By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Rise of the Citizens' Militia: The Defenders of the Republic

We are witnessing what may be a turning point in this nation's history. It will fall upon the will of the People whether or not the Republic will be restored or  the Republic remains a corporate entity, the UNITED STATES.

The privately-owned major media is focused on any conflict in the Middle East, while thousands of foreigners are illegally streaming across our southern border, and the media reports nothing while ICE buses illegal aliens to different parts of the country and releases them. But there is another more telling story that is not being reported.

The governors of Arizona and Texas have not formally called forth the constitutional Militias of the States. The Citizen Soldier is the primary constitutional defense of a State's freedom and rights and many have volunteered to defend these States. While Americans are being killed, by members of Mexican drug cartels and coyotes, neither governor has taken action.

A corruption of the rule of law and tyrannical actions by those chosen to protect and serve the People cannot be tolerated or liberty is lost.  There is no 'moderate' solution to radical oppression of the rights of the People. Ultimately, it is not only the right, but it is the duty of the People to defend those rights. Who else but YOU is responsible for your life and property? Who else but you is responsible to protect your family? It is NOT the responsibility of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

There are many books and essays written about the history of militias in America. That history is no longer taught in public schools, because US GOVERNMENT propaganda has made militia equivalent to 'militant' and that is made to look like extremist, which in turn equates to terrorist. Strange how the words are twisted to mean something entirely different than what they meant when they were written into the Constitution of the united States of America in 1787.

The Constitution prohibits standing armies in times of peace and yet by using words, they circumvent the law. Does a 'War on Poverty' constitute a need for armed troops? How about a 'War on Drugs'? Okay, then what about the "War on Terror'? It is my understanding of the definitions of the terms and the preciseness of the words chosen, that WAR is DECLARED by an act of CONGRESS against another nation or group of nations who threaten the sovereignty of the People and the lands of the States.

The States along the U.S./Mexican border are being invaded. In some cases we have learned, drug cartels have established their control over the border, and in other reports, Mexican Federales having crossed the border, fired  weapons, although whether they were firing upon other Mexicans or Americans is unclear.

What is clear to me at least, is the media focus has been on young children coming to America to flee their nations in Central America. Why isn't ICE/INS turning these foreigners back? Why is the Border Patrol babysitting and being nursemaids to all these illegal immigrants Mexico helping them? Why are we always the ones who are extending charity?

We are a nation in debt. We have to deal with that and no other nation will help us. We need to help Texas and Arizona People to secure their borders with Mexico. Any and all businesses that can send materials to accomplish the goal must step up and do so.

We cannot depend on any level of government to do the right thing, so it falls to the People of the Republic to do the job!


  1. Why has't Texas and Arizona Called on the People yet? What are they waiting for??? they are already bringing their sickness's with them!!! .. Americans need to secure the border before America is ruined!!!!

  2. It is the duty of the Governors of those States to call forth the Militia in defense of their States. Instead they are both playing politics with the lives of all Americans by complaining and whining about the treasonous action the the person occupying the White House and the unlawful actions of his appointees.

    The Senate Majority Leader has repeatedly blocked all attempts to even pass resolutions by the House of Representatives (that has become an oxymoron) and neither House will hold those who are committing acts of treason accountable.

    Seems that the Sergeant-at-Arms can make arrests if so ordered. Maybe its time they ALL read and followed the Constitution.

  3. Everyone is in on the game--playing their respective roles and interchanging their positions to suit political expediency. We have to face the fact we are alone and will not obtain either permission or assistance from any in government to save this nation from utter destruction. Both sides of the Isle are corrupt and/or complacent about the problems facing the United States of America. None want to lose their power and prestige and lucrative deals for their votes and influence. Hillary Clinton is the norm on Capital Hill and that's why no one dares to touch her--for fear of how many she would expose as worse liars, thieves and traitors than herself!