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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Betting Big in Iowa

After months of speculation over how much effort Mitt Romney will put into participating in the Iowa caucus, the answer appears to lie elsewhere.
Romney is in New Hampshire; however, regardless of where Romney spends his time over the next few days, a steady and continuing increase in interest in the polices and ideas of Dr. Paul has sparked a reawakening of patriotism and pride in the nation's original concepts. State Senator Kent Sorenson, state campaign chairman for Ms. Bachmann, quit her efforts to join with the advocates for Dr. Paul when he announced his support for the Texas gentlemen at an evening rally. Dr. Ron Paul remains the only candidate to have followed the same convictions and principles through out his career.

To say Romney is "all in" in Iowa suggests a desperate attempt to sway the state. Likewise, Gingrich, whose campaign promises and concepts change depending on who he talks to, is now fading dramatically in the prediction markets and Yahoo's Signal, where he was never the front runner. The Real Clear Politics Involved seem to revolve around replenishing his war chest and worrying that a bad loss may be financially devastating.

Perry has shifted, once again, to an extreme position on abortion; he now states that abortion is not justified even in cases concerning rape, incest, or death of the pregnant mother. His campaign is directed at any psychological positions which might get traction in Iowa, where social engineering may sway conservatives who dominate the caucuses, but there's no question that his positions will change with his appeal outside Iowa to the general electorate, if he gets through Iowa.

Gambling is about demonstrating confidence in potential wins and losses. Romney is making an investment with a potential upside and huge potential cost. For Gingrich and Perry a poor showing in Iowa followed by a beating in New Hampshire would leave both limping and bleeding heading into South Carolina; they have serious costs if their bets do not succeed.
Dr. Paul does not believe in gambling with the Nation's Future. He is not concerned with upside, downside, showing, or potential. He is very concerned with actions based on concepts which will bring the Citizens of America back on to their feet in support of freedom, liberty, rights and prosperity for all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Divided They Fall!

It should be apparent to anyone that is not sound asleep on their feet something ts very different in this year's campaigns than in previous ones. Not that any of the negative ads are worse than they ever have been; however, it seems there is a concerted effort by the privately owned major media to sway public opinion toward a particular GOP candidate.

Michelle Bachmann was the Tea Party favorite narrowly winning the Iowa Straw Poll in her own state. Soon after, Rick Perry joined the fray Bachmann's numbers dropped. Having followed the debates closely, I feel she fumbled several of the issues, as did Perry, who appeared to be just another puppet dangling by obvious strings. Bachmann has now suspended her campaign after the poor results she received in Iowa.

Herman Cain momentarily captured the attention of the public with his "Nine, nine, nine" tax plan, but public scrutiny of his past revealed some questions of his morality and fidelity. Perhaps that is also why Newt Gingrich has fallen off in most of the reported polls. When Cain withdrew, the privately owned major medias were telling us how Gingrich would gain the majority of the Cain supporters' votes and Romney might pick up the remainder. I read now where many of them are changing their support to Ron Paul, and his poll numbers seem to indicate that is the case.

Now that the Iowa Caucus results are in, it seems that the once touted Bachmann is in single digits,  Mitt Romney won with eight votes more than Santorum, and Ron Paul 3rd by percentage points. Romney is really just as good at being behind someone as he was when the GOP favorite was Senator John McCain. Romney finished third behind McCain who of course lost to Obama in the Presidential election. Now McCain who attacked Romney in 2008 is endorsing him for the GOP candidacy. More flip-flopping by the GOP elite just to deflect attention away from Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's sound principles and convictions backed by his thirty years record of voting was given little attention by his own party and faded in comparison to Obama's now failed promises and failed programs of change.

Steve Forbes has been speaking well of his Bilderberg selection, Rick Perry and his flat tax idea, while also taking cheap shots at Ron Paul. Dick Morris has tried trashing Ron Paul on Fox News, calling him a radical and extremist. Morris says he would dismantle the military and allow Iran to become a nuclear power and destroy Israel. A few are calling him an isolationist because Dr. Paul says, that it is better to enjoy commerce and trade with nations instead of preemptive military force to make others comply:  that America should lead by example and not by force.

Now there is a needed strategy on the part of the Democrats given Obama's ineligibility to be a presidential candidate in the 2012 election. So far, it has been a strategy of shifting blame that began with President Obama placing blame on former President Bush for the bailouts, deficits and wars. Now the Democrats are blaming the Tea Party Movement for making it impossible for the President to get any legislation passed to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The Tea Party Movement is not in office and never has been.

