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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Process of Elimination: Newt Gingrich

It should not be a surprise to anyone that Mitt Romney is no longer the top pick of the GOP. His third-place finish behind John McCain in 2008 indicates that he wasn't the  party favorite then either. So now they, along with the privately-owned major media are pushing former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich as the one to beat Obama in 2012. But I question his integrity and so should you.

Infidelity with his first wife, asking her for a divorce while she was recuperating from surgery, and he was living with his third wife (Callista Bisek) in his apartment in DC at the time, and not paying bills for his wife and children. Can he be trusted to be faithful to We the People? I don't think so.

Gingrich also has to answer for his book deals with Rupert Murdoch's Harper Collins publishing company. Was it a $2.5 million or $4.5 million deal? Seems that Murdoch offered multi-million dollar book deals to other politicians in China and Great Britain, where he needed legislative support. Newt Gingrich is among that group that includes former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Seems that NBC complained about FOX TV being owned by a foreign national which is against US law. Newt also was criticized by his GOP peers and he dropped the lucrative $4.5 million advance in favor of a still quite generous royalty arrangement.

Gingrich claims to be a "hawk" regarding the US military, but he did not serve in the armed forces, instead obtained deferments to avoid the draft and service during the Vietnam War era. Remember that his current rival Ron Paul served as a Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force, and Paul is opposed to much of the militarism that Gingrich supports.

And let us not forget those ads with Nancy Pelosi about global warming. As President, will he reduce taxes on profits only to add taxes to carbon emissions? I am not willing to elect him to find out.  Having a bit of "handicapping" experience, it serves the best interests of all concerned to pass on Gingrich, and look at why Ron Paul will make the best President for all Americans.

More on Newt Gingrich can be read here at .

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Process of Elimination: Rick Perry

There are many reasons why Rick Perry needs to be eliminated as a candidate, the HPV innoculations, approval of free education for illegal immigrants, but the most damning is his involvement with the Bilderberg Group.

Selling off public lands and roads to foreign investors to further the creation of the North American Union and the end of the United States as a sovereign nation. He accepted generous contributions from Merck Pharmaceuticals, who just happens to manufacture Gardisil, the HPV antivirus drug.

After listening to him speak at so many of the televised debates, I noticed that he has been picking up on points made by fellow Texan, Ron Paul, who does not think much of his Governor, claiming that since Perry's tenure, he has been paying more in taxes.

Next: Mitt Romney: Mr. Flip-flop

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bye, Bye, Barney!

According to the New York Times, Barney Frank will retire after 2012, mainly (he says) due to the redistricting in his congressional district. I for one will not miss him at all, in fact I am disappointed that no one had the courage to indict him on fraud charges for his role in the mortgage debacle.

There is only one thing that I personally can say positive about the man: He co-sponsored a bill to repeal the federal prohibition on cannabis along with fellow Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, the best Presidential candidate. In a field of mediocre GOP hopefuls, Ron Paul stands far above the rest.

Frank also co-authored the Dodd-Frank Act, which many GOP presidential candidates vow to repeal. Seems odd that Frank received over $350,000 of his 2010 campaign funding from the very same Wall St. brokers he is so eager to criticize. Of course now that we know how the Federal Reserve loaned our money to those banks and financial institutions that were "too big t o fail" and people still lost their homes, Mr. Frank is walking away to begin a new career on the lecture circuit. Dodd cut and ran last year.

“To my disappointment, the leverage you have within the government has substantially diminished,” he said. “The anger in the country, the currents of opinion are such that the kind of inside work I have felt best at is not going to be as productive for the foreseeable future, and not until we make some changes. And so I firmly believe that my ability to be an advocate on the kinds of issues I most care about will be as great outside as inside.”

Well, hell Mr. Frank, We the People are not going to take government abuses anymore! We want to clean house and restore the Constitution as the guide by which others will follow. We are tired of "leaders" who are elected to office to "follow" our direction, not those of the special interest lobbyists, like those that fund Barney Frank's campaign. Even Obama will reap campaign rewards from Wall St. No matter, We the People will make sure he is a one term President and he can join Barney on the talk show and lecture circuits. How about the Barney and Barry Hour? With or without a teleprompter?

Maybe he can get Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters to follow him out of Washington? Well, one can hope for change!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hope & Change: Super Failure

I know that many Americans are disappointed and even stressed at the the dismal results of the Super Committee's failure to reach a deal. The Democrats will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame the Democrats. In fact, the finger pointing has already begun, and that is no surprise either.

