By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Take Back America

The recent last minute deal to keep the government funded and operating is a clear indication that neither party is taking the matter serious enough to fix it. Reducing the spending by $100 billion was itself a mere drop in the bucket, and the compromises made by the GOP is more like business as usual inside the Beltway.

Our nation faces serious consequences, including our sovereignty if we don't start getting out of debt. And it will not be easy, although it will reform the government and prevent such an atrocity to happen again. But Americans must start to take responsibility for themselves and not rely on representatives of a political party to act on their behalf. They represent the party and not you and me.

The representative form of government that was created by our founders is not the same representative government we suffer with today. In their foresight and wisdom, they separated the election of Representatives of the People from the selection of Senators representing the States. That is why each State only has two Senators.

But there are several other factors that have contributed to the debt of this nation, and the reason why prices keep going up for everything. The main reason is our money, or the fact that our money has no real value.

To have money that is stable, it must have backing, and that needs to be something tangible, something of worth. Historically, gold and silver have been used to coin currency, as each retains significant value over the course of millennia. It's value when compared to our dollar shows how little value our dollar holds, not necessarily that gold is worth more now than it was worth during the days of Caesar. See the documentary The Money Masters

Repealing the Federal Reserve Act and abolishing the Internal Revenue Service will enable the United States of America to set a value on its dollar based on the amount of gold and silver bullion in reserves that backs it. That will stabilize the dollar and give it real value against all other currencies, and make it a currency that other nations will want to use as a standard. A monetary system that is backed by gold and silver will create more of those metals being imported to receive the US dollars to trade with on the markets of the world.

The next significant change that must occur is the abolishment of the Universal Commerce Code and the Corporate laws. Companies will still exist only the shareholders and officers will be held both fiscally and legally accountable for the actions of the company. A company is not an entity that can be tried in criminal court, even when the actions of one or more of it's employees or officers perpetrates a criminal act. Everyone must be held accountable for their actions, it is the only way that justice can be served equally amongst all people, regardless of profession, family, or wealth.

The next thing we must do is bring back out troops from around the world, so that we can focus on s more streamlined military budget that maintains our nation's defenses, but not over burdening the taxpaying public with wars, declared or undeclared around the world. We must lead by example and not by might alone.

In addition to military spending, we must also cut much of the aid we send to foreign nations, save for matching funds of other nations who are offering funding to nations struck with disasters such as the tsunami in Japan. And when funding is sent to a nation that requires assistance, we must insist that we have people that will go there and see where that money is being spent. We cannot afford Carte Blanche Charity when we have enough economic issues to handle at home.

We need to produce fuels here in the United States and remove our dependence on foreign fuels. That is a national security issue as is the proliferation of nuclear reactors across this nation. While earthquakes and tsunamis may not be imminent threats here in America, terrorism is real and central power plants under terrorist attack can cripple the entire country.

The party politics of the past must end, and the Tea Party Movement has had an impact on beginning those changes. But it will take more than the simple majority in one house of Congress. We will need to take the Senate and the White House as well in 2012.

Unless someone emerges with a similar ideology, I feel that the best candidate for the Presidency is Ron Paul. While he is a member of the Republican Party, he has demonstrated his adherence to the Constitution and he has been an adversary of the Federal Reserve System openly. That alone may be the primary reason that he isn't getting the party endorsements, but it is that aspect of his resolve that makes him the ideal man for the job.

Look toward the Tea Party Movement's endorsements for candidates if you are not sure, and don't be concerned if they are not the party choice. It's still your vote that will make the difference and not the endorsements. If you have questions about a candidate, see what others know but please use your own common sense and don't rely on the rhetoric and spin.

Send to Your Senator(s)

Dear Senator _________ _________

CC; _________ _________

As my U.S. Senator, I demand that you take immediate action regarding the fraud perpetrated by Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama II against the People of These United States, against the Constitution, and against the Republic: honor your Oath of Office and defend our U.S. Constitution!

If you don't or won't, you will be in violation of your Oath of Office and your honor. Our Constitution IS IN JEOPARDY and the Republic WILL FALL. We won't have Constitutional Rights because the Constitution WILL FALL.

Anything he (Barry Soetoro) has done in any capacity that requires Citizenship as an
eligibility requirement is null and void.

A Link to video:

If you watch the video, you can easily hear him admit he is not a Natural Born U.S. Citizen.
His wife says the same. His grandmother has always said he was born in Kenya: She was in the room!

They all knew before he ran for President he was ineligible and he and others have
perpetrated a fraud on the people of the United States and on The Office of the President.

If the known records and laws of other countries where he lived are correct, he is not even a Citizen of the United States. Soetoro/Obama IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!

Respectfully Yours,
_________ _________

Friday, April 1, 2011

Under Pressure! Keep It Up!

The Democrats and moderate Republicans are reeling from the Tea Party Movement's pressure on those elected officials to keep their promises to the American people. If the government shuts down, then it is the Democrats who have been in office, who have failed the citizens they represent, not the GOP or the Tea Party Movement.

The two-party system is a detriment to fiscal responsibility and reduction in government. It is long past time we stop voting for Democrats and Republicans alike, and begin electing independent or third-party candidates that will represent their constituents best interests.

The recent telephone conversation that was made public, with Charles Schumer calling the Tea Party Movement "extremists" is indicative of how effective the Tea Party has been, and why the pressure needs to be turned up. His seat will not be up for reelection until 2016, so there is plenty of time to find his replacement.

The 2012 Presidential race is going to be crucial to saving the republic. Of all candidates parrying at present, only Ron Paul makes sense from a Tea Party ideology, as he is the only candidate who has demonstrated throughout his Congressional career to be totally void of party politics, and his voting record testifies to his commitment to reduction in government spending and influence in our daily lives.

The fact that his son Rand Paul (R) Kentucky was elected to the Senate seat vacated by the retiring Jim Bunning, and Rand was also endorsed by the Tea Party Movement demonstrates the integrity passed on from father to son. To date, he has been living up to his commitments, and has not compromised with leadership of either party.

The election results of November, 2010, was merely a shot across the bow of the "business-as-usual" D.C. bureaucracy. November, 2012 will be the full salvo, replacing all incumbents that have demonstrated their lack of responsibility to We the People.

And please be sure you vote the same in your local elections too.