By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

That's Not What You Are Paid For!

Instead of addressing the issues, Congress has decided to take a break, and campaign instead of legislate. I could say that it is good there are not selling out more of America, but that would be over-simplifying the facts.

We elect representation in government to protect our rights, and somewhere that has become twisted into them feeling they are our leaders. We are their bosses, and they tell us they are NOT going to do their jobs until after we vote? That makes my choices narrowed down quite a bit.

Since I am speaking of Congress, it is important to stress the arrogance displayed here. Congress passes a hugely unconstitutional health care bill, yet exempts themselves from it. The vote raises for themselves at tax payer expense, take pensions and benefits with them after leaving office, and we all pay for it.

This is not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about restoring the republic to the people, by following the Constitutional reservations and limits of power given to the federal government. It is also about integrity and honesty, which is severely lacking in all areas of Washington politics.

Experience in politics is not a prerequisite to being a good representative of the people, in fact it seems it hinders it. Experienced politicians know exactly how to maneuver the lobbyists and media spin to their personal advantage regardless of the detrimental effects to the very people they represent. Perhaps there is a real simple way to discourage career-minded representatives. Make the job less glamorous and profitable.

After serving a term, return to the job or business you were in prior to your term. Take away the federal salaries and benefits and make the State and the citizens of that State pay for the expenses of their own representatives. I'm sure if California taxpayers were responsible for Nancy Pelosi's salary and transportation expenses, she may be flying coach instead of private jet.

Time for common sense to replace what we have in Washington now. Time to stop listening to the lies and replace the liars. It's not about party politics, it's about doing what is right for all Americans.

I pledge that my votes will be for the candidates who serve the highest good, the best interests of the people, regardless of their party affiliation or independence to party politics. I further pledge that I will not reelect an incumbent, choosing instead to vote for someone new, inexperienced, but highly ethical and motivated.

One election will not change over 100 years of progressive destruction to the Constitutional federal republic, but it is a start. And when America wakes up the day after elections to discover a majority of incumbents (and crooks) will NOT be taking office, it will send a clear message to the rest of those politicians who have expiring terms coming up in the next round.

The Tea Party is not a party, we are a movement!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party or Broom Party?

There is so much clamor in the media linking the "Tea Party" to everything from radical neo-conservatives to terrorists seeking to create anarchy. Many Republicans have called for so called "Tea Party" candidates to step aside and back a Republican, because they have a better chance of gaining the support of  the American voter, than a "radical Libertarian" that wants to legalize drugs and give hand guns to everyone.

Nothing could be further distorted about what the Tea Party movement is all about. Breaking from traditional party politics, the citizens that comprise the "Tea Partyers" are from all walks of life, of every color and ethnic makeup, of many different political ideologies, who are looking to restore Constitutional integrity to the United States of America, and to give economic recovery a chance to happen in a free market system without the burdens of government regulations and mandates, and a burden of taxation that forces many corporations to relocate overseas.

Ideologically, I consider myself Libertarian, and I register to vote as a Libertarian. I am not however, a member of the Libertarian Party, I do not pay dues, and will not consider any party affiliation at all. That is my choice to make. That does not mean that I will not back a candidate who is a member of a party. I will vote for those people that best serve the interests of the constituency they will represent. Experience in politics is something that I personally feel is a negative when reviewing a candidate's biography and resume. I want someone who going to represent our best interests and a "seasoned politician" knows how to "work the system" so that he can please the people he represents a bit and still maintain a "rewarding relationship" with the special interests groups that get first priority on any considered legislation.

This November, I am going to become a member of the "Broom Party" and sweep out the stagnant incumbents at all levels of government. America needs new blood in government. We need people who have real experience in how the government's own regulatory system is an obstacle to real growth, and who understand that so long as we have a debit-based monetary system, we will be forever paying for it with inflation and recession.

I have posted before about the site with the documentary film The Money Masters several times, and I am too lazy to go grab the URL and copy and paste it. Besides, if people do the work themselves to research it, then it will be their experience and not my opinion. I feel that serve the highest good and therefore allow others to think for themselves.

If you are sick and tired of decades of two-party politicking and want real change in government, then you are getting off late but not too late to research alternative candidates who will best server YOUR interests and those of your family and community. We need to start fresh so as to have a real change occur. We have endured decades of the two-party system and when you sum it all up, it has not worked!

I am sure there are incumbents that are worthy of reelecting but they are far and few between. GOP Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is one that immediately comes to mind along with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Standing up for what is best for America amid all of the pressure from the media and activist groups, as well as the federal government who, one would think, would be supporting the States rights to protect itself from illegal invasion from illegal citizens of many nations, that cross into the United States along the southern border.

And Dr. Paul's relentless attack on the Federal Reserve System gets almost no serious media attention whatsoever. At the very least he is labeled a radical as he was ignored by his own party's "endorsed" presidential nominees during the debates. The media manipulates the public opinion by omission of facts and injects spin in its place.

Tea Party candidates are representing a Constitutional government, where the States rights are restored, where the monetary system belongs to the nation instead of private foreign banks and the responsibility for the stability and soundness remains with Congress and not a secretly-meeting body of "board members" who do not represent your best interests or mine.

Yes, just like the Colonial Tea Party participants, this November there are many in government, who for years have been firmly anchored in the Beltway System, will be cast overboard like rotting waste to make room for fresh ideas brought from real life experience and not political back-room deal making.

