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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sterling Ideas Always Glitter, or Bright Objects Can Cause Blindness: GMOs Move Forward - Part 1

It might seem to the American people simply trying to function in today's society is enough to fill anyone's life and the plate in front of them. Americas' past, present, and future Bio-warfare research and development efforts, "in the name of prevention", continues to collect samples, develop new strains, and hopefully develop anti-toxins and vaccines for the arsenal against Bio-warfare agents. The problems associated with the government's continual planning to be ever more prepared for biological warfare either against the American people or against America's enemies or allies just isn't enough to cause real concern, (please see "A Darker America".)

Just as intelligent authors had warned the people of America of the inherent dangers of Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides being recommended by the Department of Agriculture and the Chemical Companies in the years following WW II, they were dismissed as extremists, after all the Companies that produced these products said it was safe to use. Money was to be made. DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and other essential products, of which some could even be eaten and no harm would occur. It is a true shame all the executives of all these companies did not demonstrate these claims about their products themselves.

Colony Collapse Disease and die off, White Nose Bat Syndrome and die off, and the Amphibian Mutation Problem and death, all indicate a contamination of their environments, which has led to death. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides have been in common use since the burgeoning industry took a foothold after WW I and became an entrenched beachhead after WW II. These products are now in the soil, water, streams, lakes, oceans, and air and in the plants and animals that reside in them. The animals that live on those lower food chain flora and fauna also contain those products:  it continues up the food chain. The Esteemed Readers are probably familiar with the latest edition of the book entitled "Silent Spring" and other excellent books which followed.

Pollination of food crops has become an environmental concern. Greater concentrations of natural pollinators, bees (native-honey-bumble), bats, and some species of birds, are needed, depending on the type of crop, at bloom time. Yet, the area for natural pollinators is becoming forage poor, few or no native plants due to herbicides, or even deadly to bees for the rest of the season, due to herbicides and pesticides. The decline of bee populations due to; pesticide misuse or overuse, new emerging diseases or parasites of bees, clear-cut logging, decline of beekeeping, suburban development, removal of hedges and other habitats from farms, are just a few of the factors involved. Bat populations, as pollinators, have been in decline due to an ever widening area of infection by White Nose Syndrome, first observed in late 2005 in Upstate New York, and has spread to 22 of the United States and five Canadian provinces. This fungal infection (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) has caused large numbers of hibernating bats to die. The species of birds, as pollinators, are in decline for the reasons as best described by Rachel Carson's book and others.

A new facet to this dark gem-of-an-idea, that has a blinding quality never before seen on Earth, has now been detected. This time neither USAMRID, CDC, or WHO retrieval teams had to venture into the dangerous backwaters of life on this planet in search of some unnamed horror. Long after the dire warnings from concerned scientists were dismissed as rantings from the lunatic fringe, as if they all wore tin-foil hats to reflect mind rays urging them to carry out unspeakable strangeness, regarding the real inherent dangers involved in the process of genetically modifying organisms. Life has appeared, as-it-were, on the front doorsteps, in the living rooms, and on the dinner plates of America.

Neither a virus, bacteria, nor phage has appeared. This new organism is the result of the process of genetic modification. The transport of specific genetic characteristics of one species into other species in order to accomplish outcomes that would other wise be impossible is being carried out, without concern for human contamination or the consequences to life on Earth. 

An Example would be: ON a farm in Wyoming goats are being milked for their spider webs which is possible because Professor Randy Lewis, a molecular biologist, and his team at the University of Wyoming have successfully implanted the silk-making genes from a golden orb spider into a herd of goats and are now, finally, producing one of nature's strongest products in usable quantities. The idea that spider silk milked from goats could produce super fibers for bullet proof body armor or possibly replace your body's tired or strained tendons and ligaments - maybe even bones is yet conjecture;  however, one might ask, "is that a safe or even good idea." 

What if someone ate the goat meat, or drank the milk, or ate the goat cheese made from the milk?  That would of course depend on who posed the question and the underlying intent. A physician might wonder what is wrong or deficient with perfectly good tendons, ligaments, and bones?  If you take care of your self and do not abuse your body, it will last a lifetime. If however a military commander were to consider the question, the answer might be quite different. With tendons, ligaments, and bones replaced by a substance stronger than steel, a direct pathway to the Super-Soldier is closer. It might be even better to genetically modify the Super-Soldiers' skin to grow layers of spider silk making the Soldier bullet proof. In the later of the two responses, the idea would include the current embedded concept, "Ultimately Solders are Expendable."  There are thousands of other considerations. Another might be, after the usable life span of a GM Super-Soldier (Transgenic Human), about twenty years, what might be the aftermath of mating with a non-genetically modified human, when and if the soldier is discharged from service, or deserts after two years of service?  What of the foreign genetic characteristics passed on to the offspring and into the general population?

The technology is cutting edge and was first used in the Argo-industry to develop various crops that are resistant to certain pesticides or herbicides. This technological process was extended to seeds that were further modified so as to be sterile after the first generation. A four fold win for the Companies; corner the seed market, sell the pesticides, patent everything, and sue anyone whose crop becomes contaminated because of cross-pollination by genetically modified crops on which they hold the patents was secured. 

However, if no official studies or research have been completed (and only a few unofficial studies have completed) concerning possible unforeseen consequences to humans, how has the safety been determined by the Food and Drug Administration, the part of the government that assures food is safe?  The FDA has stated that there is no difference between GMO crops and non-GMO crops. Why, you may ask, would the FDA make such statement?  Because, the Companies that make the GMO seeds told them the seeds are the same in all cases. Although, when the Companies applied for all the patents, the reason they put before the U.S. Patent Office  was the complete dissimilarity of the two types of seeds:  they were totally different. Time has passed and new information has come to lite that would seem to make the situation even worse:  the FDA has serious problems of its own.

End of Part 1

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