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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Vladimir Putin Exposes Vaccines As U.S. Cover Up, International Conspiracy

The following article is from Truth Kings

"The vaccine industry has almost every world leader, the United States included, in its back pocket. All, that is, except for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has commonly spoken out against Western dilemmas, such as GMOS. According to a report in Yournewswire, the vocal Russian President has grown even further distraught by Western vaccines.

When your children are barely human, psychologically-altered bots, their nerve cells and synapses failing to connect, and their neurodevelopmental processes dulled to the point of restricting them to sub-human level repetitive grunts and gormless stares, what are you going to do then?

An insider from the Ministry of Health has revealed Putin’s request of a report that discloses the United States vaccination cover up details. The report allegedly asserts that the United States relationships with Pharma and their vaccine agendas are having worldwide dire consequences, many of which are irreversible. Putin’s distrust of Western vaccines has driven him to remain compelled to find the truth.

Putin now believes there is a huge conspiracy among International leaders and scientists at large.

This investigation, involving internationally respected scientists and leading medical professionals, won’t be a laughably corrupt affair involving a payroll of ‘scientists’ who are willing to say or do anything for a dollar or two. Considering the fact that leading scientists and doctors who have dared voice concern about state-enforced vaccinations have been dying under mysterious circumstances in the US in recent years, kudos must be given to those brave enough to continue speaking out.

It is claimed the report will declare the situation a ‘self-perpetuating criminal racket.’ Educational institutions and scientific bodies are also ‘motivated by greed and generally corrupt.’ A recent study by the University of Bristol that declared diet soda to be healthier than water (a study covertly funded by the Coca Cola Company) is presented as an example of the absurd situation in the West at the moment, and is held up to ridicule.

If true, this means that Western governments are in essence, bribing scientists to unveil reports beneficial to vaccine agendas.

When will enough be enough for the world? Autism rates are skyrocketing. Newly introduced vaccines in Asia are wreaking havoc."


Fix America: Dangerous Vaccinations & Dead Doctors

Friday, November 18, 2016

Who Rules The Roost?

From Facebook:  

"Ron Le Blanc
This is one thing the Electoral College does - it keeps 146 counties from deciding who the president is rather than having the whole country make that decision.

This reminds us of one of the big differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Under the Articles, each state received the same number of votes in Congress - one. Big state or little state, they all got one vote. Now this suited the small states just fine because it gave them a disproportionate say in the governing of the country. And that is the issue today in the argument of popular vote versus Electoral College. The former gives a few states a disproportionate say in the election of the president. Let's keep it so that the people of all the states have a say.

From Business Insider:

Using Census data, we've figured out that half of the United States population is clustered in just the 146 biggest counties out of over 3000.

Here's the map, with said counties shaded in. Below the map is the list of all the counties, so you can see if you live in one of them."

It is noteworthy to demonstrate how here in the State of Oregon, gerrymandering has given a few counties a marked advantage in representation to the detriment of the rest of the state 's counties being disenfranchised in the legislature in Salem as well as in Washington, DC.

This may be how it works in a democracy, however the USA is NOT a democracy, it is by constitutional mandate, a representative republic and guaranteed a republican form of governance.

Fraud, Forgery, Terrorism and Hundreds of Thousands of Dead People

The mystery surrounding the birthplace of Obama/Soetoro/ really was. The issue of the Obama/Soetoro birth certificate in 1961 by the British Protectorate of Mombasa should have put an end to the rumors, speculation, and denials;  however, the Obama administration's own lawyers admitted he was not born in the united States of America and that his Long form birth certificate was a forgery, and that they were threatened to testify falsely about the entire issue. The Governor of Hawaii has testified that there is no birth certificate for Obama/Soetoro on record in Hawaii State, at anytime, past or present.

This simple fact throws legitimacy out the window regarding every document Obama/Soetoro signed while occupying the White House. The fraud played on the American People is egregious and horrid. To pretend that Obama/Soetoro was ever President is to make null and void the Constitution of The United States of America. While realizing that the U.S. Government is a foreign Corporation, now incorporated in France, it is still necessary for a corporate officer to adhere to his own Constitution, least it breaches the trust of the parties involved and the contract. 

The past several administrations have violated every Article of Amendment to the Constitution. The violations breach the contract and Nullify the reason for the existence of the U.S. Government. This basic fact is the main reason Obama/Soetoro has referred to the Constitution as 'Just A Piece of Paper' that means nothing. This gives rise to the dictatorial Power of the Fraud occupying the White House and the long chain of unlawful Executive Orders issued by U.S. Presidents.

Any future legitimate President to not take action regarding the fraud perpetrated on the American People, would place doubt on the integrity of the Office of the President and the Person occupying it.

See the articles; Obama not legally eligible to be president and From Risky Gamble to Disaster

There are times when re-visiting an older article might be worth a thought or two.

Obama’s Lawyers Officially Admit Birth Certificate is Fake

"Lawyers for the Obama Administration announced that Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery. Under penalty of perjury, the lawyers said they were forced to say that the birth certificate was valid.

A lawyer representing the Obama administration say the birth certificate was knowingly purveyed to fool the American public into believing he was legitimately able to be President.

However, they purport that Obama knows he is not a natural born citizen.

Obama stated at a White House briefing that the birth certificate subject is “irrelevant”. He must think that by dismissing it that he can make it go away.

This invalidates the Obama Presidency and makes him ineligible to be President in 2012.

Pen Johannson, Editor of the Daily Pen, stated in his editorial that this controversy should set off a firestorm of constitutional questions and a legislative controversy of epic proportions.

In New Jersey, a case about Obama’s eligibility has influenced activist to question the President’s legal right to be Commander and Chief.

Alexandra M. Hill, representative defense attorney for Obama made comments that brought the Tea Party members to question the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate.

Nick Purpura of Wall Township, NJ, and Ted Moran of Toms River, NJ, filed their objection with the New Jersey Board of Elections. Purpura and Moran objected to Obama appearing on the June 5 Democratic Primary ballot on two grounds:

• No one knows exactly who Barack H. Obama is, because he has had three different names in life. Furthermore, he has never furnished a true copy of his birth certificate to the Secretary of State. So no one can be sure that Obama was born in the United States.

• Obama’s father was a British colonial subject. He not only was not a naturalized citizen on the alleged date of Obama’s birth, but indeed never sought naturalization. Therefore Obama could never be a natural-born citizen no matter where he was born.

Attorney for the plaintiff, Mario Apuzzo asserts that the birth certificate is the proof of Obama’s citizenship that allows him to be on the ballot in New Jersey.

On April 10, 2012, these lawyers admitted the forgery.

Obama is asserting that the document is a fake and should not be allowed into evidence. And the judge in this case agrees.

By this admission, Barack Obama can be charged with High Crimes and Misdemeanors by lying to the American public about his legitimacy as President. Obama is guilty to criminal activity and blatantly ineligible for Presidency and the electoral process this year.

Without the birth certificate, Obama cannot prove he is a natural born citizen. Where before this development, the Obama administration adamantly asserted that the birth certificate was legitimate; they knowing lied and therefore should be arrested and charged with their illegal actions against the American people."

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