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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cancer in Congress

As I watch  the news and read about the oil spewing out of that ruptured pipe in the Gulf of Mexico, it saddens me to know that this is a scripted act. Now that does not mean that the explosion on the rig that caused the leak was planned, although it is possible. My interpretation of it is more of an opportunity for the government to take actions that restrict more freedoms and take more control from private industry.

As the hurricane season gets into full swing, the damages from this oil leak will be felt globally. Already the prices of goods have gone up and fuel prices that traditional rise in the summer months are now reaching their previous year marks and will soar above them.

Congress has done nothing but exacerbate the problems by increasing spending while jobless rates soar. And I am not fooled by the slight increase in employment figures as many of them are government jobs and a good percentage of them are temporary Census jobs. Regardless of the government and media hype, unemployment in some areas is well beyond 10% and in some areas it is reported to be as high as 30%.

The political climate in Washington is a joke. A two-party system of corruption on both sides that are at best ineffective and quite destructive when they actual do take action. And now the bills being passed around and which will be voted on soon, will give the government the power to control Internet access. If the White House does not like what is being said, they will have the power and authority to shut you down. The very Internet that gave Obama a grassroots campaign to the White House is now seen as a threat to his agenda. Well I guess the illegal alien in the White House IS being threatened! He is pretender and is a cancer at the very heart and soul of this one great nation.

I say cure the cancer! Remove the growths that support it, and it will whither and die without it's food supply. End the reign of slavery that is the Federal Reserve System, and give the States back the selection of Senators by their respective legislatures. That is a balance of power that was removed by the 17th Amendment. Abolish the Fed and charge Congress with its Constitutional obligation to coin (print) currency and set the value for it. Using asset-backed money instead of fiat money it will make America's economy more stable. And abolish the Internal Revenue Service as we will no longer need a collection agency for the Federal Reserve mob.

The abolishing of the FRS and IRS will allow the States to take full responsibility for collection of taxes and fees. They do it now anyway, so it will there will be no additional costs involved with doing so. The States can then submit revenue to the Federal government when the Fed's budget shows it requires funding from the States for services. The individual and businesses that pay taxes, will pay only on profits and not on income. And just like businesses, when taxes are required from individuals, it will be assessed against profits and not wages.

If all Americans refuse to vote for any incumbent or candidate from the Dems or Reps, and chooses only candidates that are NOT members of the two parties mentioned, it will clean houses quickly and allow us to get back on track. On the other hand, it may expose the voter fraud in those areas that use electronic election machines.

Finally, because voting is a right and because it is so necessary for all American citizens to have a voice in government, I feel that instead of an election day, we need an election week. That will give all registered voters plenty of time to study the candidates and the issues to make a more informed choice at the ballot box. And I feel that because it is so important, it needs to be done by hand and not electronically. I feel that there is personal empowerment in signing a ballot with pen that is lacking in pressing button on a keypad or a touch-sensitive display screen.

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