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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Loving Memory: Cyndi Marsico 3-20-1947 8-3-2010

I buried my wife Cyndi last Sunday, back in Pennsylvania with family and friends in attendance. Cyndi was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with metastasized tumors in her spine and brain. There was nothing that conventional medicine could (would) do for her. But it does NOT have to be that way for others.

During the past month, I learned quite a bit about alternative cancer treatments that are not available in the United States because they are not "approved" by The FDA or the AMA. While they are proving to be more effective than conventional chemo-therapy and radiation, the fact that the therapies use natural ingredients and compounds, classifies them as "not  a cure for any diseases or illnesses" because here in America only drugs can be classified as cures.

Now my grandfather who was a physician himself for over 50 years, said that drugs "treat the symptoms and not the disease" in direct opposition the AMA/FDA standard line. During the time before the health care bill passed, I read an editorial by an emergency room doctor who said himself that it is the immune system that needs to cure the body.

Drugs that suppress autoimmune function are given in the form of steroids to reduce inflammation and morphine for pain which constipates and dehydrates. All that modern medicine offers is death as comfortable and pain free as possible. But based on my personal experience, that is not reality.  My wife was not comfortable with the care givers and said so. She also was not pain free with morphine, so they gave her other pain medications and sleeping aids.

But I want to do something positive and not just place blame on the health care industry. What I want to do is create changes that will allow alternative treatments to be used on cancer patients, at the very least, for those who have been abandoned my medical science. So I am looking into creating a not for profit foundation to support alternative cancer treatments in a clinical environment with medical staff to administer and monitor treatments and successes.

With the new health care bill comes some very dangerous legislation. This bill can deny health care to those who medical science deems incurable, leaving family and friends to watch their loved one die. Currently, health care plans will pay for "end of life care" but not for alternative therapy. And that needs to change if we are going to cure diseases and really get health care costs down.

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