Unlike true democracies, a representative federal republic as was designed by our founders, balances power amongst the citizens AND the States. Now to some that may seem redundant, but it was not always so. The 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, upset the balance of power and as a result, helped to create the debit-based America we live in today.

If we are to remain sovereign and become a prosperous nation again, then We the People must take our voting rights seriously and do the brave thing to save our nation from within as our brave troops are defending our freedom abroad.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Stop Fracking Around With Our Drinking Water!

The practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking is  a method to release natural gas and oil from beneath the surface. It is used when other methods are too costly and impractical. But it has its consequences.

It requires large amounts of water in addition to sand and chemicals to be pumped into wells, sometimes to depths of 8,000 feet, in order to release trapped gas and oil deposits. But all of that fresh water is now contaminated and it can then leech back into the aquifers further destroying precious potable water supplies.

One method that may be considered instead, is to provide desalinated sea water for fracking instead of fresh water from the streams and rivers. If the salt is t hen returned to the seas, it may offset some of the reduced salinity caused by glacier meltoffs, that have further contributed to the changing chemistry of the world's oceans.

Many places are beginning to suffer from the practice of fracking, and yet the EPA is continuing its "study" of the problem. Apparently it is most cost effective to the drillers and the energy corporations, but it is devastating to whole communities, which I see as being of primary concern in light of what serves the highest good of all concerned.

For too long, the concerns of the people have been secondary to the profits of the corporation. That is not what our government is supposed to be protecting. The government of the people, by the people, is FOR the people, not the corporations and so WE THE PEOPLE must step up and make the changes required to keep us all safe.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Economics That Work for All

In a world that grows increasingly interdependent on one another, and whose own economic stability is interdependent on the stability of its own economic allies, it is only common sense that the business structure itself needs to adapt to a global economy.

Like it or not, there is a definite distinction between the working class and the college educated professional. In a world of automation and high tech manufacturing processes, it is apparent that the worker that watches the process is less skilled than the one that programs the processes or maintains the hardware.

Salary differences clearly indicate the technicians earn more than the line workers, and the engineers and scientists earn more, or at least they need to, in order that corporations can keep the good ones. But evidently salary alone is not enough in this competitive world, and so sophisticated benefits packages and other perks are offered to attract the best available professionals for the job.

But it is also obvious that in order to remain competitive in global markets where there is wide diversity in the salaries of all employee levels, finding the best does not always mean that they will be hired in the United States. And with the crushing unemployment rate as it remains today, getting companies to hire American workers is going to be key to any real recovery and sustainable economic growth.

One idea that came to mind is for corporations in America to build housing for their employees. By offering workers a place to live and a salary, lower wages will not mean unaffordable housing to a good portion of the workforce. Community gardens can offer the opportunity for employees to participate in growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables, further reducing their own costs of living and benefiting from good nutrition.

New corporate manufacturing and headquarters campuses can be designed to take advantage of providing living space and shopping space for businesses to lease close to campus and, if the layout is done properly, can allow the businesses to operate with the general public while maintaining campus security also.

In lieu of an expensive health care plan, large corporations can have their own clinics staffed with physicians on salary or contract. Perhaps local doctors would contract to provide several hours coverage in the clinics, which would compliment and supplement their local office hours.

Economic growth will only occur when the businesses that make up the economy are “stimulated” to grow. Government funding is not the answer, giving the consumer what they want and making it here in America is.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Art Robinson for Congress

"The Time is Now... DeFeat DeFazio!"

This is the tag line on the Art Robinson liturature that I received in the mail some time ago. I have been reading and I feel this man deserves an opportunity to serve his fellow Oregonians. Now that doesn't mean that I agree with all of his views, but I do feel he has demonstrated that he is a man of integrity and honor, and that is the type of representative that I want in my district.

For too long now, we have been locked into the two-party system with excuses ranging from "Don't confuse the voter with too many choices!" to a more expeditious, "It's in the government's best interest." It's about OUR best interests that we have elections in the first place, so how can it be justified being in the government's best interest? That seems like a conflict of interests to me.

One of the main reasons that I am backing all new candidates this year is to get rid of the "mob rule" wherever it resides. Give people who have struggled in business and farming the opportunity to represent their own. Keep in mind that the citizens that are employed by these businesses will be their consumers. It seems that it is in the best interests of all that everyone is treated fairly. Perhaps those that have had a taste of what is wrong today will also see that doing the same things on a grander scale is not going to fix anything, in fact it will only make matters worse eventually. What a legacy to leave for future generations.

Congressman DeFazio like most incumbents, needs to move on. Write a book, lecture at a college, but get out of government. While it is charitable to have given his Congressional pay raises to a worthy cause, the fact that he can vote himself a raise in the first place needs to be corrected. And the fact that his health care is excluded from the health care bill he voted in favor of is paid for by the taxpayer, I do not see how he can accept that and a pension besides.

Art Robinson needs to prove nothing as his biography will tell you, and his desire to serve the people of Oregon is a brave and patriotic act. To be willing to take on the challenges Congress will face is a testament to the character of the man. And it can be that way in many offices if more patriotic Americans are willing to step up and take on the challenges.

People from all walks of life with various experiences that collectively represent a more accurate demographic of the American population is what will bring back the Constitutional integrity to the government and the trust of the American people.