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are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Immigration and Border Control

The way I see it, the immigration 'problem' can be handled quite simply and it will save tax dollars.

First, you must remove the incentives that attract foreigners from coming into the U.S. illegally. You do that by removing ALL federal benefits for education, food, health care, and shelter. If you arrive here from anywhere else with proper documentation, you are free to come to America to find a job or start a business. Or if you have promise of employment a work visa may be obtained expeditiously when proper background checks are made to both the employer's and the government's satisfaction regarding that clean record in one's background. That person will pay taxes at a rate slightly higher than a U.S. citizen since a job here means that an American is not employed.

Next, you must seal the border. With joint cooperation between the state and federal governments, a plan that serves the best interests and capabilities of each border can be implemented. If funding is required to build fences or walls, depending on the necessity of the local terrain, it can be found in the savings from ending funding to foreign nations, starting with the ones that are most hostile toward the United States. Troops can be redeployed from around the world to provide temporary security until the border crossings are in place and the entire length is secure in the manner that serves the requirements of the local terrain. No additional taxes or borrowing will be necessary to fund the endeavor.

These fine members of our armed services will no doubt make excellent law enforcement officers if they so desire, in both state and local governments, protecting their family, friends, and community.In fact, they still will be serving to protect the nation as deputy sheriffs and police officers. A secure border is not about keeping illegal immigrants out, rather it deters foreign enemies from coming to the United States as spies and saboteurs. They can now cross the border as easily as a good man seeking work and liberty for himself and his family.

Many politicians will try to convince us that we cannot forget that many of these illegal and undocumented workers must have a path to legal status and citizenship. Well they do! If they are here illegally, the path will lead back to their country of origin. There they will make application just as so many other foreigners have and do. We cannot reward them for breaking the law by moving them ahead of those who are waiting in line with legal application documentation.They broke the law so they get deported. When Americans break laws they go to prison so I don't see a problem here.

Many will also tell us that children who were born or brought here guiltless victims if their parents are deported. Really? And how about all the homeless American citizens with children that can benefit from the aid given to foreigners illegal or legal? How can you possibly justify so many Americans in need when foreigners are given so much?

Simply a case of a shortage of common sense and logic when the government is put in charge of solving a problem that they (the government) created in the first place!

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