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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fuddy's Final Payment or Another One Bites the Dust

It is, without a doubt, amazing just how many people surrounding or opposing the 
person occupying the White House, William Jefferson Clinton, and Hillary Rodham 
Clinton have a serious tendency to become dead. Found suicided and fatal plane 
crashes account for many of the deaths. Even though it is a dated article, it is worth 
thinking about.

"Obama Birth Certificate Shocker: Evidence that Deceased Hawaii Health Director 
Loretta Fuddy Was Paid Off?
by DEAN GARRISON — MAY 8, 2014, Freedom Outpost

Loretta Fuddy was the Health Director responsible for approving and releasing the 
"Certificate of Live Birth" that was sent to Barack Obama. Since that time, many 
have come to the conclusion that this birth record is a forgery. Fuddy died in 
December under bizarre circumstances.

As you may recall, Loretta Fuddy was the sole fatality in a Hawaiian plane crash 
late in 2013. The media narrative of those events quickly fell apart:

In the irony to end all ironies, the L.A. Times published an article entitled Hawaii plane crash fuels Obama 'birther' theories, on December 12th, and within the context of that article may have spilled the beans on why "birthers" should be questioning this story.

On the 13th I reported that Loretta Fuddy was the woman who was responsible for the release of Barack Obama's long-form Hawaii birth certificate. [Editor's Note: this was not accurately stated in my original article. A birth certificate and "Certificate of Live Birth" are not the same.] Of the 9 people on the Cessna that crash landed in open water she was the only one who died. Is it coincidence?

The L.A. Times reports:

Fuddy, 65, was among nine people in a Cessna that crashed into the ocean Wednesday, 
shortly after leaving Kalaupapa Airport on the island of Molokai about 3:15 p.m. The eight others on the plane, including the pilot, were rescued, but Fuddy " remained in the fuselage of the plane," Honolulu Fire Capt. Terry Seelig told KHON-TV. "It's always a difficult situation when you're not able to get everybody out."

Why is this paragraph important?

Simply because it contradicts everything that we have been told.

We were told two things specifically that Terry Seelig has proclaimed to be incorrect.

We were told that Fuddy held hands with her deputy Keith Yamamoto in her final moments. We even have a priest on record who corroborates that account. We were led to believe that due to a variety of circumstances that this plane may never be recovered.
Both of the above accounts come from an Associated Press contributed article. Here are the key quotes that directly contradict the report of Fire Captain Terry Seelig as quoted in the Los Angeles Times.

In the final moments of her life, Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy clung to the hand of her deputy after a small plane taking them back to Honolulu crashed in the ocean off the island of Molokai.

Fuddy, who gained notoriety in 2011 for her role in making President Barack Obama's 
birth certificate public, was one of nine people onboard the flight that went down Wednesday. She was the only one who died.

In the water, Fuddy held hands with deputy director Keith Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax, said the Rev. Patrick Killilea, who consoled Yamamoto after the ordeal.

"He recounted how he said he helped Loretta into her life jacket and he held her hand for some time," the priest said. "They were all floating together and she let go and there was no response from her."

Schuman said he did not yet know why the engine failed because he has not been able to see the plane. The aircraft had no previous problems, he said.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said investigators planned to speak with the pilot, whose name was not released, and some passengers about the crash as they seek more details.

However, the location of the wreckage, combined with wind and wave conditions, likely means it won't be recovered, said NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss. It seems that the fire chief didn't receive the "Fuddy talking points."

Now some more bizarre allegations are circulating.

Could it be that Loretta Fuddy was paid for producing a "birth certificate" that never existed? reports:

Since her death, portions related to Loretta Fuddy in the sealed affidavit filed in U.S. Federal Court have been made public. Of particular interest are her financial reports detailing her income and expenses in 2011 and 2012. Each report is filed in January for the previous year.

According to Mr. Vogt, a large and as yet unanswered income disparity was found between the two reports. In short, during her first year as Hawaii's Director of Health, which is also the time she authenticated Obama's COLB, Ms. Fuddy's gross income was reportedly less than $100,000. Nonetheless, her financials show that she apparently paid down her mortgage and decreased her liabilities by at least $50,000 and perhaps as much as $75,000 more than what she grossed that year. Where did that money come from? While there may well be a legitimate explanation for this disparity, it was not disclosed on the financial forms she filed with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission.
If I understand this correctly, the woman made less than $100,000 yet managed to pay down her mortgage by well over $100,000 in a single year. For example, it sounds as if she could have made $90,000 and paid $140,000 toward her mortgage. How does that happen? That money came from somewhere. Could it be legitimate? Absolutely. But it doesn't look good.

The Mr. Vogt who is referenced above is Doug Vogt who brought some attention to Fuddy's financials in an interview just one week before her death. Just one week? That seems to be a little more than coincidental.

You may recall that Tim Adams, a Hawaii Elections official, submitted a sworn affidavit of his own in 2011. His claim is that no Hawaii birth certificate ever existed:

In a sworn affidavit dated and witnessed on January 20, 2011,  Adams states, "Senior 
officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division told me on multiple 
occasions that no Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed 
for Senator Obama in the Hawaii Department of Health and there was no record that 
any such document had ever been on file in the Hawaii Department of Health or any 
other branch or department of the Hawaii government."

So let's summarize what we know to be true at this point:

A Hawaii government official swears that no Hawaii long-form birth certificate ever existed.

Loretta Fuddy issues a "certificate of live birth" (not to be confused with an official birth certificate which would include extras like foot prints).

Loretta Fuddy allegedly came into some extra money that she applied to her mortgage.

Doug Vogt revealed that Fuddy came into some extra money in a radio interview.

A week later Fuddy is dead and the media totally botches the story.

