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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Deserter and Collaborator Leads to Treason in White House!

What a difference a day makes! Is it really possible that a CIA station chief in Afghanistan was purposefully outed because he knew something about Bergdahl that the Regime in the White House wanted to keep quiet?

Obama seems to want to deflect the issue but even his staunchest supporters are beginning to question this latest move. There are stories coming forward now that paint a different picture of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and why he was released by exchanging five Gitmo prisoners to do so.

What about Diane Feinstein coming out and saying that Obama broke the law? Which one(s)? did he break, because we need to start a list!  We could start with Benghazi, but that would not do justice to this latest act that does appear to border on treason against the United States of America, and places any American in a foreign nation in grave danger.

Making a deal with terrorists is not a prisoner exchange:  armies take prisoners, terrorists take hostages. If Bergdahl was not there  willingly  and learning the ways of Islamic Jihad, the exchange of five dangerous top terrorist commanders for a non-commissioned soldier is in itself a great travesty. But after seeing and hearing his father, speaking in fluent Arabic and not only praising Allah, but wishing vengeance for the children of Afghanistan and Pakistan gives much credibility to the rumors of collaboration with the enemy charges being brought against him.

Fourteen American soldiers lost their lives searching for Bergdahl. The amount of assets that were assigned to find him is indicative of something more than mere desertion. Adding the fact that when Obama went to Afghanistan last week, a story broke about the name of a CIA station chief working in Afghanistan was 'leaked' to the press. For a White House who keeps so many secrets it does not seem plausible to believe that this was anything less than a deliberate attempt to keep something else quiet. The timing of Sgt. Bergdahl's release for known criminal terrorists with the CIA station chief outing is difficult to separate. Is it stupidity or audacity on the part of this White House?

Or is it even more sinister than we dare imagine?  Collaboration with the enemy is a  treasonous  offense, much more serious than dereliction of duty or desertion. The most serious offense would be the White House knowingly 'rescuing' a man who they knew may be working with the enemy, covering up the fact in order to make the exchange of terrorist prisoners for his (Bowe Bergdahl's) release. That would suggest the President must be impeached for high crimes as misdemeanors, as even if he claims no knowledge of any criminal activities by those surrounding him, it is his responsibility, his duty, to uphold the laws. As Senator Feinstein stated, he broke the law, and it's just a matter of the House passing an impeachment resolution and the Senate convening the hearing. Will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid do the right thing?

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  1. Cover-up is Obama's modus operandi. To what lengths will he NOT go to hide the truth.

    See “Obama Swaps Jihadist Dream Team for Deserter” at