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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Who Were The Minutemen?

In the early days of America as colonies, they were for the most part left to their own devices and defenses. It was therefore necessary that all men kept and bore arms, to protect that which they labored to build and own.  It was from this need for a common defense among all the people, that agreements were made to provide able-bodied men to take up arms when an alarm was sounded.

It became necessary then to make formal agreements of association to establish a militia of the people, that is a group of fighting men forming the people's civilian army. They were not an army under the control of a central government, rather they were ordinary men upon who duty deemed it necessary to train and be ready to come to the defense of their fellow colonists.

When the British stopped supplying gunpowder the colonist had  to make their own. When the British came to confiscate their arms, the colonists rebelled. There were many other things that were done to the colonists by the Crown, but as loyal subjects, they filed their grievances in the proper manner, and witnessed themselves being treated as less than the subjects in Great Britain were treated. But it was the attempts to take their arms that finally was the last straw or the "shot heard 'round the world"!

So who were the 'Minutemen' and what did they do to earn such a name for themselves? According to American Revolutionary War history they were a select group of well-prepared militiamen, who were so named because of  their rapid response to a call-to-arms when they were needed to defend against an enemy attack. Today they would be the Rapid Deployment Forces of an elite military. The Continental Army called up these minutemen for rapid response to British attacks. 

So to recap and put it as plain and simple as can be, I am no longer 'duty-bound' to join a militia as I have reached past the age of sixty, however my patriotism and sense of responsibility will keep me 'in the fight' to restore the Republic that has been taken from us all.

In light of the fact that we are being invaded on our southern border, with several reports of Mexican troops crossing and firing upon Americans, that surely looks like an act war, declared or not. Although the federal government is constitutional bound to protect the borders from invasion, they have not only ignored the duty, that are aiding and abetting the invasion!

There have been calls to arm and deploy the militias, to defend the border states from this invasion, but not by the governors of those states. The Governor of Texas has been complaining about the lack of federal support and has asked militias NOT to intervene as the Texas Department of Public Safety will respond. The problem is, they are grossly over-matched for the task.

It will then fall upon the sheriffs of those border counties to call forth the militia, and deputized them to defend the land. It is the duty of We the People to respond to that call, and be prepared to become part of the forces under orders of those officers assigned to lead.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Rise of the Citizens' Militia: The Defenders of the Republic

We are witnessing what may be a turning point in this nation's history. It will fall upon the will of the People whether or not the Republic will be restored or  the Republic remains a corporate entity, the UNITED STATES.

The privately-owned major media is focused on any conflict in the Middle East, while thousands of foreigners are illegally streaming across our southern border, and the media reports nothing while ICE buses illegal aliens to different parts of the country and releases them. But there is another more telling story that is not being reported.

The governors of Arizona and Texas have not formally called forth the constitutional Militias of the States. The Citizen Soldier is the primary constitutional defense of a State's freedom and rights and many have volunteered to defend these States. While Americans are being killed, by members of Mexican drug cartels and coyotes, neither governor has taken action.

A corruption of the rule of law and tyrannical actions by those chosen to protect and serve the People cannot be tolerated or liberty is lost.  There is no 'moderate' solution to radical oppression of the rights of the People. Ultimately, it is not only the right, but it is the duty of the People to defend those rights. Who else but YOU is responsible for your life and property? Who else but you is responsible to protect your family? It is NOT the responsibility of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

There are many books and essays written about the history of militias in America. That history is no longer taught in public schools, because US GOVERNMENT propaganda has made militia equivalent to 'militant' and that is made to look like extremist, which in turn equates to terrorist. Strange how the words are twisted to mean something entirely different than what they meant when they were written into the Constitution of the united States of America in 1787.

The Constitution prohibits standing armies in times of peace and yet by using words, they circumvent the law. Does a 'War on Poverty' constitute a need for armed troops? How about a 'War on Drugs'? Okay, then what about the "War on Terror'? It is my understanding of the definitions of the terms and the preciseness of the words chosen, that WAR is DECLARED by an act of CONGRESS against another nation or group of nations who threaten the sovereignty of the People and the lands of the States.

The States along the U.S./Mexican border are being invaded. In some cases we have learned, drug cartels have established their control over the border, and in other reports, Mexican Federales having crossed the border, fired  weapons, although whether they were firing upon other Mexicans or Americans is unclear.

What is clear to me at least, is the media focus has been on young children coming to America to flee their nations in Central America. Why isn't ICE/INS turning these foreigners back? Why is the Border Patrol babysitting and being nursemaids to all these illegal immigrants Mexico helping them? Why are we always the ones who are extending charity?

We are a nation in debt. We have to deal with that and no other nation will help us. We need to help Texas and Arizona People to secure their borders with Mexico. Any and all businesses that can send materials to accomplish the goal must step up and do so.

