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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Art Robinson for Congress

"The Time is Now... DeFeat DeFazio!"

This is the tag line on the Art Robinson liturature that I received in the mail some time ago. I have been reading and I feel this man deserves an opportunity to serve his fellow Oregonians. Now that doesn't mean that I agree with all of his views, but I do feel he has demonstrated that he is a man of integrity and honor, and that is the type of representative that I want in my district.

For too long now, we have been locked into the two-party system with excuses ranging from "Don't confuse the voter with too many choices!" to a more expeditious, "It's in the government's best interest." It's about OUR best interests that we have elections in the first place, so how can it be justified being in the government's best interest? That seems like a conflict of interests to me.

One of the main reasons that I am backing all new candidates this year is to get rid of the "mob rule" wherever it resides. Give people who have struggled in business and farming the opportunity to represent their own. Keep in mind that the citizens that are employed by these businesses will be their consumers. It seems that it is in the best interests of all that everyone is treated fairly. Perhaps those that have had a taste of what is wrong today will also see that doing the same things on a grander scale is not going to fix anything, in fact it will only make matters worse eventually. What a legacy to leave for future generations.

Congressman DeFazio like most incumbents, needs to move on. Write a book, lecture at a college, but get out of government. While it is charitable to have given his Congressional pay raises to a worthy cause, the fact that he can vote himself a raise in the first place needs to be corrected. And the fact that his health care is excluded from the health care bill he voted in favor of is paid for by the taxpayer, I do not see how he can accept that and a pension besides.

Art Robinson needs to prove nothing as his biography will tell you, and his desire to serve the people of Oregon is a brave and patriotic act. To be willing to take on the challenges Congress will face is a testament to the character of the man. And it can be that way in many offices if more patriotic Americans are willing to step up and take on the challenges.

People from all walks of life with various experiences that collectively represent a more accurate demographic of the American population is what will bring back the Constitutional integrity to the government and the trust of the American people.


  1. I'd sooner see an incumbent re-elected than a crazed extremist have the chance to screw up our Constitution. The man completely denies global climate change, called for the abolition of public schools, and will only defend the 2nd and 10th Amendments of our Constitution.

    No thanks. Unfortunately, I'm voting for DeFazio to make sure this loonatic doesn't get in.

    The Republican party has gone too far to the right. At this rate, it'll collapse.

  2. He is not crazed. He is intelligent and stable. He simply states the truth. People with their eyes open can see that the school systems have been taken over by the Federal Government. They are spending more money, yet the students are learning less. I love my children and I would like to have more community control. Remove the government claw off of our schools.

    DeFazio is a proud socialist. Take from the working people and give to the indigent. He and his ilk have caused much sorrow in America. I pray to God he and his kind are removed from office.

    DeFazio is trying to paint Art Robinson and other sane people as the crazy ones by taking comments out of context and exaggerating scientific statements. Well, we have quite a few years to observe that DeFazio speaks loudly and votes with evil intent against the citizens of this country.