By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Immigration and Border Control

The way I see it, the immigration 'problem' can be handled quite simply and it will save tax dollars.

First, you must remove the incentives that attract foreigners from coming into the U.S. illegally. You do that by removing ALL federal benefits for education, food, health care, and shelter. If you arrive here from anywhere else with proper documentation, you are free to come to America to find a job or start a business. Or if you have promise of employment a work visa may be obtained expeditiously when proper background checks are made to both the employer's and the government's satisfaction regarding that clean record in one's background. That person will pay taxes at a rate slightly higher than a U.S. citizen since a job here means that an American is not employed.

Next, you must seal the border. With joint cooperation between the state and federal governments, a plan that serves the best interests and capabilities of each border can be implemented. If funding is required to build fences or walls, depending on the necessity of the local terrain, it can be found in the savings from ending funding to foreign nations, starting with the ones that are most hostile toward the United States. Troops can be redeployed from around the world to provide temporary security until the border crossings are in place and the entire length is secure in the manner that serves the requirements of the local terrain. No additional taxes or borrowing will be necessary to fund the endeavor.

These fine members of our armed services will no doubt make excellent law enforcement officers if they so desire, in both state and local governments, protecting their family, friends, and community.In fact, they still will be serving to protect the nation as deputy sheriffs and police officers. A secure border is not about keeping illegal immigrants out, rather it deters foreign enemies from coming to the United States as spies and saboteurs. They can now cross the border as easily as a good man seeking work and liberty for himself and his family.

Many politicians will try to convince us that we cannot forget that many of these illegal and undocumented workers must have a path to legal status and citizenship. Well they do! If they are here illegally, the path will lead back to their country of origin. There they will make application just as so many other foreigners have and do. We cannot reward them for breaking the law by moving them ahead of those who are waiting in line with legal application documentation.They broke the law so they get deported. When Americans break laws they go to prison so I don't see a problem here.

Many will also tell us that children who were born or brought here guiltless victims if their parents are deported. Really? And how about all the homeless American citizens with children that can benefit from the aid given to foreigners illegal or legal? How can you possibly justify so many Americans in need when foreigners are given so much?

Simply a case of a shortage of common sense and logic when the government is put in charge of solving a problem that they (the government) created in the first place!

Trampling on Tyranny

Spinning propaganda to promote policies that have nothing to do with the issues is now the way party politics operates at all levels of government. A look at the facts will demonstrate the fallacy of what the politicians and government wants us to believe.

No background checks or bans to weapons or magazines would have had any bearing on the most recent attacks on Americans. Most of these deaths were not caused by guns. In the bombings in Boston, a more vigilant policy to enforce immigrantion laws may have prevented it since it was learned that these two were interrogated by the FBI due to information provided by Russian authorities. 

In the case of mentally unstable individuals who commited murders with guns, knives, and even baseball bats, it seems obvious that background checks would not have helped either. Most crimes involving deaths by shooting are weapons that were obtained by the criminals in illegal transactions. New laws will not stop bad people from breaking those new laws as they do with current laws.

But there is a much larger issue at the forefront of all of this. The issue most relevant is that of rights and limits. Regarding rights, there are some who feel that the government has the authority to infringe on the rights of the people if it can demonstrate it is for the good of the people or the security of the nation. The government cannot take that which it did not give. Our rights are not obtained from the government nor do we get them from the Constitution. And the Constitution only spells out some of those rights, rather concentrating on the duties and limits of the federal government, primary of which is protecting the rights and safety of the people.

There are many Americans today who think that government has the duty to provide many things for the people of America. These are people who have been taught by institutionalized schools, mandated and regulated by federal government, being indoctrinated into thinking as they are told to think, what to think, and allowing authority of the government prevail. More and more examples of individualism being suppressed and even punished make the news in between this recent major distractions from the real issues of a government that is so corrupted by greed and power, that they will sooner bankrupt the nation rather than admit they can't fix the problem without cutting the spending and reining in the Federal Reserve System that is further destroying our economy.

Our nation is under attack, not only from foreign extremists, but from within by a corrupted representation of the people, who cater to the whims of corporate interests to the detriment of the citizens they are supposed to protect.It is up to us, We the People, to defend our nation when our government fails. We must restore our nation ourselves!