But everyone knows that what happened in 2010 was just a warning to all of Congress and the President. The people of America want and demand real change. Not hollow promises and ever failing policies and programs. Both political parties have been put on notice. Americans deserve the changes that will return our nation to that which was always admired and envied around the world.

The 'Restore America Now Plan' can cut spending by one trillion dollars in the first year of office and provide a balanced budget with spending limits by the third year. This can be accomplished by reductions in unnecessary government bureaucracy. suggested are the TSA, corporate subsidies, and unnecessary foreign aid. In addition to the reductions, an end to the never ending wars which have nothing to do with defense of the country. Bring the troops home, and back to their families. knowing the constitutional limits of a standing army, Dr. Paul would be well aware of how the Coast Guard, Marines and Navy can be used as a very formidable defense. He is not against a strong defense but he does stand with the same non-interventionist principles for which our founding fathers stood. Those principles were used to established routes of trade and commerce without intervening in how other nations govern their people.

Dr. Ron Paul stands alone among all other candidates to break the misguided recent trends of politics and policies that has all but destroyed us from within. We must prove that we can exercise our protests with the vote and make changes. Will enough fellow Americans come to their senses in time?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The American Dream: Has It Become a Nightmare?

Is there no sanity left in America?  Are we so well socially engineered by the propaganda machines that we no longer can see reality?  

We are quickly approaching the most important election in recent history, many of of the presidential candidates are thumping for war against Iran and dictators and terrorists around the world. This kind of irrational rhetoric of the war-mongering conservative right is a direct reflection of the lobbying influence that has been used since World War II:  remember President Eisenhower's warning concerning the Military Industrial Complex?

As a veteran and Statesman, Dr. Paul stands firm on national defense. He objects to militarism not the defense of the nation against real threats. We were once the richest nation on the planet, had no income tax, did not have a large military, remember the fleet at Pearl Harbor?  Although we were not "prepared for war" we were able to motivate our citizens and manufacture supplies to defeat major enemies on two fronts with the aid of our allies. We could have returned to that pre-war footing after WWII were it not for the vast profit potential of the war footing developed by major corporations.

Dr. Paul opposes the Patriot Act: American citizens need not be treated as criminals and subjected to indefinite detention to prevent terrorism and voted, “Nay.” President Barack Obama's staff has indicated he will sign the indefinite detention bill into law. The bill, called National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2012, has provisions that explicitly spell out the authority of the U.S. President to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism or supporting terrorists. This law completely bypasses the rights (like due process) promised to citizens in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Dr. Paul is equally opposed to the TSA's X-ray, Strip, and Grope behavior which displays an attitude unwarranted toward American Citizens. He explains that the airlines themselves need to make passengers feel safe to fly on aircraft, not the government. In maintaining the appearance of political correctness, we don't "profile" people, who because of their religion, might be terrorists. Dr. Paul points out the fact that Israel does not have a TSA-like "search and grope" but they have a secure airport and airline there. The Israelis do "profile" because it works for them.

Maintaining a secure national border and coast is a constitutional power granted to the federal government by the People. National Border Security is an important concern of the federal government:  But, that does not prohibit nor restrict the law enforcement branches within any state from enforcing State and federal laws to provide protection for its own residents. Illegal immigrants are certainly a problem and a burden on State Revenues and Resources. Dr. Paul being from Texas is well aware of these problems and similar problems faced by Arizona and California. Dr. Ron Paul explains this and demonstrates the respect for State sovereignty and States rights to protect their own borders and Citizens.

Many politicians are reactionary and want to pass laws to prevent every possibility of people harming others and themselves. In the name of a safe and secure citizenry, the majority of both House and Senate representatives we have elected and entrusted with protecting our freedoms which ensure our protection, they have instead usurped the U. S. Constitution and passed unconstitutional laws further eroding the sovereignty of the individual and of the States that comprise the union. Party favorites, Romney, Gingrich, Perry are clearly offering and pushing political agendas that do not include the corrective reduction of the Federal Government and which continue to blur the basic and fundamental rights of the States. During his entire political career, Dr. Paul has stood alone in his convictions and are reflected by his voting record which has demonstrated a solid understanding of the U. S. Constitution and the concepts on which it is based.

