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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fight Organized Crime: Abolish the Federal Reserve

With the east snowed in and the west (here anyway) getting ready for some more rain in the valley and snow in the mountains, I got to thinking about the snowball that will become an avalanche to the American economy and taxpayer with the beginning of a new year.

Americans need to know why we are in financial crisis and that the government cannot provide the answers. The reason they can't is because the Federal Reserve makes decisions that effect our lives in secret. They claim that is done to protect the markets from speculators that would take their deliberations as signals to use to buy or sell stock. They claim that interest rate changes made known before official announcements are made could also give a few an unfair "insider trading" advantage.

The truth about our American currency is that it is a sham. It's counterfeit and worthless paper and fancy inks. There is no asset value to the money we call legal tender for all debts public and private. In fact, I am thinking about insisting on payment in silver or gold. I would probably get paid in copper or a few silver pieces, but certainly not pieces of eight. In that way, no matter what the paper or electronic exchange system of credit and debit financial transactions, precious metals will always hold their value. Gold will never be worthless glitter, never!

We the people of these disorganized, poorly represented states of the Central North American continent will soon lose the national sovereignty that we hold to be so precious. The great foundations of the United States of America have been eroding for decades now, and current generations are not even aware of the significance of the Constitution rights and responsibilities of the people and the respective government elected by the people for their representation. We are losing it to become combined with Canada and Mexico as a new "political and trade" entity called the North American Union and will have as its currency the Amero. Yeah I know, sounds just like that crazy conspiracy theory bull-puckey.

We can never get out of debt when the value of the money we have is set by the central banks which are the secret owners of the Federal Reserve System. Currency without asset backing has no real value outside the dictates of the huge banks that are willing to except that currency in fair trade value. But what does determine the value of asset-backed currency? In the case of the British Pound, it would be one pound of silver. The United States used to have Silver Dollars that were actually worth more on the international market than it's one US dollar value because the weight of silver in that dollar may have risen on other monetary systems, but for us at least, we are not effected by it unless we are dealing with foreign markets.

Why did this nation really go from a sound gold backed reserve system with coins of precious metals with real tangible value, to a system of credits and debits? The credits always seem to be on the plus side for the Federal Reserve and on the debit side for the American taxpayer. This happens in greater or lesser amounts depending on what? The mood of the money barons?

I feel it is my duty as a patriotic American to inform my fellow citizens of any transgressions against our basic Constitutional rights and responsibilities. In my way of thinking it would be treasonous if I did not make others aware of these unscrupulous and felonious acts that are perpetrated on the people of this nation with our government's sanction and support. Congress passed laws to create the Internal Revenue Service and to levy taxes on all Americans. But that is a topic for another time.

There are bills currently before both houses, HR1207 and S604 which both call for auditing the Federal Reserve. I feel that as far as they will go to make public the transactions of out tax dollars, it will not replace the reason that the Federal Reserve Act must be repealed and Congress must have ready a plan to coin currency and set its value.

Gold and silver coin will be used to provide tangible valued currency for exchange of goods and services. Paper money which will be Gold or Silver Certificates, will then be used in lieu of bulky and heavy coin but must be accepted for exchange of its equivalent value of gold or silver on demand by a US Treasury Reserve Bank which will also supply local private banks with exchange of certificates or metal coin and bullion.

Do your own research my dear and fellow American Patriots, before Old Glory will be replaced with a new "corporate" flag of the new Union of North American States.

Merry Christmas!

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