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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monetary Policy: End The Federal Reserve!

There is no doubt in my mind that if we do not change the monetary policies of the United States soon, we will be reduced to a poor nation with its people enslaved to the banking cartels of the world.

I have posted links to The Money Masters and related videos for over a year. People have been listening, but they have also been listening to the spin that returning to a "gold standard" would jeopardize our monetary system, because those that own large gold reserves would flood the market and make gold "worthless." In all of the recorded history of this planet, there has never been precedence for that to be true. Gold like all precious metals has always retained its value as a reliable currency throughout history. The only reason that the value of gold changes is because the value of the money changes. Gold is still a valuable commodity and will always be.

Now we must return to that system if we are to remove the debts from our nation once and for all. It is and always was the banking industry that caused the greatest economic crises on the planet. Either by lending money they don't have (fractional reserve lending) or by squeezing the borrower to the point of bankruptcy with high interest rates and improbable terms of lending.

Returning to an asset-backed monetary system will stabilize our dollar, regardless of the rest of the world. Being able to compete and play fair in a global economy must begin with a stable currency and economic climate here at home. Our nation's monetary system is the responsibility of Congress as was stated in the U.S. Constitution. But in 1914, against the warnings of those founders who foresaw what private banks can and will do to a nation's currency, decided to outsource the printing and valuation of America's money to private banks. And to foreign banks at that! Bank of England, Bank of France, and Deutsche Bank of Germany own the Fed, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Sure there are other "investors" who bought stock in those banking corporations, and many who were already quite wealthy, made even more off the backs of third-world nations who were unable to pay those loans, and whose natural resources became the property of the banks.

How long do you think we in America have? If we cannot end the Federal Reserve within this coming year (2011) then we surely will have a new currency by 2012.

Can you say, "Amero?"

The new North American Union will swallow the US and replace its Constitution and monetary system with International Laws and the AMERO! We are facing the last of the great experiment in freedom, and soon will be slaves to the world banks.

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