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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Letter to Congress

I sent this letter to my representatives just a few minutes ago. The text is from's site and you can send one here: DON'T RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!

So here is the text of the letter:

I support a balanced budget. But I oppose the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan offered by Republicans because it raises the debt limit by $2.4 trillion. I also don't think I want it etched in Constitutional stone that the Federal State will be 18% of the national economy. That's too big.
In the post-WWII era, spending has generally hovered around 20% of GDP.
So, in essence, this amendment says that the Federal State should be ONLY 10% smaller than it has been during most of our lifetimes.
And given how the rest of the Constitution is followed, what so-called "unintended consequences" will follow the ratification of this amendment. Will...
* estimates of GDP will be manipulated by politicians in the executive and legislative branches?
* Congress would be motivated to spend UP to 18% of GDP, instead of being pressured to spend LESS?
I don't think a Balanced Budget Amendment should have a specific GDP percentage.
The 18% GDP cap may require minor spending cuts here and there, but it won't...
* Force the Pentagon to have a "Defense" budget as opposed to a "World Police" budget
* Compel fundamental reforms or phase-outs of unconstitutional programs like Medicare, which has made medical care MORE expensive, even for the elderly
* Leave most powers to the states or individuals, as the Ninth and Tenth Amendment requires
You can get a balanced budget IMMEDIATELY by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, thus requiring spending cuts across the board.
DON'T compromise. DON'T negotiate. Simply, DON'T raise the debt limit! Instead...
* Reform the tax code so that it's easier to do business in the USA
* Downsize the Pentagon
* Deregulate American industry
* De-criminalize voluntary behavior
* Transfer most of what you do to the states and the people
This will all make the people more prosperous and freer. DON'T raise the debt limit. Instead, cut spending and regulation!
(end of letter)

Now if everybody starts sending these out it will be hard for it to go unnoticed.

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