We cannot depend on any level of government to do the right thing, so it falls to the People of the Republic to do the job!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Fall of a Nation

America is under attack and there are no defenses being provided by our government. In fact, the government is bringing the invasion to us by training and arming foreigners. Reports from anonymous Border Patrol agents indicate that among those who are invading our nation, are Islamic Jihadists who are being trained by DHS as 'soldiers' in case of 'civil unrest' in US cities. In other words, they will have no problem killing American civilians, including women and children. They are getting fed and clothed, and they are being sheltered and trained to kill Americans. Oh yes! This is happening right now while your attention is being drawn to what is going on in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe.

Isis fighters raise their weapons as they stand on a vehicle mounted with the trademark Jihadists flag in Anbar province. Photo: AFP/GETTY

Thousands of lives and over a $1,000,000,000,000 US are lost. Tens of thousands more US troops are maimed by the atrocities of terrorists claiming to represent the 'Religion of Peace.' And like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned, the person occupying the White House is campaigning and golfing while Baghdad is about to fall. And this just in:  The ISIS terrorists found chemical weapons belonging to the Iraqi Army and manufactured no doubt in the United States.  The very same weapons that for years, the Democrats in Washington have denied existed.

The border with Mexico is now controlled by the Mexican drug lords, while U.S. Border Patrol Agents have been reassigned to babysitting and nursemaid duties. And instead of doing their constitutional duty to call up the citizen soldiers to defend their states, the Governors of Arizona and Texas are doing nothing. Calls are going out for militia support by the communities being threatened, and some unconfirmed reports of American casualties have been coming forth as well.

Congress has not protected the People who elected them and instead are looking at how to help Afghanistan and Iraq. Directly negotiating with terrorists and exchanging five high-ranking Taliban 'generals' for one deserter and possible enemy collaborator, arming terrorists with American weapons to overthrow the governments of Egypt. Libya, and now Iraq, while training illegal immigrants on US soil to fight us. And now bringing back a Libyan national who claims no direct responsibility for the American live lost nor any remorse, to the States for criminal prosecution instead of being tried as an enemy combatant in a military court. He is a terrorist just like the ones exchanged for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Impeachment was the answer for merely breaking the law, but Congress has not acted. Indictments need to be served to many members of this criminal regime yet Congress does nothing. I cannot understand why the Republican led House of Representatives has not acted on Articles of Impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors. I have heard an excuse making the rounds claiming that it is an exercise in futility so long as Harry Reid and the Democrats control the Senate. That is not a valid reason to not live up to your oaths of office and do the right thing under the Constitution. Unless you have broken that oath and no longer represent We the People.

As was emphatically stated in the Declaration of Independence two hundred and thirty eight years ago,

 "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

It seems irrefutable that our government no longer represents the will of the People and definitely is operating without the consent of the governed who are We the People.

Because of the immediate danger of this unabated invasion, we must act now to secure the border ourselves and deal with restoring the constitutional republic once we can save our lands from invasion.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Are You American?

Most people who are citizens will answer "Yes!" Citizenship alone does not make you an American. No, being American is not the ability to vote or wave the flag and sing the national anthem.

The peoples who came to America did so for freedom. Freedom to worship as they believed, freedom to work and keep the fruits of their labors, free to defend themselves from criminals.

You are an American if you refuse to obey ANY law that is unjust, because being an American is a way of life, ii is about principles and not ideology. It is about ethics and morals, regardless of where you get them. It is about the liberty to live as you feel is best for you so long as you honor and respect that same right of everyone else.

The People of the colonies chose members of their communities to represent them, and they met and formed rules of association with each other, rules or laws that provided mutual respect for liberty and rights. They formed a confederation among themselves and established a system of governance in which they could live in peace and prosperity. They committed themselves to rules of order, and when someone's life or property was endangered or taken from them, they established laws to provide justice to the victim(s) and their dependents or survivors.

Justice. That is the purpose of law. Being a 'law-abiding citizen' does not make you an American. Being American is exceptionalism because unlike every nation before it and since, the constitutionally limited republican representative system of governance, was truly a form of self-governance. The 'government' in that sense was a body politic that was a representation of the will of the People. It was not an entity of its own nor did it hold any power over its People. After all, the People created that government and gave it duties and responsibilities, while explicitly prohibiting that government from infringing on the liberty and the rights of the people.

It was by definition a form of anarchy, that is anti- monarchy, or anti- oligarchy. It was against any form of government that ruled by force and suppression of free will. And yet it did have rules and hence laws. Laws to provide justice for those accused and convicted of crimes against the People.