The European Union is wrought with debt:  many of its member nations are on the brink of economic collapse. E. U. member nations have followed the policies of the European Central Banks and if they continue they will join all the other bankrupt countries around the the world. If the United States continues to follow these same polices of the central banks and their U. S. representative, the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, America will soon join the ever growing number of bankrupt nations that have relied on policies of the central banks. Regardless of which presidential candidate you listen to, save one, all say they will slow the collapse but they cannot prevent it. All the presidential candidates are unwilling to take any action to correct this problem. The exception, Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul accurately predicted the destruction of the American Economy and offered the reasons for it. He exposed the true nature, a system designed on the basis of debt, of the Federal Reserve System and explained how the United States can regain a sound global and national economic stance for its citizens by returning to a currency backed by real assets. Not on a system designed on the basis of debt. This is the reason that we, our children, and their children can never get out of debt: the debt only increases. Halting the Central banks from creating an unending flood of worthless Federal Reserve Notes is the solution. 

Mitt Romney has been very critical of China's manipulation of its currency and he suggests high tariffs are needed. Dr. Paul has offered what is needed is a solid and sound monetary system to insulate the United States from any effects of what any nation does to manipulate its own currency. Dr. Paul understands the current monetary system and why it cannot be repaired as so many other presidential candidates have insisted. It cannot be repaired because it is designed to be a debt-based system which always increases the national debt. Dr. Paul has stated that Congress should take its constitutional mandate and responsibility to enact a monetary system that is immune from manipulation by other nations and central banks. It has been demonstrated over thousands of years of commerce and trade, a monetary system that is backed with real assets is the only system.

All of the candidates have talked about a balanced budget amendment at one time or another; however, only Dr. Paul explains that balancing the budget is only part of the issue. If Congress wants to increase the budget and remain "balanced" they will have to (as they do now) create a source of revenue (fees/taxes) or borrow it from the Federal Reserve System to pay for it. A balanced budget in and of itself does nothing to curb spending and reign in the spending power of Congress. But Dr. Paul has explained that many of the programs funded by the federal government are unconstitutional and need to be eliminated. 

If We the People are to restore our liberties, to remain a sovereign nation, to rebound from the economic collapse close at hand, we must do something that is radically different from the actions that have led us to this point in history. We must stop choosing between the party favorite candidates that have always done exactly the same thing after being elected. The opposite of what they promised to do or nothing. We need to elect representation that will look out after our interests. We need a revolutionary candidate. There is a glimmer of light shining on the nation's darkest hours. 

There is only one man running for President who has withstood all of the hype and spin, and has been relentless in his defense of liberty, freedom, and upholding his oath of office. As the primaries loom ever closer, a viable presidential candidate is urgently needed but not to the extreme that any one will do. The gathering of presidential hopefuls have now adopted the concepts and ideas that one candidate has been explaining and discussing for thirty years. You have heard his name only occasionally. Romney, Gingrich, and Perry are not presidential material. 

Only one presidential candidate understands that actual change needs to occur. The necessary changes must conform to The U. S. Constitution. Dr. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate willing to make the changes necessary to return our nation to one of freedom and liberty for all.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Obama Regime Warns All Americans: IF YOU FIGHT US YOU WILL DIE!

Obama Regime Warns All Americans: IF YOU FIGHT US YOU WILL DIE!

