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Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Denial: The Wrong Message

The truths in the election results are not being told by the privately-owned major media. None of them are. There is a huge Republican Party victory by candidates of the conservative movement in many States, but here in Oregon it is progressive socialism still sailing on albeit on rough seas. Evidently there are more people in the metropolitan areas that want a government nanny instead of being responsible for themselves. The problem is they don't consider that those who are being responsible are being punished by the nanny-state politicians who are once again elected by the 'Gimmes'.

The results of the national mid-terms indicate that most Americans are fed up with what is happening in Washington, D.C., a District of Criminals. The total disregard for the sea of messages the People have sent is typical of the level of self-importance exhibited by the person occupying the White House.  While his own party is jumping Ship of State, he continues to believe his shipload of policies will sail on calm seas. And if they don't, like hardtack, he will shove them down the throats of Americans whether we like it or not.

First there is the fact that this turn in events will not go into effect until after the newly elected officials are sworn in next year. Obama has promised to take executive action if the current Congress won't give him what he wants. He has threatened so much and disregards the messages the election sent to Washington.

There are some places who either remained liberal or elected a few Democrats because of opposition to legislation the People wanted, but the Governor or Assembly refused to pass.

Pennsylvania's current Republican Governor lost as he had opposed a medical marijuana bill and promised to veto it. The Governor elect will sign it when it passes both State Houses.

Here in Oregon, the Republican challenger lost to the incumbent Democrat who also like the person who occasionally visits the Oval Office between golf and basketball games, and fundraising, Dr. Kitzhaber has also used his position for alleged personal and political gain, and for the profit of his mistress and political favors for his supporters. There are allegations of other improprieties however no investigations have been initiated or undertaken.  Just like the person occupying the White House has managed to avoid prosecution with an entourage of spin doctors deflecting the public's attention onto phony issues like the war on women. Even the race card didn't trump the natural cards:  Mia Love in Utah and Tim Scott in South Carolina. A woman and both African-American Republicans. I'll bet that has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz seething.

There were many victories that were based on the candidates constitutional doctrines. There were a few because of the opposition's view that was not aligned with the voters. But by and large, the message sent by the results is plain and simple:  STOP OBAMA!

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