The fair and balanced but conservative leaning major media outlet will have you believe that a former third placed Presidential candidate is the nation's best hope of defeating Obama. As if that is the only goal that We the People have.

I can't say that I find either party lacking in fault for where we are today. Both parties have contributed to a bloated federal bureaucracy, unbridled spending, and ridiculous laws, mandates, regulations and taxes that have only served to drive manufacturing out of the US and into more business friendly nations around the world. But some candidates will have you think that it's China's fault. Not so.

The blame lies with We the People plain and simple. Yes, it's all your fault for buying the bullshit that both major political parties and the privately-owned major media spoon-feed you daily. Why didn't Romney beat McCain in 2008? What makes Romney capable of beating Obama now? I can beat the sitting President with the record he has compiled thus far. But I am not seeking office. But I do have a candidate that I will support and vote for.

In my life, I have never found a candidate that represents the People with such honesty and sincerity, with such strict adherence to the Constitution, as Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's record stands out among all representatives in both Houses, as exemplary in voting and voicing the will of We the People.

Ron Paul predicted the housing market crisis a decade or more ago and everyone said he was a lunatic. He voted against every single bailout offered and against most spending bills that did not include spending for the military troops in combat and support roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he wants to bring them all home now!

He is the only Presidential candidate who has spoken out against the secretive practices of the Federal Reserve Board, calling for an audit of the Fed and its eventual replacement with sound money. Money that is backed by assets of gold and silver, reserves of oil and coal, natural gas and other commodities that boost the GDP instead of reduce it.

Ron Paul's courage is displayed when he stands up against all sanctions against Iran for their development of a nuclear weapon. He points out how many nukes Russia (former USSR) and China have and how we played war games with those nuclear arsenals without attacking each other. Common sense instead of emotional response to the spin by the military minded.

He is all for defense of our nation and wants to secure our borders from criminals and terrorists, not just illegal immigrants that come here as many legal immigrants do, for the opportunities to become self reliant and even prosperous. And he is all for taking away the "magnets" of social programs that further entice people to come here illegally while burdening the People with the bill.

Ron Paul will be a President that will restore the rights of the sovereign States and to the sovereign People residing in them. He will reduce the size of government, reduce the pay of government officials and employees to equal that of the private sector, so as not to compete with the private sector for employees.

Isn't it time we all stopped picking from the same menu offered by the two major parties and the media?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Honor & Nobility Without Title

From : The Missing 13th Amendment

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

If the colonists forgot the lessons of goldsmith bankers, the American Revolution refreshed their memories. To finance the war, Congress authorized the printing of continental bills of credit in an amount not to exceed $200,000,000. The States issued another $200,000,000 in paper notes. Ultimately, the value of the paper money fell so low that they were soon traded on speculation from 5000 to 1000 paper bills for one coin.It's often suggested that our Constitution's prohibition against a paper economy -- "No State shall... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in Payment of Debts" -- was a tool of the wealthy to be worked to the disadvantage of all others. But only in a "paper" economy can money reproduce itself and increase the claims of the wealthy at the expense of the productive."Paper money," said Pelatiah Webster, "polluted the equity of our laws, turned them into engines of oppression, corrupted the justice of our public administration, destroyed the fortunes of thousands who had confidence in it, enervated the trade, husbandry, and manufactures of our country, and went far to destroy the morality of our people."

It seems obvious that if the Federal Reserve keeps printing more notes, they will decrease in worth as there are no assets to make them worth anything. The currency of the United States is only backed by the good credit and trust of the People. Since there are more People unemployed and requiring support from the government, there are also less Americans paying taxes, Congress still borrows and spends, and now that the US has had their credit rating downgraded, they are still looking to spend more.

As I listen to Members of the House and Senators speak, and the lectures of "fair share" taxing of the "wealthy" by the President and his Administration, I am reminded of all the great nations that have fallen before us, and being broke is a major cause. Reagan was in office when the military spending of the Soviet Union could no longer sustain itself and take care of its People.
If we wait for a new President or Congress to fix things, I'm afraid it won't get fixed. The government has been unable to fix anything economically and all they do is throw money at it and hope it will change. It didn't work for Bush and it is not working for Obama. No surprise there really, after all, you cannot expect different results when you do the same things over and over. Someone famous called that the "epitome of insanity."

