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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Resistance is Futile: Assimilate or Annihilate

History shows that no matter how bitter the battle and how costly the victory, the public will soon forget and feel they can once again trust others to protect them.

That happened with the victors of the Revolutionary War as the general public relaxed and allowed others to deal with the protection of the new Republic. They soon forgot how important it was to their own liberty to be wary and remain vigilant. There are always those who attempt to subvert the will of the people through deceit and force.

The entire chronology of the events that leads up to the present will be too lengthy to display in a blog article. However it does demonstrate the steps that were taken to slowly take control of the nation and the methods employed were devious.

Controlling the People’s money was the primary goal employed. The failed Aldrich Bill was later reintroduced as the Federal Reserve Act, and the public was duped into believing in was the cure for economic collapse. Reality has demonstrated the contrary in that it is the cause and not the cure.

Getting the individual States to lose the Senatorial selection played a major part in defeating the Republic. The 17th Amendment needs to be repeals so that there is a more equitable balance of power in the Congress.

Of course that alone will not restore liberty to the States and the People respectively, but it will serve to repair the foundation of federal government that become shaky when the amendment was ratified. Some question the validity of that ratification, and I mention it here so my readers may further research and determine the veracity of it for themselves.

The education of the young was another part of society that became a “responsibility” of the federal government through the effective lobby of the corporate leaders in America, why felt by controlling what was taught and how student were “supposed” to think, it would benefit the corporate need for disciplined workers. By further standardizing education into primary and secondary, and then post-secondary further segregated from the former two, they made that college and University education expensive so that the average worker could not afford it for themselves or their children. It was an effective process to separate People into “classes.”
The premise of “life, liberty and property” became “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” where happiness became synonymous with having two weeks vacation after all the living expenses were paid, and the assumption of property ownership was unlawfully replaced with deeds issued by the corporate state. Think you “own” your house? Try refusing to pay property taxes and see how long you remain in possession of it. It is the State’s property so long as you pay your lease fees which are called property taxes.
Motor vehicles are not owned by the People, they are registered to the lessee, and the lessee pays fees to register said vehicle in their name as the responsible party.

Instead of protecting the religious rights of the People, the modern interpretation of the Constitution fools the People into thinking that banning any religious displays in public is protection. Under the guise of not wanting to offend others with contrary beliefs the rights to religious expression are thereby suppressed. That is unless of course, the religion happens to be Muslim and the political environment wants to appear tolerant by becoming intolerant to expression of all other faiths. It is this very thing that the Constitution was to prevent.

People step up and dare to challenge the system of delusion only to be beat back with anger, arrest, harassment, and ridicule. No suppression or retribution is unwarranted when the government and its puppet masters need to quell the uprising against them.

So we are left with this:

Obey the government no matter what they tell you or become a dissenter, an insurgent, a rebel, a terrorist. Regardless of how you feel, the government will choose what category you fall into based on the level of your resistance to slavery. They will determine whether you can be interred and “re-educated” or if you are threat to society because you cannot be reprogrammed, and therefore must be eliminated from being a disruptive influence on others.

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