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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Bailed Out

It occurred to me that the auto industry does not really need a bail out. They cannot possibly remain solvent on their current business plan. None are making energy efficient vehicles that are affordable. So why bail them out? If anyone should bail them out it should be the oil industry. First and foremost is because they can afford to do it. Second, it would only be fair since the auto industry's inability to meet even modest fuel efficiency standards have kept the gas pumps clicking away our dollars.

I have been spending lots of time lately writing on the Pickens Plan pages. I like the enthusiasm but I feel it it not progressing us to where we need to go. Many people have good solid ideas, and many of us have serious business plans to get us off of the oil dependency. But where are the Pickens people with the funds to back these endeavors? Does Mr. T. Boone Billions think we have the money to put these plans into action ourselves? Why would be looking to him for a plan or support is we have the capacity to do so on our own.

Maybe instead of bailing out the auto makers, the money can be used to fund electric vehicles that are affordable and are as convenient if not as luxurious as the Tesla Roadster. They plan on making a "family sedan" soon, but at a base sticker price of about $60,000.00 I doubt I will be shopping for a dealer soon. How about you? Now if they can start making $25,000.00 electric autos, we may stand a chance at owning a used one in a few years. But then again, I don't think we will see very many on the used car lots soon enough to warrant the wait.

Many consumers will still fear purchasing an electric drive auto, simply because of charging. Nobody wants to get stuck on the freeway at rush hour with a dead battery. But if the autos were equipped with small fuel engines that generate electricity, that can get the driver home or to the nearest plug in charging station at the parking garage near the diner they are going to for dinner. Am I the only one that sees the merits to this?

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