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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rate The Debate

While there are many analysts who think that Trump and Jeb Bush were the big winners in last Thursday night's FoxNews debate, to anyone who viewed this two-hour farce, it is plain to see that the stand out and stand up presidential hopeful was Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

From the very start, Paul challenged Trump's integrity and it was downhill for the Donald from there. Forget the Megyn Kelly issue because she is not running for office.  If Trump thinks she was tough on him, then he better drop out now because that was still minor league compared to what lies ahead.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were both articulate and calm n their performances as was Dr. Ben Carson, who seemed a bit apprehensive at first but settled in and gave some very good answers and a few good humorous lines that grabbed the audience momentarily.

For me it was Rand Paul who stood out among the losers and the wannabe newbies. His lambasting of Christie was a classic in a patriotic display of what liberty and freedom is what this nation was founded upon. Christie so much as called the founders' Bill of Rights ridiculous, lending to his stance in favor of unconstitutional infringements on Individual Rights for the sake of national security. Rand shouted out louder than Christie, "Get a warrant!" and that tipped the scales on the FoxNews approval meter.

By the time the "post-game analysts" began their assessment, the media had already lashed out against Fox for they treated poor rich boy Donald Trump, totally ignoring the fact that they gave him twice the air time of any other candidate on the dais. Charles Krauthammer wasted no time in making Rand Paul a nonissue, and for me, that is the telling of how FoxNews operates. Certainly not the fair and balanced network they project themselves to be. They are establishment lackeys, same as the rest of the privately-owned major media.

The real winner of this debate is the American People. They were able to witness how the media manipulates opinion to produce a desired outcome, in this case, making Trump a victim while ignoring the command performance given by Senator Paul. 

Rand Paul demonstrated why he must be the next American President. He was the only one who was ready to present a plan to reduce taxes, balance the budget, and audit the Federal Reserve. It will be that latter issue that will be the reason opposition will rise and use any despicable means to attempt to destry his character.

I will not be fooled again. 

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