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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reaction Without Reason

It is easy to assume that most Americans are looking for an alternative to four more years of President Obama and his administration; however it is not clear in what direction the mainstream alternative will take us.

It is quite obvious that Mitt Romney is the choice of the Republican Party, yet it is also obvious the lengths they have taken to subvert challenges to his candidacy at all costs. Even the formidable Tea Party lobby has been usurped by the ‘neo-cons’ who have chosen to back a candidate who clearly was not even a second choice just four years ago. Now they expect a short-term memory public will jump on the bandwagon just to replace the incumbent President. With taglines like, “Anyone but Obama!” it is believed that high fuel prices and high unemployment will cause many Democrats and independent voters to back the GOP candidate.

This a reaction without a reasonable basis. It was evident on 2008 that the GOP did not want Ron Paul as their candidate. Instead they backed the most liberal choice in John McCain and the current candidate finished third in the convention behind former Governor Mike Huckabee.  In the caucuses and debates that led to the primaries, and finally to the Republican National Convention, evidence of corruption and fraud went unnoticed and under reported by the privately-owned major media, who fell in line with party propaganda to boost a ‘flip-flopping’ Mitt Romney into the presidential candidacy.

In the post, Obama Issues "Kill Order" Regarding Ron Paul and Russia Prepares for Nuclear World War III , evidence surfaced in foreign media that the Obama camp was adamant about keeping Ron Paul off the ballot, as they knew he was the most formidable foe the President would face in the November elections.  It was Ron Paul who they feared would topple the regime and begin the real revolution to restore the Republic.

Apparently that sentiment is still stoking the fires as we are less than a month away from the polls, we still find the power structure continues to divide the American vote.  Several States have unlawfully refused to allow Ron Paul on the ballot, and now some are saying that Ron Paul write-in votes will not be counted. Furthering the division is the Libertarian Party who backed Gary Johnson, an early dropout for the Republican nomination, who all of a sudden is thumping a platform that is the hallmark of the Ron Paul campaign and the Revolution Movement.

Reasonable people seldom make rash decisions, so it must be well planned and implemented by a propaganda campaign that attacks on many fronts, confusing the voter with so many rhetorical points. With all of the points of attack, I see one that is ignored; liberty is omitted in all the rhetoric. The economy and education, healthcare and women’s rights, national security and terrorism, are all good points to address although how these issues are solved by government leaves many wondering what happened to our basic rights. But before it can be brought up in public forum, another crisis must be handled, once again obscuring the real issues in the face of another immediate danger or threat to national security.

The fate of the entire world rests on the choices America makes in this coming Presidential Election. The very essence of freedom teeters on the edge of a precipice with no safety net. The future of mankind will be determined by an election not unlike elections that brought Adolph Hitler and other dictators to power. But this time it is not one nation alone, it is a global maneuver that has been decades in the making.

Will America react or will they exercise reason? We will all know in a few weeks!

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