No, this time must be different. This time We the People must choose new representation, but not from the favorite ranks of the two predominant political parties. No, we need to pick candidates that are either not career politicians or have demonstrated by their deeds and words that they stand for liberty, property, and limited government. We need representation that has the courage to tell the truth even when it is not politically correct or motivated by popular support.

I find that very few Americans speak out against "water boarding" and torture in general, claiming that it was "necessary" to save lives. How many Americans were tortured by Nazis and Japan? How many Americans suffered the cruelty as POWs in Vietnam? John McCain knows what that is like. But what makes America exceptional is that we did not use such methods on prisoners and still won the war. Would torture have saved lives? Maybe. But the damage to the nation's character would have lasted for several lifetimes, and if we take that course it will be very difficult to be that example of liberty and humanity that makes the United States exceptional.

One way we can lead by example is to elect a President that supports the Constitution and demonstrates the ethics and morals that made the US a great nation. It wasn't our military might, it was honor and integrity that pushed innovation and invention. We made the products the world wanted and were proud of them too. Now we buy and sell products made in other nations, as more American factories close and jobs never return.

A President nor a Congress can create jobs. The best they can do is create an environment where businesses can be productive and prosperous. But we need to have a stable currency that has worth. When the US dollar had worth, there was no high taxes. In fact, there was no income tax at all prior to FDR and the New Deal. More like a "raw deal" is what we got.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Simple Truth: Lead By Example

What makes America exceptional? Is it its military might? It certainly is no longer the opportunities for prosperity. A few great men had their own ideas about America. This short video highlights them.

When the privately-owned major media places Mitt Romney as the front-runner, I laugh. He lost in 2008 to John McCain and we know how well McCain did against Obama. Newt Gingrich is an intelligent man and has a strong love for America, but he stands for killing American citizens that are labelled "terrorists" or "enemy combatants" by "intelligence" and that is okay? Santorum wants the government to define marriage and I say that is the province of faith and religion and not government. The marriage license issued by a State is a contract between two people who upon their oaths (vows) pledge to love one another and take of each other. Legally they need to be entitled the same benefits as any other couple relationship.

We don't want our troops to be tortured, so it is only fitting that we do not employ such methods on others. It is not a matter of effectiveness or necessity. It it a matter of leading by example.

JFK said, "Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." What you can do is save the United States, and elect Ron Paul as President in 2012.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The primary purpose of government is to serve the people. The government serves us by protecting the nation from enemies on the seas and through commerce and trade with foreign nations. The government that was formed by our founders was unique in all the world, in that it was designed for the People to be self-governed, through a delegation of representatives .

We have strayed far afield from the visions those founders had of what this nation would become. What was once a thriving economy as the richest nation in the world, now is on the brink of total economic collapse and yet there are very few who really identify what the problems are and how to solve them.

I personally do not subscribe to the political parties as my representation, in fact I an against the domination of the electoral process by the Democratic and Republican parties, who deny equal access to other parties. Even independent candidates and voters are prohibited from voting in most primary elections. For the most part, people don't seem to mind this because for most of the voters, they would be "confused" by more than choice between one or another candidate. At least that is what most party politicians would like you to believe.

I consider those of you who read and follow my blog to be intelligent and knowledgeable individuals, who don't buy into the propaganda "du jour", and yet I find some of you who do comment on my posts to show a lack in thinking beyond the spin of the media. This seems to be inversely proportional to education, that is, the more educated people seem to stay closest to the party politics, while those with less formal schooling are those that appear to be more or less, outside-the-box thinkers.

Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs all lacked a PhD and yet all were outside-the-box and very successful in life. Each of them has their own purpose and as we witnessed it for ourselves, they succeeded where many felt they could not possibly do so.

Like them, I too have a purpose in life, and part of that purpose is realized with every comment and donation I receive from my readers. To all of you who have been so generous, I thank you. You have acknowledged me in a profound manner and that motivates me to go forth.

I know that I am not always right in life and make as many mistakes as anyone else. When you point out an error and I research your correction, I will make it known that that I stand corrected. And on the same note, if you criticize or offer an opinion that is not well informed, I will call you on that too. We have to teach one another to move forward. There is no positive movement when we are distracted by arguing and name calling.