by on December 3, 2011

In one of the most stunning reversals of human rights in modern history the Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the Obama regime has issued a blunt warning to all American citizens that, in essence, states that any one of these once free people who dare to oppose their government they will be immediately killed and offered no chance to defend themselves before a Court and/or jury of their peers.
According to this report, this unprecedented attack was begun yesterday when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) General Counsel Stephen Preston in responding to a question at an American Bar Association national security conference bluntly stated that “American citizens are not immune from being treated like an enemy if they take up arms against the United States.”
Obama regime lawyers further stated that only the Executive Branch, not the Courts, is equipped to make military battlefield targeting decisions about who qualifies as an enemy thus equating all American citizens as being potential “enemies of the state” thus effectively destroying the Constitution all of these government officials had sworn to defend.
As we had stated in our previous report about the destruction of the freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by the American people, the US Senate, likewise, voted this past week to expand the power of the Obama regime to target its own citizens by the passing of new law debated in secret allowing for the total military takeover of this once free country.
So frightening is this new law it caused the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to issue an unprecedented warning that stated “The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.”
This FSB report notes that the actions now being undertaken by the Obama regime show its “outright contempt” for the democratic process and the US Constitution in that for the first time in American history military power is being put above that of civil authorities; a move many Russian intelligence analysts say can only be compared to the ending of freedoms in Russia under the Communists and Germany under the National Socialists (Nazis) preceding both World Wars of last century.
Even more astounding in the US Senates action, which according to noted American anti-war activist Justin Raimondo has created a “Presidential Dictatorship,” was Obama’s threat to veto this new law wasn’t because it went too far, but rather because it didn’t go far enough in allowing him to crack down on his own people.
To the reason behind the Obama regimes wanting to target its own citizens with state-sponsored murder and military rule, this FSB reports warns, is itsGreat Game” strategy to overturn the entire Middle East and Central Asia in order to gain control over the majority of our planets last few remaining fossil fuel energy resources and whose next targets are Syria, Lebanon and Iran.
Virtually unknown to the vast majority of the American people is that “The Plan” to conquer the Middle East and Central Asia was revealed by General Wesley Clark (Ret.) who on 2 March 2007 [watch video HERE] stated that 10 days after 9/11 while walking through the Pentagon he was approached by another General who told him that the Bush regime was making preparations to invade Iran and at least 7 other Middle Eastern and Central Asian nations over the next 5 years.
Unfortunately for the American war hawks, however, was the Bush regime wasn’t able to complete their goal in the time they allotted themselves because they underestimated the fierce resistance they were met with, but since Obama took office has been able to gain speed.
Now, most ominously, with the US Senate passing by a unanimous vote to place sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank this FSB report warns that conflict is “all but assured” as Iran had previously stated that such an actions would be considered by them as an “act of war.”
The FSB further notes in their report that the American peoples ability to counteract the measures being put into place against them by the Obama regime appear to be “all but nonexistent” due to the “gulag mentality” instilled in these once free people through their educations system said to be virtually indistinguishable from their prisons [see video HERE] which hold more prisoners than all of the other worlds jails combined.
Current news stories coming out of the United States more than back up this FSB assessment of the way American children are being treated like criminals and include: 1.) A 4-year-old girl arrested for shoplifting at a Safeway store and made to sign a statement banning her from this store for life. 2.) A 13-year-old boy arrested, handcuffed and jailed for burping in class. 3.) A 6-year-old child charged with “sexual assault” when found “playing doctor” with another student. 4.) Two 12-year-old students investigated for “sex crimes” after they kissed in school.
And if the treatment of America’s children isn’t bad enough, new reports emerging from the United States by Obama regime supporters are now warning that Christians are a “national security threat” because they place their belief in God above that of their government.
To the future these Americans will awaken into should they fail to heed the many warnings being shouted out to them was described best by George Orwell in his seminal work 1984 wherein he warned….“People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.”
In order to avoid this future, however, these Americans would be well advised to listen to the advice given to them by their Founding Father Thomas Jefferson who warned… “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
So today, as millions of American children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered, one does indeed wonder when these once free people will awaken from their long slumber before all is lost.
December 2, 2011 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

This animation by Latoya Egwuekwe shows the shocking decline of jobs across the United States. But even with these startling statistics, it does not include many other Americans who are not counted for reasons such as part-time employment, ineligibility for unemployment benefits, businesses that were forced to close, etc. Including all figures would no doubt, bring the unemployment figure up into the 20%-30% range.

We need to stop electing party favorites and elect representation that works directly for the People and not the special interests. We need a President with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to big corporations and stop their interference with legislation and due process of law. We need to restore Constitutional integrity to the federal government.

We can accomplish all of this by simply making Ron Paul our President and supporting him with a Congress that will protect and defend the Constitution and not shred it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court has Ruled Obama Ineligible.

The minor, although important issues of either challenging whether or not Obama was born in the United States or the authenticity or kind of birth certificate as covered in an article, "Please... help little Barry!  Or who will shoot this Indonesian snake? by MKUltra - Part I.", becomes irrelevant to the issue.

Barack Hussein Obama II/AKA Barry Soetoro is not now nor has he ever been President of the United States; however, you can be pardoned for missing the ruling as it came down, not in the last few weeks or days, but during 1875.
The requested action is now simple, that all Federal courts uphold the rulings of the United States Supreme Court. Two lawsuits, and additional lawsuits put before the courts, one in Arizona and the other in Tennessee, by the Liberty Legal Foundation promises to render it impossible for the Democratic National Committee to place Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot.

The argument before the two courts is plain. "Natural Born Citizen" was not defined in the U. S. Constitution. It was later defined as children born of two U.S. citizens' regardless of the location of the birth. The U. S. Supreme Court found:  The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. Resolution of that question was ultimately left to the decision of the United States Supreme Court and during 1875, that determination was made in a ruling and the decision was handed down:  Minor v, Happersett, Both parents must be U. S. Citizens.

