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are not even aware of the dangers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out of Control Health Care

I am so angry at the despicable U.S. health care system. I cannot get past 
the concept that Cancer is incurable. But what I really have a problem 
with is the fact that when there are no more "conventional" treatments 
that remain financially self-serving "viable", instead of seeking out 
alternative or unconventional protocols, the health care system  throws 
up their hands and decides the patient has no real rights to fight for 
life and only a "comfortable and pain free" final days is in order.

Let me assure you that my wife is neither pain free or comfortable with 
the level of care she is receiving. This weekend at home was her most 
comfortable since returning from the hospital and hospice. The handling 
of her by aides and nurses that appear to be competely devoid of proper 
medical procedure or training is at best criminal and at the worst 
criminally inhumane. The drugs prescribed for her by her family doctor 
and administered by hospice care are all for assisting the body to shut 
down. There seems to an exception in the laws that seems to allow for
no other action but planned execution.

It took me more than two weeks to even get to speak to her primary care 
physician, and then only under threat of reporting him to the state 
medical board. He refused to participate in any alternative treatments 
that were not AMA/FDA approved which is the true nemesis of good health 
in the United States. When I pointed out the fact that he misdiagnosed 
her lung cancer as spinal arthritis and failed to find lung tumors and 
cancerous tumors in her brain, he remained silent.

Many have been supporting me from afar, I thank them and those that are 
knowledgeable in such matters tell me to get a lawyer. (incorrect issue), 
What I really want is a compassionate doctor knowledgeable with disease; 
and the techniques and methodologies, which reduce disease. When the health 
care system deems a human being is no longer viable, Law suits will 
not heal anything, and that is all I care about. I want to save my wife's 
life and all those in the health care business are telling me that a proper
diagnosis wasn't made early enough and its too late. 

Who gets to make the choice of whether it is to late to do anything?  I 
thought it was up to her and me; since, she communicated that she wanted 
to fight for life, no matter what.

I plan on making the issues of the deplorably poor educational institutions 
teaching outmoded, incorrect medical science supported by a never ending 
revolving door between the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, and the medical
profession  a priority in my commentaries and discussions. I will raise awareness, 
I will educate lay persons, and I will lobby the state and federal governments to
look beyond the AMA, FDA approved methods, many of which are 50 years or 
more out of date, or simply have been proven incorrect. 

I will not stop until the victims of cancer and other diseases  in the United States 
are allowed to receive proper efficacious medical treatment. Treatments that give 
patients better than a fighting chance for life.

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