Let's leave that for the politicians who have nothing to offer us except to denounce their opponents. In my post, What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President I re-posted what Bill Sardi wrote about Ron Paul. Several people have written back claiming that Ron Paul is a wimp, he will decimate the military, or simply state that he is not electable. Let me address the last comment first: He was elected by his Texas constituents to 12 terms in Congress. As far as being a wimp, he has stood toe-to-toe on the House floor with the most powerful in government and stood practically nose-to-nose with Rick Perry in debate. As a veteran of the USAF and the recipient of more contributions from the military than all the other candidates combined, I will just say that I feel those in service now and the veterans who served before all seem to know more about it than I do. If the men and women of the military back him, why would anyone listen to a commentary on TV for an opinion?

What is the purpose of backing a candidate? Is it because you (and I) feel that candidate will best serve us or simply the best chance to beat the incumbent?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Will Cain Be Able?

This past week has taken its toll on the nation with holidays approaching and no end seen in this stubborn attempt by an inept Administration, to do the right thing to ease out of this depression. But our attention has been drawn to the alleged smear campaign regarding the alleged sexual harassment charges, brought against Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

Now I see two issues here, and only one really concerns me as to Herman Cain as a candidate that I would vote for. Of course the drooling media outlets are all hoping for something juicy. And the question there is simply what did her do or say or both? My only question is, was he lying? Will Herman overcome this attack on his character by whomever dug up this issue from his past? Or will he fade into the mist like Gary Hart did several years ago? Questions and questions, when what we need is answers. Where is the answer man when you need him?

When all is said and done, I don't want a President who will lie to me just to get elected. How has that worked out in recent history? I want a President that will tell me the truth, even when it is not what will make the polls go up. I want a President that will have the courage to do what is necessary to restore the honor and integrity of the United States of America, as an example first, and a strong defense secondary to the ethics and morals of its People.

There comes a time when the honest assessment of cause is addressed to fix a problem. Are the solutions being offered those that have worked before or are they conservative measures that will ease things back to where they were?

I don't know about you, but I don't want to go back to the way it was, I rather want to create a new path to ensure a prosperous future to be enjoyed by a free population that are examples of self-governance as they once were in the United States.

We need a Jefferson, a Madison, a true patriot that abides by the limitations of government. A President who will humbly serve We the People, who will restore liberty to us and to the sovereign States. Now all we have to do is find and elect that person.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cronyism Costs Taxpayers Trillions

It doesn't take a PhD. in economics to see how much taxpayer revenue and borrowed funds are being wasted on "investments" in alternative energy projects. And while the President in busy with campaigning and finger pointing at the GOP-led House to pass another "stimulus" bill disguised as a jobs bill, there are several bills stacked up in the Democrat-controlled Senate that Harry Reid & Company have been ignoring. Several of them are budgets which will prevent another last-minute panic to push through a budget so that government won't be shut down. Sound familiar?

Now subpoenas are sent to the White House because the Administration is stonewalling and not providing information about the Solyndra scandal. The President however pokes at Congress passing a reaffirming resolution to keep "In God We Trust" as the national motto while his jobs bill gets no vote of confidence.

The biggest contributors to the Obama campaign are the same ones that received huge bailouts, many that pay no taxes (General Electric) and yet Obama says he wants the rich to pay their "fair share." The jobs in his "jobs bill" will create "thousands" of jobs in construction, bridges and highways, all union and all costing the taxpayers. The budgets thus far all have not cuts spending, instead they raised the credit limit (Can you do that with your bank or credit card company?) for themselves and spent more money that they had to borrow.

With the support of grassroots patriots, organized as the Tea Party Movement, the majority in the House shifted to the right, and gains were also made in the Senate, although short of the desired majority. But in a way, that is good for Americans who can plainly see (if they choose to) where the real problems are and with whom. They are not found in examining the sexual harassment allegations of Herman Cain, or the religious beliefs of Mitt Romney.

I can go down the list of the candidates vying for the GOP nomination and I am sure to find good things to say about each. But in all but one of them, we can discover past indiscretions, that even as isolated incidents, call into question their integrity and ability to serve the People and their Constitution.

There are many things that are going wrong in the United States, many issues that the government, the President cannot solve. The best thing for them to do is remove the barriers to free markets and lower taxes to stimulate business development. There are too many laws and department level regulations that inhibit business development and growth, moving innovation and jobs overseas along with revenue from profits. ARRA and TARP are but two prime examples of wasted spending and a burden to the American taxpayer. Guaranteed loans in excess of one half billion dollars to Solyndra is an exclamation point at the end of the phrase, "government waste and total ineptitude."