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Lesson in Constitution

The Constitution for the United States of America is a contract of consent by We the People to form and administer a representative republican system of federal governance among the many sovereign States in union. It is by our consent and within the limitations of the Constitution that we allow ourselves to be governed.

Included in that consent decree are Amendments that describe some of the rights of the People and the rights of the States. The Second Amendment clearly  states that the "right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." How can it be more plain than that? Laws that infringe on the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms are by definition unlawful. Now some will say that it is up to the States then to make laws regarding gun control. Not so fast!

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution also makes it clear that those powers not granted to the federal government and not prohibited by the Constitution are reserved to the States and to the People. Because the Second Amendment clearly prohibits restrictions on weapons (arms) that means that even the States cannot enact laws that infringe on the People's rights.

I have heard mention on this ongoing debate about gun laws, "Well that doesn't mean that anybody can buy an cruise missile or a tank. Actually, it does mean that! Yes, if you can afford to purchase and maintain it, you have a right to own and keep it.

All of this gun talk in the wake of these tragic shootings at cinemas and schools is knee-jerk reactions to a problem that has nothing to do with guns at all. But that is a topic outside of the Constitution and the limits it places on government involvement into the private lives of citizens.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Dan

I am replying to an email that I received regarding the current environment in which we now live in America. After careful consideration of facts, it appears that blame and fault is not going to fix what is wrong, only action by good Americans can do that. Keep in mind that it is more of a challenge than some agree on.

Here is the body of my reply:

The same fear and propaganda thing repeats itself and the uneducated fall for it again and again. It is sad but true that our nation, the greatest experiment in individual liberty is rapidly coming to an end. There are too many people who believe in the god of government and children are educated to depend on the government for more and more.

This results in the breakdown of the family as children learn in school an opposing view to the morality and responsibility that good parents give to their children. Government mandated education has ruined America as it did to Germany and Russia.The same influences that created the Soviet Union and the National Socialist Party are doing the same to America.

We are not at a crossroad, we are on a precipice and headed for the abyss. Many will give in and many others will fight and die for their freedom. Same as it was when this nation was founded. The difference now is that military technology and weapons today allow more citizens to be slaughtered more quickly. And weapons laws that keep those weapons from the citizens are allowed for government law enforcement at every level.

We are being controlled by media that focuses attention on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion. The powers behind the control of everything want to keep you focused on religion rather than liberty. I watch as the nation I love is divided on the false assumption that Democrats and Republicans are different. The results of the last 70 years however prove that there is very little difference. Big government gets bigger as more and more people become dependent on government programs. Food stamps and Medicaid have replaced jobs and benefits. Corporations have more rights than individuals and the gap between them is more and more laws are written to restrict our rights and give corporations wider freedom to do as they please to make profit.

Some will say that we have two many problems to fix and that it is impossible to do anyway. It's meant to seem so complex by design. That is so people feel overwhelmed and turn to their political 'leaders' for solutions. And that is why we keep marching down the path to destruction of the free and sovereign United States of America. Everyone wants the 'problem' fixed and most want someone else to fix it.

It doesn't matter to me where one draws resolve and strength. Allah, Buddah, Jehovah, Jesus will be sought in vain by many because they won't get up off their knees and fight their God's war. Our nation was built on the premise that all are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights. It is important to understand how those words have been twisted to mean all sorts of things when used to prove a point. Taking a phrase or sentence out of context happens all the time. The words that define our nation must remain in the context they were written in, not the interpretations of a legislature or Supreme Court decision.

The very foundation that supports this nation is being hammered on from different enemies of the state. Foreign and domestic enemies who want to destroy liberty and control the lives of everyone are winning. They are winning because we are being manipulated so completely by these rich and powerful cowards. They have control over most of the resources of the world, and once they complete the takeover of the U.S. and its military resources, they will have what they want and we are no longer free or secure.

We are truly chattel and with the homogenizing and pasteurizing of American culture and society (in the name of progress) we are becoming exactly what our enemies want. Weak-minded and ignorant, following along leaders who offer promises that they never keep, only more and more dependence on government for all of their needs.

Seems that most Americans will not do anything until it's too late.