We now are faced with the cold, hard facts that we no longer have a constitutional republic. That was taken from the People by treasonous acts of then President Abraham Lincoln and Congress in 1871. The former made all citizens insurgents and enemies of the government, and the latter when Congress unlawfully created a government for the District of Columbia and created a corporation which would then replace the People's constitutional republic with a corporate government, which represents the financial interests of the corporation and not the People.

The Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog and its Facebook page will know that we are in grave danger and it will only result in our nation falling if we don't act now.

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Frédéric Bastiat:  The Law

Monday, June 9, 2014

IRS Money Laundering: Part II

In the post IRS Money Laundering? You Bet! author Kevin E. Lake recounted his personal experience with having his veterans benefits garnished after the funds were deposited into his bank accounts. Just that fact that the IRS can do this is a threat to everyone who disagrees with the government, is enough to enrage any good American. The fact that they do this to veterans is appalling and sets a dangerous precedence. The ability of the government to use the IRS to stifle dissent can only result in the suppression of liberty.

Mr. Lake was kind enough to allow me to post his follow up article, which I present to the Esteemed Readers of Fix America, in its entirety.

How Disabled Veterans Can Prevent The I.R.S. From Garnishing Their VA Disability Payments

Jun 8, 2014

"More than a year ago, I wrote an article about a nightmare I was having with the IRS that was only beginning for me at the time. I'd checked my bank account, to verify my monthly VA disability payment (I'm a 60% disabled veteran of the Iraq War) only to find that my entire payment, and the rest of the money in my account, had been swept out by the bank and sent to the I.R.S.

I contacted the I.R.S. to inquire as to why this happened and I was told something about owing them one hundred thousand gazillion trillion dollars in back taxes. I almost laughed at whatever the real number they told me I owed was, because it was close to one hundred thousand gazillion trillion dollars and then I asked what I needed to do. In essence, I had to redo several years worth of returns, and at the end of the day, I owed them nothing. I found that they actually owed me several thousand dollars from 2008, but since more than two years had passed since then, they did not have to, and as you can imagine, they did not pay it.

This incident happened just before news broke of the I.R.S. targeting Tea Party officials and candidates and others deemed to be "conservative" and though I claim no political affiliation, at the time, I was writing for several key Tea Party and Libertarian media outlets, and I have every reason to believe that I was targeted because of this. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because through my nightmare, I came across several findings that I can now share with my fellow disabled veterans that will allow each of them to protect themselves from garnishing of any type as far as any current and future VA disability payments go.

Fact number one; according to IRS code USC, Title 38, 5301, VA disability is 100% exempt. This means it cannot be garnished for any reason, to include taxes owed, child support, personal debt or liens of any kind. Most people know this, but what I found out during my nightmare, is how the I.R.S. in particular gets around this, their own law.

The I.R.S. waits until the veteran's disability payment is made into a bank account, where it is co-mingled with the veteran's other money and then they take it out by way of lien. The burden of proof that the money that they actually took was from the VA then lies on the veteran. This process, as I found, can take up to three weeks, and most people either don't want to deal with what's involved or they become overwhelmed and give up.

Fact number two; there is a way to avoid allowing the I.R.S. to in essence launder your VA disability money through your bank, and it's quite simple, though it will require a couple of phone calls and a little bit of paperwork. What the veteran can do is simply open up another bank account at a different financial institution into which his or her VA disability money, exclusively, is deposited. Ideally, the veteran should make sure it is a non-interest bearing account so that the institution never sends a 1099 to the I.R.S. The I.R.S. will likely never even know the account exists, and if they do, and should they garnish future disability payments, it is because they apparently sought out the veteran's VA disability deposit information, and oh what a hay day any attorney or journalist worth their weight in sand could have with that!

One financial institution that is ideal for this situation is a company called U.S. Direct Express. They issue prepaid credit cards, through Master Card, to recipients of VA disability and S.S.I. disability, and the amount of the credit limit is the amount available in your account. Basically, it is like having a debit card at your bank. Once your disability payments are deposited into your account, you can withdraw the amount available in cash at any ATM machine that accepts Master Card, or you can make purchases up to the amount of the available balance anywhere that Master Card is accepted. One major advantage to using U.S. Direct Express is that there is no daily cash withdrawal limits on the card, so you can withdraw your entire disability check the day it is available if you need the money.

This is not tax evasion or even tax aversion, the first of which is illegal and the second of which is perfectly legal, rather, a smart way in which to protect yourself from the long reaching arms of the I.R.S. if you are a disabled veteran. Yes, they already have laws in place, as I've stated above, to protect us from them, but as we are finding more and more, the laws put in place by Government seem to apply only to the general population, not those working within Government themselves. Somewhere along the line, those within Government seem to have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around, and too many people lack the fortitude to stand up for themselves and remind our elected officials of this. This is merely one way in which the men and women, who at one time were sent into hell by their Government to do things most people have not done and could never do, can stand up for and protect themselves once they get home."