After listening and reading all of the so-called solutions that all these candidates are offering, and as we watch and listen to the debates and the analysis of those debates, one thing seems evident to me. Only Ron Paul is offering the tough and truthful answers to all of the questions, with the same consistency and persistence that We the People need and want in a President. A man who seems almost meek, but don't let that fool you, as he has been as tough as anyone in Congress that you will find. Not once can you find him changing his mind on issues, it is why the GOP and media resort to name-calling when they do have to acknowledge him. Mostly they just tend to ignore him.

We know that the major media will do whatever it is paid to do, regardless of how "fair and balanced" they profess to be. It is We the People that need to take back our liberty and choose our President, not from the rank and file party favorites, but from the Spirit of Liberty, the Constitution, Free Markets and Sound Money.

Ron Paul is that President!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Democracy or Republic? Your Choice!

Parallels are being drawn in the media between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street mobs. So I thought I would do some research myself and see where these parallels are. What I find is quite contrary to what is portrayed by the privately-owned major media.

Where does the First Amendment end and public nuisance and disorderly conduct laws begin?  I cannot see where freedom to speak out has any bearing on defecating in public. Regardless of your opinions of the law enforcement department, those vehicles are paid for with tax dollars and not private investors funds.

Some of the banners are downright humorous. So long as the owner is cleaning up after his protesting canine, I see no problem here. But there are things that really are immoral and treasonous being done and I don't see the President or any Democrats speaking out. Most of them are praising these protests as the demonstration of democracy, the "American People" protesting against the "fat cats."

So tell me then how defacing the flag of America is a patriotic thing? Explain to me how this act demonstrates anything American? Because from where I sit this looks anti-American and that is without judgement about the person standing on our symbol of liberty. I would like one of those analysts or commentators to explain this action as anything else than what it truly is.

But they insist that these OWS protesters somehow have something in common with the Tea Party Movement protesters. Perhaps I am not aware of something that these analysts know?

So I went looking for Tea Party protests and found some interesting photos. In the very first photo I came upon, I saw a woman with an umbrella that had a sign on her abdomen.  She was protesting high taxes in Washington, D.C. not on Wall Street. The next photo I saw involved the U.S. flag. It demonstrates a contrast from the OWS protester that was standing on a flag.

These Tea Party protesters were carrying signs that protested the President and Congress. This one was calling for liberty and Constitutional law.  Again, it is a contrast to OWS not a parallel at all.  

Americans will have a choice with elections this month and again in 2012 when they must choose a President. These elections more than any others in this nation's history will be more important to the lives of every single individual that calls himself/herself "American." These election will determine whether we will restore the republic to a free and sovereign one, or will be surrender to the takeover and enslavement that economic collapse will produce

If the media is pushing a candidate I won't support that candidate. If the media is ignoring a candidate I will research that candidate and see if he or she is worth supporting based on their ideology but also on their record.  This is true for all levels of government, not just the federal government.

Like the Templar Knight said in the film, Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, "Choose wisely!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President?

received the following in email this morning. Kudos to the author for writing such a concise and elegant piece . I felt it was important enough to share with as many people as possible. Please give credit to the author and source.

What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President?
By pollywog

by Bill Sardi
So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President?

President Paul would immediately push for $1 trillion cut in federal spending (per year, not the $3 trillion that Democrats proposed over 10 years with half of that from increased taxes).

President Paul would have the authority as commander-and-chief to withdraw troops from overseas, within limits of treaty commitments which must be honored (US supplies defense for Saudi Arabia, many other nations). To the extent possible, the US would cease being the world's policeman and plunderer of foreign economies (Iraq, Libya). The US would cease being a war economy. President Paul would also push to eradicate foreign aid which essentially is bribery, often to foreign despots who the US quietly supports because they hold a strong hand over their masses.

President Paul would have some empty chairs in his Cabinet – the Department of Commerce, Department of Education and other Cabinet positions would be eliminated. Civil service employees would be ushered into other government jobs.

President Paul would likely demand, using his bully-pulpit, a regular audit of the Federal Reserve (recall the FED pushed $13 trillion of short-term loans out the door in the world financial crisis without any oversight, which resulted in worldwide inflation and the unrest we now see in foreign countries – Egypt,Libya, etc – as a result of rising food prices.).

