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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CNN Debate: Dr. Paul is Clearly the Winner!

In spite of the hype and spin of the mainstream media, Texas Congressman and GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul was the stand out in the crowd of candidates participating the CNN's farce of a debate. And while I am disappointed in all the candidates lack of leadership when the host asked such fluff questions as favorite music, it is clear that only Newt Gingrich addressed the Federal Reserve issue, calling for an audit instead of the outright repeal as articulated by Dr. Paul.

While most Americans view Dr. Paul as a Libertarian with "radical" views on such issues as drug policy, troop deployments around the world, and the overbearing regulations that stifle free markets and economic growth, judging by the rounds of applause generated by Dr. Paul, it is clear that most see the merits of his views. Listen to Bill Maher on CNN as he also sees Ron Paul as a standout, even from his own political biased opinions.

Dr Paul was the only member of the panel to speak out about "fiat money" and how the Federal Reserve Act itself is a violation of the Constitution of the United States. He is the only candidate who feels that ALL laws must adhere to that Constitution and that the States and their citizens are truly the power behind the federal government, or, more specifically, the limitations imposed by the Constitution on the federal government and the infringement of rights guaranteed by the Constitution must end.

Dr. Paul's stance on the deployment of troops is also in stark contrast to the others, here he has the opportunity to expand on his remarks made during the debate with CNN's Anderson Cooper not as a man that lacks backbone, but in fact a man that demonstrates he has more than all of the others in the field and currently occupying the White House. It is one example of his demonstration of leadership when he said, "I'm the Commander-in-Chief and I will tell the generals when to

The 2012 Presidential election will be noted as the most important one in the 200 year history of the United States of America.The choices we make in that election will determine the fate of the United States as a free and sovereign nation. There is no room for partisan politics or ideologies that tow the party line. And it will take a radical departure from the crony-ism of Beltway partisanship to create the changes requisite to save the sovereignty of the United States of America.

When all of the pieces are placed on the table and fitted together, it is clearly a picture of President Ron Paul leading this nation toward growth in economy, stability in our monetary system, removal of unnecessary spending and taxation, and respect for the rights of the States and We the People.

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