Thank you Mr. Lake, I trust that by posting your experiences on Fix America, others will benefit from them.

I encourage the Esteemed Readers of Fix America to share this article and their own experiences with IRS and the Veterans Administration.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Deserter and Collaborator Leads to Treason in White House!

What a difference a day makes! Is it really possible that a CIA station chief in Afghanistan was purposefully outed because he knew something about Bergdahl that the Regime in the White House wanted to keep quiet?

Obama seems to want to deflect the issue but even his staunchest supporters are beginning to question this latest move. There are stories coming forward now that paint a different picture of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and why he was released by exchanging five Gitmo prisoners to do so.

What about Diane Feinstein coming out and saying that Obama broke the law? Which one(s)? did he break, because we need to start a list!  We could start with Benghazi, but that would not do justice to this latest act that does appear to border on treason against the United States of America, and places any American in a foreign nation in grave danger.

Making a deal with terrorists is not a prisoner exchange:  armies take prisoners, terrorists take hostages. If Bergdahl was not there  willingly  and learning the ways of Islamic Jihad, the exchange of five dangerous top terrorist commanders for a non-commissioned soldier is in itself a great travesty. But after seeing and hearing his father, speaking in fluent Arabic and not only praising Allah, but wishing vengeance for the children of Afghanistan and Pakistan gives much credibility to the rumors of collaboration with the enemy charges being brought against him.

Fourteen American soldiers lost their lives searching for Bergdahl. The amount of assets that were assigned to find him is indicative of something more than mere desertion. Adding the fact that when Obama went to Afghanistan last week, a story broke about the name of a CIA station chief working in Afghanistan was 'leaked' to the press. For a White House who keeps so many secrets it does not seem plausible to believe that this was anything less than a deliberate attempt to keep something else quiet. The timing of Sgt. Bergdahl's release for known criminal terrorists with the CIA station chief outing is difficult to separate. Is it stupidity or audacity on the part of this White House?

Or is it even more sinister than we dare imagine?  Collaboration with the enemy is a  treasonous  offense, much more serious than dereliction of duty or desertion. The most serious offense would be the White House knowingly 'rescuing' a man who they knew may be working with the enemy, covering up the fact in order to make the exchange of terrorist prisoners for his (Bowe Bergdahl's) release. That would suggest the President must be impeached for high crimes as misdemeanors, as even if he claims no knowledge of any criminal activities by those surrounding him, it is his responsibility, his duty, to uphold the laws. As Senator Feinstein stated, he broke the law, and it's just a matter of the House passing an impeachment resolution and the Senate convening the hearing. Will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid do the right thing?

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Monday, June 2, 2014

POW or Enemy Sympathizer? And What About Coal?

A lot is being said about the exchange of five high level terrorists for one Sgt. "Bowe" Bergdahl. Some claim that he deserted, and walked into the hands of the Taliban.

Based on all the evidence presented thus far, the President broke more than one law in releasing prisoners. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains it to Shepard Smith of Fox News in the video:

But there were five others released nearly a year ago, that did not get mentioned on the nightly news! 

In late July of 2013 there was a release of 5 Guantanamo detainees as a good will gesture to the Taliban. In other words, they got five of their people back and we got the right to open peace talks with them. Do you find that the least bit submissive? It was not widely reported, because compared to the news of that time it seemed relatively insignificant. 


Many are angry because there were many others who were wounded or killed in ambushes while searching for Sgt. Bergdahl.

Pictured above (from the Daily Mail) is one of the soldiers killed while searching for Bowe Bergdahl. The caption under the photo states:  
"Hero: Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews died in a Taliban ambush on Sept 4, 2009, after he tried to save colleagues who had been injured in an IED explosion. Top brass had told his parents that he died searching a Taliban commander. Now former comrades have come forward to say they were really looking for Bergdahl."

Read more: The Daily Mail Online

What I find is the most important fact in all of this, is that once again, the person occupying the White House has used executive fiat to circumvent the law and do as he damn well wants. The Dictator didn't stop there though.

It seems that Obama is going to by-pass the rule of law and have the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) write regulations that will cripple the coal industry if not completely destroy it, while not allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to be completed, and knowing quite well (he said so!) that it will force energy (electric) prices to soar. And that, he says will drive alternatives and efficiency initiatives. No, Barry. What it will do is create more unemployment and poor people. What it will do is make us even more dependent on foreign sources for energy. What it will do is deprive private industry of what control they have left, given excessive regulations, restrictions, and limits imposed by government, and done so by bureaucrats who know nothing about energy nor economics, and continue to erode freedom and free market enterprise.

What we have now is clear to see; there is an interloper holding the reins of the most powerful national military and he is aiming directly at the People.