You probably don't know that the Federal Reserve bank takes a 6% cut off the top of all interest it collects as middleman between the US Treasury Dept and local banks. (President John F Kennedy realized this, recognized it would result in huge federal debts in the future, which have now materialized, and cut the Federal Reserve entirely out of the equation in 1963 by directly issuing US Notes, not Federal Reserve currency, into the economy. Of course, shots fired in Dallas ceased that practice and all those US Notes were quietly withdrawn from circulation.) That cut for the central bankers would be eliminated in a Ron Paul Presidency.

President Paul would likely demand and personally oversee an audit of the gold at Ft. Knox. Wouldn't you like to be there for that (live cameras please)? If the gold isn't there, who absconded with it and where is it now? (Might not have to look far, it could be stashed in Federal Reserve bank vaults – recall, the Federal Reserve is not federal, it is a bunch of private banks who may have absconded with the nation's gold supply).

With a public groundswell of support, President Paul would oversee the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service, freeing Americans of the onerous and treacherous task of figuring out the taxes they owe (recall the Secretary of the Treasury couldn't accurately figure out his own taxes). No more debtors prison for not filing tax forms properly (yep, some Americans are in prison for this). That would free-up about 6 billion man-hours and $250-300 billion of money now committed to tax preparation. Real money, not the fractionated loan money, would be returned to the economy.

There would be a re-adjustment period as the nation figures out how to rebuild employment without phony government jobs programs, but anticipate an eventual US renaissance. The US would be spared the fate of Greece which has 40% employment in the government sector, placing those jobs on the back of the remaining tax payers there.

Without an income tax the Federal Reserve would have no conduit to siphon money back out of the economy to limit inflation and it would have to cease its inflationary money printing practices. Mothers of young American children would be told that their struggles to see their kids get ahead in this country will not be futile as the Federal Reserve's planned inflation policy would be put to a halt. If your kids can't earn a better income than the rate of inflation (now 7-11%, government says it is only ~3%) they will surely be impoverished.

For example, if an American child was born in 1990 and her/her mother as sole bread winner was making $35,000 a year on the date of that child's birth, that child would have to earn $60,758 today (2011) to equal his/her mother's salary in 1990. Soccer moms should shout loudly for a Ron Paul Presidency. Your children have no future if one of the other pretenders is elected. Without currency reform, all other reforms become meaningless. The elites will continue to plunder and undermine the wealth that you create.
President Ron Paul would push for the federal government to get out of the real estate lending business. By Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ensuring home loans, lenders generated loans based upon low teaser interest rates (subprime, ALT-A) and unverified incomes and then funneled these bad loans on up to these quasi-government agencies where the public took the losses (these losses are now on the accounting books of the Federal Reserve). In a Ron Paul Presidency, bad lenders would go out of business, not be given bailouts.

The Federal Reserve now holds over $1 trillion in bad loans on it accounting books – let the Federal Reserve get what it deserves – a giant loss as its banks go out of business due to insolvency, just punishment for allowing low interest rates to prevail and create a real estate bubble in the first place. Stop protecting bankers, start protecting your own wealth – vote for Ron Paul!

Without a government backstop to insure home loans, lenders would be more diligent in checking out lender qualifications and incomes. Thefalse demand for housing that the Federal government created would cease and home values would crash, for a short time. But that would be good news – now homes would become affordable.

It is said, if the Federal Government would get out of housing homes prices would tumble by 50%. While that is not good news for the asset-side of lenders accounting books, it is the only way to bring back the housing market in a short time. This is the mark-to-market value accounting that must be practiced. Interest rates on home mortgages would rise, but so would the interest on saved money – Americans would cease losing money on savings accounts (interest on saved money today is less than 1% while inflation is ~7-11%).

While the US economy is said to be the strongest in the world (~$14 trillion), the US is hiding the fact its Gross Domestic Product is actually in decline and that probably half of the GDP is comprised of financial gains from moving money around. An example is the stock market with 70% of its trades now comprised of high-speed millisecond trading. Financial gains are contrived and there is no real value created out of these phony transactions, nor is any employment created. The lending classes will have to face reality. Phony numbers would not likely be a part of a Ron Paul Presidency.

