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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Divide to Conquer

A strange occurrence emerges as we get closer to the November elections. Ron Paul supporters are being told (once again) that he is not on the ballot in several states therefore they should back Romney or Gary Johnson. It would appear that this would further divide the votes and assure four more years of Obama.

This blog reported the concerted effort by both Democrats and Republicans to keep Ron Paul off the ballots. The reason was evident that he was the only one that can beat Obama head-to-head. Anyone with a pulse can see that now that Romney has shown some life as a contender in spite of the fact that he is more like Obama than different, further division of  the voters seems necessary to keep Obama in office so he can complete the destruction of the United States he started in 2008.

Fast and Furious gun sales to Mexican gangsters pushed onto Eric Holder but defended by the White House, and we know how Defense Secretary Leon Panetta totally ignored Congress, in fact, told Congress that he gets his orders from NATO and the UN. Now we have a Hillary Clinton-run Department of State that is trying to take the blame for the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, and while it is her responsibility, she takes her directives from the President.

Would a President Romney have handled this differently? I don't know that because Romney has changed his mind more often that a mother changes her baby's diapers. What I do know is that a President Ron Paul would not have allowed the killings to happen in the first place, because his policy is clear regarding "meddling" in foreign nations.

The division is not about right/left or even the few issues that privately-owned major media keeps shoving at us. It's really a matter of principles of liberty, the foundations of our republic, the very survival of our nation. That is the real issue that we need to focus on this election.

Do Americans really trust Romney and Ryan will be much of an improvement over Obama? Based on results, Ryan has proved to me he can lie as well as the left, in fact he did lie to the Tea Party folks that backed his election on his promise to reduce deficit spending and not raise the debt ceiling. He voted for the debt ceiling increase. Ron Paul has a history of voting strictly on constitutional grounds, even when his constituents thought otherwise, and they elected him again and again not because of what he promised or gave them, but because he always demonstrates integrity and honesty.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has a long history of private and public service in which his character cannot be impeached. He is a true patriot and statesman in the Jefferson and Madison tradition. He is the one that Americans need as the 45th President of the United States.

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