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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care Fraud Pushes For Sunday Vote

So here is what we have: Starting with campaign promises of transparency and open government and further stated in his campaign to allow C-SPAN cameras to film negotiations on the bill, which C-SPAN stated emphatically that they were denied access, the President lied. Nebraska will get extra Medicaid capital and an exemption for some Florida seniors who will lose some benefits under the new "better health care" plan, which seems to this citizen just a ploy to swing a few votes their way to get this unconstitutional legislation passed and signed by His Majesty Obama. Doesn't that give new meaning to HMO?

Since when does Congessional parliamentary rules trump the United States Constitution? The answer is that it don't but that will not not stop this White House and Socialst Democrat controlled House, after all the Constitution is so outdated and yesterday. I am putting my Senators and Representatives on notice right now, if you vote in favor of this health care legislation I will guarantee it will be your political suicide. This legislation is an abomination to all that we as Americans stand for as a free people, with a representative government. It is long past time that we exercised our Constitutional rights and petition the government with a bill of our grievances against the federal state, who through its intimacies with the corporate world, has neglected the true representation deserved of the voters that sent them for such purpose to begin with.

Citizens of America put down your remotes and start taking actions to save your freedom. Start talking to your family and friends, your neighbors and your fellowship at your house of prayer. If you don't you may lose the right to pray in the church of your choice, as more and more that right of religious freedom is also being infringed on by the political hogwash that it is only enforcing the separation of church and state.

The amount of money that they are asking for this health care reform is horrendous. Simple arithmetic will tell you that providing group coverage for all 30 million uninsured Americans would not cost a trillion dollars over ten years, and I am sure that will be adjusted upward to reflect the "new" and that always trasnlates to more expensive treatments that will help maintain the profit margins and the stockholder dividends they are accustomed to.

This administration's so-called "reach across the aisle" indicating bipartisanship is also a lie, of four of the main proposals submitted by Republicans only the increase in payments to primary care physicians made it into the bill as it stands. Oh there were some pork barrel provisions for Democrats that are in the bill, like the Medicare benefits for victims of asbestos in Libby, MT thanks to Senator Max Baucus, D-Montana.

The Senate (Republican) proposals were mostly reject on procedural grounds, not on anything of real substance. Basically what the Democrat-controlled partisan House did was use parliamentary procedure to pass a bill that will not help anyone for at least four years, and based on all his other remarkable achievments, Mr. Obama will be long gone by the time the reality of all this sets in with the rest of the sleepwalkers in America.

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