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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Federal Crimes and the End of Law

There is no doubt in my mind that the oil leaking from the destroyed oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is the responsibility of British Petroleum and its contractors, employees, and executives.  That being said, there is and was no criminal intent that can be demonstrated on the part of BP. Unless the explosion and resultant leak is the direct result of sabotage, then BP must be accountable for all damages and the cleanup.

If it is necessary to have government involvement to perform the cleanup, which of course would be paid for with tax dollars, then it would be equally valid and fair to invoice BP for the full amount of the cleanup costs. No criminal charges, no "kiss some ass" as it alleged  that Obama was quoted saying to Matt Lauer (I do not watch network news regularly) and no "seizing BP" as some have suggested.

This article that I am writing about displays the dangerous precipice we are crossing and the loose reins given to the federal prosecutors in the US.  As is pointed out in this excellent article by William L. Anderson it is taking us down a road that is in total opposition to the principles of "innocent until proven guilty."

For the most part, Americans are allowing those that they elected to represent them, free rein to legislate from politics and not common law or common sense. There are Americans waking up and realizing what is really happening behind the facade.

Let's hope that it's not too little and too late to prevent the destruction of United States sovereignty.

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