With a groundswell of public support, President Ron Paul would push for a currency that has limited stretchability by backing it with gold. No more rubber money. The fortunes of Americans would cease being eroded by money printing practices at the Federal Reserve. If you missed Ron Paul's object lesson - he recently held up a pre-1964 silver dime (dimes today have no silver in them) and said it is worth ~$3.00 today, about the price of a gallon of gasoline. That means a gold-backed dollar could buy you a full tank of gas. Imagine that?

But inflationary policies have robbed American bank accounts of wealth. The thief of inflation that is robbing your money out the back door of your local bank would be handcuffed. Ron Paul would also push for competing currencies (if this sounds foreign to you, we already have one – its called a VISA card, and don't forget American Express Checks). Creators of currencies who have the most backing in the form of reserves would have the most desired currencies, those who don't would have currencies of lesser value.

So what would happen worldwide with the announcement of a Ron Paul Presidency? Did you see what happened yesterday when the European Union band-aided its currency and debt problems for the time being. Markets soared with even a hint of sound money. Likewise, a Ron Paul Presidency should cause markets to soar just on the announcement of his Presidency. The International Monetary Fund has been begging the US to cut federal spending or devalue its currency by 30%.

The tax and print-money Keynsians would be ousted from power. Phony money would be a thing of the past. Real jobs, not government-contrived jobs that add a 15% administration burden and place the salaries of government workers on the remaining private sector, would be created. Two bad examples are Solyndra and General Motors, both whom received a government-back loan and then sought government contracts to sell solar panels to the US Navy and Chevy Volt electric cars to the federal government's fleet of automobiles. That is nothing but false demand.

Imagine Ron Paul appoints a new chief at the Food and Drug Administration who turns that institution upside down, who complies with the law (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) rather than repudiates or ignores it as the current FDA does, and works to allow health claims for natural medicines that work far more safely and effectively than synthetically made drugs, and at much lower cost. Imagine the National Institutes of Health is forced to generate studies to reveal the true effectiveness of vitamins C and D, as previously documented by this author in the archives at, and the life expectancy of Americans soars and their quality of life in their retirement years greatly improves. Dr. Ron Paul is committed to this kind of real change, not give lip service to it.

Imagine for a moment that President Ron Paul, advocate of free markets, calls for a true revamp of the nation's electrical grid unlike the current administration which only gives rhetoric to the idea. With installation of new US-manufactured power cable technology that is able to transmit twice as much power on a single power line with 9-20% greater efficiency (less line loss), averting the need for 98 new fossil-fueled or atomic power plants by stringing just 3000 miles of the nation's power lines with this US-made technology, and bringing $60 billion greater bottom-line profits to power generating companies, your electricity bill would be measurably trimmed instead of continually rising.

Ron Paul – your President. Your vote for RP will cause all of the above and more to happen. This article is just a sampling of what could happen almost overnight. One man, one moment in time, and everything changes on day-one of a RP Presidency. It would the best $39,000 your government could invest (Ron Paul has publicly stated he would take a $39,000/year salary while in office compared to the $400,000/year salary of the incumbent, to set an example).

Don't be dissuaded by bogus claims "Ron Paul is unelectable" or by the menu of wanna-be candidates served up by the news media. The 4th-Estate, the nation's major news sources are not unbiased parties. The news media is in dire financial straits themselves and wants those campaign advertising dollars, particularly the $750 million the incumbent President is likely to raise like he did last election. Ron Paul is electable – by you. Make the election of RP so magnanimous that even vote fraud can't hide it.

Let's recap – no income tax, the Federal government generates revenues by other means; no IRS forms to deal with; no need to send your kids off to phony wars in foreign theatres; no more cut off the top by the Federal Reserve; assurance there really is gold in Ft. Knox; gold-backed money like this nation once had before the banksters cut their own deal at Jekyll Island, South Carolina decades ago and Nixon took America off the gold standard; rising individual purchasing power as inflation is nixed (no need to ask the boss for a raise, your money will buy more), financial gains on your banked money instead of erosion of your wealth via inflation; your chance to own a home will greatly improve rather than the current situation where home ownership is now only a fading American pipe dream; and true reform of healthcare rather than manipulation by those with vested interests.

These are what a Ron Paul Presidency portends. This is Doctor Ron Paul's prescription for the re-installation of sanity in American politics. Entrenched forces and crony capitalism are destroying America. You can fight back. Let the public's voice be heard loud at the ballot box. Vote for Ron Paul so the 99% can have a real opportunity to become the 1%.

You can save your country, save your family, save your nation's future – vote Ron Paul for President.
November 2012