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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Medical Marijuana Under Legislative Attack

In these tough economic times, it would seem that finding ways of generating revenue would be the primary concern of Oregon's legislatures. But no, they are once again thumping to make the access of of medical marijuana more restrictive and prohibitive. In addition, the bills proposed will take away the Oregon Medical Authority's ability to add or remove conditions that are deemed by medical professionals to be treated by marijuana and instead, make it a legislative decision.

Whether or not you feel that marijuana is a viable alternative to other dangerous but legal drugs, it is a matter of rights once again being taken from citizens. I call on all Oregonians to write to their representatives and stop this nonsense. These new restrictions will cause much pain an suffering to patients that depend on the use of marijuana, as prescription drugs have proven to be less than effective for their prescribed treatments.

Once again, lawmakers seem that they not only know what is best for the people, they now feel they know better than the doctors that prescribe medical marijuana to their patients.

From the Salem-News website:

Rep. Mike Schauffler, a Democrat from Happy Valley, Oregon showed his disregard for Oregon doctors when he said, “I support medical marijuana for people suffering, but it has been wildly abused. There are doctors who hand out hundreds of cards to people who don’t need them.”
The Representative was not just implying, but stated directly that he believes doctors are willing to put their careers and reputations on the line to lie about a patient’s conditions.
The insult was heard loud and clear by nearly 4,000 Oregon doctors whom have signed applications for patients, the 50,000 patients and caregivers, and the millions of Oregon voters who passed the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.

We are quickly sinking into a state of restrictions instead of a state of liberty. 

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