citizenship) to attend. Someone wrote recently on another blog or forum that all this is doing is making America look bad to the rest of the world.

I have a different take on this, and I could not care less what anyone else thought about it. I feel that if, and only if it is proved that Barack Obama is not eligible to remain in office, that the American People DEMAND a special election be held to elect a new president, because although Mr. Biden as Vice President would legally be entitled to assume the office of President, his election to VP must also be considered void since we no longer choose the two offices separately.

Maybe we need to change how we choose President and Vice President, and reform the nominating system entirely, so that anyone that can get enough nominating signatures must be considered eligible provided they also meet all of the prerequisite requirements of age and citizenship and criminal background check. I have a feeling that a few may have failed that last one in the past had it been given serious analysis.

But maybe we need to have a pool of candidates and when the votes are all tallied, the top two will be elected as President and Vice President respective of their totals. That way, there is always a "bi-partisan" administration by default. No longer do citizens get the take-out menu, with one from column A or one from column B. When the counting is done it may be column G won and column D was second, so it would then be President G and Vice President D, and they only have a short time before inauguration to get acquainted and start a strategy.

November 2010 elections will be very telling of what Americans really feel and think. I want to provide the information they will need to make an informed choice. Candidates can contact me to be guests and allow me to interview them for the show.

I also want to talk about ObamaCare and bailouts, and why none of it is good nor will it work. I want to discuss global warming, but not about who is at fault, but what is really occurring and what needs to be done. Some say that it is too late and too big a problem to fix. I never agree with defeatism so I feel there is a possibility to reverse the destruction. Well that is all I have to say about that and I have to get back to work.