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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Abolish Organized Crime: End The Federal Reserve System

With all of the economic issues that face America and the rest of the world, it does seem apparent that no matter how much money is thrown at the problem, it does not go away. All we are doing is getting further and further into debt, and the buying power of the US dollar is rapid declining.

The video above is to educate and not to instill fear in you. It is the banking elite who as spin the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) that is the cause of our economic issues around the globe. Fiat money is paper money with no inherent value. That is what we have had in the united States of American since a handful of Congressional leaders usurped the monetary system with the passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913.And no one in government has had the courage to stand up to this fraud save for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) with his HR 604 and S 1207 bills to Audit the Fed.

While I do agree with him that an audit is what is needed, it does not go far enough to restore fiscal integrity and responsibility to the nations monetary system. But We The People can do something about that.

Credit unions do not operate under the same rules as banks, in that they are "owned" by the members, the depositors. In that sense members have voting rights and can exercise those rights to reduce the fractional lending practices allowed by the Federal Reserve System. Over a trillion dollars was "lent" by the Fed and the Inspector General of the Fed could not answer questions (would not?) pertaining to where that money went, when asked by FL Representative Grayson recently. But where was the outrage? Why wasn't it front page news and the opening story on the major TV networks? The only reason that I saw it was thanks to CSPAN.

If we are going to save American sovereignty, we all must take action now, before it's too late.


  1. What do we need the Federal Reserve for? It seems to me that, under a reformed financial/economic system, the Treasury could issue funds directly to people, communities, productive endeavors (via their local equity unions) rather than issuing money to speculative, usurious private corporations (the banks).

    What is a (local) equity union?

    Read on:

    Equity Union: A New Idea for Practical Socialism

    To make a sustainable economy, an equitable environment, towards a permanent culture, we need to evolve away from an investor/lender class with their inflationary and unrealistic aggravated growth programs and policies and evolve to an equity-sharing paradigm.

    We need a financial/economic system that is motivated by the drive to meet peoples' needs, both in the short and long term, quite different from the speculative, profit-taking system that is extant.

    Locally based equity unions, with inter-community, inter-regional unity and cooperation focused on community betterment projects, programs and policies would be the ideal world economic/financial system.

    A mission of peace, world unity and cooperation based on the fundamental principles of inclusion, equity, humanity, altruism, quality of life in lieu of the maximization of consumption and waste, environmental/public health and wellness, and sustainability would underlie a "plan and implement" modus operandi in lieu of the selfish, unprincipled slash-and-burn speculations and profit-takings of the so-called "free market"

    Village/neighborhood sovereignty, economic democracy, and environmental equity would be inculcated in such a system. A more fair and just balance between competitive advantage and comparative advantage would be sought, and the community/environmental improvement for all, starting with those most in need, would be paramount.

    Can I submit this as a proposal to the UN General Assembly?

    In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

    Mike Morin
    Eugene, OR, USA
    (541) 343-3808

  2. Mr. Morin,
    There is nothing wrong with a free market system once the market is truly free. It is not free under a central private banking system. Under the Constitution it is Congress that should be coining currency and setting its value. The most equitable and fair manner in which to do so is with asset based currency in silver and gold.

    Precious metals do not really change in value, only the value of the currency does. And ounce of gold is always an ounce and its value is determined by what it will buy on the open (free) market. Currency backed by such assets can never be devalued less that its inherent value.

    Fiat money as we currently use has no inherent value. It is debt based, and are nothing more that IOU's or promissory notes. But there is nothing that backed it up as tangible assets. The Federal Reserve System, the private bank corporations that work in secrecy determine the value of that currency, inflating and deflating as it pleases them. They print more of it, charge the US Treasury face value plus interest for it, but it has no real value, it is just an illusion of worth. And we, as well as our children and their children will be in debt to them, just our parents and grandparents were.

    Socialism in not the answer. I am not for rewarding the lazy with the fruits of labor off the toil of those that succeed. I do not feel it is just for the rich to be forced to subsidize the poor. It is not fair to those that earned it, and it does not serve to benefit the lives of those that did not. Give a man a know the quote.

    The federal republic that was built around the U.S. Constitution was never meant to give government such power over the people. Quite the contrary, it was meant to restrict the powers of government and put that power with the people. The government a servant to the public and not vice versa.

    I am a Libertarian, and I do not want more government I want less. I want government to get out and stay out of my private life and the lives of all Americans.

    I do not want our soldiers forcing "democracy" down the throats of other nations, nor do I want them protecting the interests of the corporations (many held by foreign nations) to pillage the resources of other small nations for profit and self interests. It is why so many nations hate us and no longer have respect for us.

    I was born and raised in Philadephia, so I know what real liberty was meant to be as our founders saw it. Liberalism, socialism, was not their plan, nor was our intervention into the politics of other nations. Self determination does not mean intervention.

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