Obama's problems, by his own admission and by records of the State Department are this:

Obama's father was not a United States citizen; and therefore, by way of the decision in Minor v. Happersett the United States Supreme Court during 1875 settled the matter of "Natural Born Citizen", since Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen, Barack Hussein Obama II/AKA Barry Soetoro is not a "Natural Born U.S. Citizen."

For a person, as his or her party's nominee to run for President, the party must issue certification that the person named is eligible under the United States Constitution to become President. The Constitution specifies that in order to become president, the person must be a "Natural born citizen", which was defined by decision of the United States Supreme Court in 1875. The Democratic National Committee could not possibly have been unaware of this legal ruling. It should be painfully evident that the DNC decided to risk-it-all and fraudulently certify Obama as eligible. This action of DNC Certification violated the U. S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1. Paragraph 5.

The quick and accurate response is clear. Obama was never eligible to become President on two counts: He is not 1. a "Natural Born Citizen:  U. S. Supreme Court Minor v. Happersett", 2. Nor has he ever been able to show on close examination, to anyone's satisfaction, a long form birth certificate from any State, because it does not exist. By Obama's own public admission he was not born in the United States and his wife and grandmother have repeatedly said the same, that he was born in Kenya, South Africa. Obama is ineligible to serve the United States in the capacity of President. 

The United States Supreme Court handed down the ruling in 1875 and it is the law.

If the Democratic Party should again certify Obama, the members of the committee would be just as guilty of breaking the law as they were the first time. The committee members would be acting to perpetrate a fraud, just as they did the last time, and they will be the parties who are solely responsible for that certification. Why hasn't the U. S. Department of Justice taken any action?  Why hasn't Congress taken any action? 

I wrote to my State Senators and Representatives repeatedly, and received form letter responses that provided no answers regarding my questions.

I then wrote to the only newspaper in my area regarding this matter and was told over the telephone that they, the editors, were not allowed to discuss or print anything regarding this issue in any manner what-so-ever.

A much more serious problem now faces America:  It is the actions of this impostor to the presidency. Signatures, laws, resolutions, executive orders, appointments, treaties and agreements. Anything he has done is null and void because he is not a U. S. Citizen and could never have been the U. S. President and never was. The true and real security of our nation has been breached and vast damage has been done. And it continues.

The Senators and Representatives of the U. S. Congress have failed to uphold their oath of office and defend the United States Constitution.

Updated: Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eliminate Newt Gingrich

There is no denying that Newt Gingrich is articulate and well read, and that he is a formidable debate opponent. A Lincoln-Douglas debate would certainly be an advantage for the former Speaker of the House. With no teleprompter to aid him, Obama would not stand a chance in a head-to-head match with the Newt.

That does not mean that I want him as my President. He divorced his first wife soon after her bout with cancer and surgery. He cheated on his second wife with a House staff worker, 23 years his junior, and he also changed his faith from Lutheran to Southern Baptist and now he claims to be a devote Catholic.

Just not too certain with wanting Newt Gingrich as a neighbor, because no telling whether he will be a friend or foe. I guess it would depend on how much profit he can get out of the relationship. He is founder or chair of American Solutions for Winning the FutureCenter for Health Transformation, Gingrich Productions and Renewing American Leadership

He was sanctioned by the House Ethics Committee and paid $300,000.00 due to allegations and charges of "check kiting" and tax violations. Nancy Pelosi was on that ethics panel, the same Nancy Pelosi that shared a  couch with Mr. Gingrich when he was lobbying for legislation on global warming. I bet he would like that to go away now that he is looking to be President.

There is nothing that can be uncovered that would be any less damning than that which is already widely known about Newt Gingrich. While the privately-owned and controlled major media still pushes the party favorites, pitting Gingrich and Romney as the "front-runners" and even blaming the Tea Party Movement as the reason that there is so much division in the GOP, it is evident by the straw polls and the other polls that neither Gingrich nor Romney are gaining any ground except on one another.

Gingrich favored the individual mandate in 2005 when then First Lady Hillary Clinton was pitching a national health care agenda. Now he don't think that is a good idea. Well Mr. Gingrich, fellow House Republican Ron Paul said back then that it was unconstitutional but nobody paid much attention.

We the People are paying attention to Ron Paul and many more are joining to support Dr. Paul as our next President. And I don't care what Hannity and O'Reilly think, or any other "thumper" for the party faves.