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are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Economics That Work for All

In a world that grows increasingly interdependent on one another, and whose own economic stability is interdependent on the stability of its own economic allies, it is only common sense that the business structure itself needs to adapt to a global economy.

Like it or not, there is a definite distinction between the working class and the college educated professional. In a world of automation and high tech manufacturing processes, it is apparent that the worker that watches the process is less skilled than the one that programs the processes or maintains the hardware.

Salary differences clearly indicate the technicians earn more than the line workers, and the engineers and scientists earn more, or at least they need to, in order that corporations can keep the good ones. But evidently salary alone is not enough in this competitive world, and so sophisticated benefits packages and other perks are offered to attract the best available professionals for the job.

But it is also obvious that in order to remain competitive in global markets where there is wide diversity in the salaries of all employee levels, finding the best does not always mean that they will be hired in the United States. And with the crushing unemployment rate as it remains today, getting companies to hire American workers is going to be key to any real recovery and sustainable economic growth.

One idea that came to mind is for corporations in America to build housing for their employees. By offering workers a place to live and a salary, lower wages will not mean unaffordable housing to a good portion of the workforce. Community gardens can offer the opportunity for employees to participate in growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables, further reducing their own costs of living and benefiting from good nutrition.

New corporate manufacturing and headquarters campuses can be designed to take advantage of providing living space and shopping space for businesses to lease close to campus and, if the layout is done properly, can allow the businesses to operate with the general public while maintaining campus security also.

In lieu of an expensive health care plan, large corporations can have their own clinics staffed with physicians on salary or contract. Perhaps local doctors would contract to provide several hours coverage in the clinics, which would compliment and supplement their local office hours.

Economic growth will only occur when the businesses that make up the economy are “stimulated” to grow. Government funding is not the answer, giving the consumer what they want and making it here in America is.

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