What conclusion are we supposed to come to?

Why is it that some people who appear to have vital information about Barack Obama 
end up dead?

Maybe it is just another one of those astounding coincidences that seem to happen 
over and over with big name politicians."
ER: Montgomery Sibley Updates Obama ID Fraud; Fuddy Paid $50K
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Fuddy Backgrounder

'Fuddy, was a member of the Subud Cult of Indonesia, she also was in Washington State at the same time the Dunham Family lived there, she worked for the Subud Cult HQs in Washington State at the time Ann Dunham was attending her first year of College at Washington State, it is possible that she met Fuddy there and also R.M. Mohammad (Pak) Subud.  You need to research and look at the photo's of Subud and Obama then tell me who's your daddy, for it damn sure was not Obama Sr, nor Frank Marshall Davis, with that said, he is not half Black, he is have Indonesian and half White, it is a known fact that Ann Dunham was a promiscuous young woman, and there in no doubt that she has been with Blacks the theory goes that she really did not know who the father was and therefore with the hopes it was a Black Man she was arranged with Frank Marshall Davis's help to arrange a mutual arrangement with Obama Sr. (for him it was a win, win situation) they went to Kenya where she gave birth in the hopes that Barry resembled the Obama's and the plan was to leave him there to grow up but when he was born the Obama Family knew right away that he was not related to the Obama Clan and therefore refused to raise him and that is why she returned within a week of his birth back to Hawaii and then back to Washington State with a 2 week old baby. LOOK IT UP. [A little background is in order]

Okay, a little info on Loretta Fuddy, she was a member of the Subud Cult of Indonesia founded by R.M. Mohammad (Pac) Subud, a very interesting man if you read up on him. At the time the Dunham Family lived in Washington State , this was at... the time Ann Dunham started college at Washington State (NOT HAWAII) Ann Dunham was known to frequent the Coffee Houses, was promiscuous was noted as saying in High School I don't have to be married to have a baby to one of her classmates. She was known to run in Socialist/Communist Circles at Washington State and the Black Panthers, and the newly formed Nation of Islam in Washington State. Is it possible that there was a meeting between Fuddy and Ann Dunham which led to a Meeting and affair with R.M. Muhammad (Pac) Subud, the leader of the Subud Cult which is World Wide, he would have been 60 at the time. Shortly after is when the Dunham Family packed up bag and baggage and moved to Hawaii the mother leaving a position as bank vice president and taking on a job once in Hawaii as a teller in a bank, LARGE PAY CUT WHY?? If what I am purposing is in fact true, Obama is not half Black, he is half Indonesian and half White, but Ann Dunham had no idea who the father was, in steps Frank Marshall Davis who set up the arrangement with Obama Sr. as a go-between for the Dunham Family not knowing who the father was of Ann Dunham's baby. Hoping that it was a Black since she was known to go that way, Obama Sr. decided to help since it would be a win, win for him within the standings of the Kenyan way, the more wives the higher your standing in the community. it is recorded from various people who knew Obama Sr. in Hawaii that they never seen Obama Sr. with Ann Dunham in public or in any other place, this was noted by two of Obama Sr's closest friends one White, the other Hawaiian. The hopes were that the baby was of half  Black, and the plan originally was if that was true, when born he was going to be left in Kenya to grow up with the Obama Family, but when born it was noted that he was not even close to resembling Obama Sr., so the family refused to take him, therefore Ann Dunham after Barry was a week old flew back to Hawaii and a week later she and Barry flew to Washington State and she re-enrolled in college at Washington State, she only attended college in Hawaii during her pregnancy, and then again later when she returned and me Lolo Soetoro who she married and he adopted Barry, and he was also Indonesian but a nice guy, that is why Ann Dunham divorced him because he was more of a man of the earth where she was radical, none the less while in Indonesia she worked at a school which she hired members of the Subud Cult as teachers. It is said that a swab was taken of a glass that Barry drank out of in England when he was a Senator, and that the swab proved that he was not related to Ann Dunham's Mother and Father, therefore is it possible that Ann Dunham was not their child but adopted or obtained another way since both were Communists, and atheists and there has never been a marriage license produced to show that they were married. Loretta Fuddy's Subud name was Deliana Fuddy. For the speculation to be true, one must assume that in 1960, Subud and Stanley Ann Dunham met, somewhere, and he, got her, pregnant thus leading to a child who would, after several name changes…Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Steven Dunham , Barry Soetoro and the name first noticed back in 2011 regarding an application for a passport extension filed by Stanley Ann Soetoro in 1968.

THAT name was found in the section for either including or exempting a child’s name from the passport and the name she placed THERE before crossing it out was, Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah)

Soebarkah, is has been suggested, is a combination name Soe (from Soetoro, Obama’s “adoptive” father) Bar (from the Islamic Aramaic meaning, SON) and Kah (which roughly translates from Indonesian as “was” or, in some cases, in names is used to denote a QUESTION regarding “WHO?”) It has also been suggested “Soebarkah” was a name provided by the Subud cult as Loretta Fuddy went by the Subud name of “Deliana” FuddyAt some point before traveling to Indonesia, she met and was impregnated BY…Subud…NOT by Obama Sr. which would explain why Obama Sr. was never a part of Obama JR.’s life.

Could Subud had fathered a child (Soebarkah) by someone other than his wife? Subud, before his “spiritual epiphany” was a Muslim and we are all aware of the monogamous fidelity of that ideology not to mention the dubious history of such strength of character in cult leaders…Especially in those who feel kinship with the Almighty.Since the teenage Dunham was sexually promiscuous anyway…Simply claim the child wasn’t HIS and she would then assume it belonged to someone ELSE…In this case…Obama Sr.

However, several years later, Dunham-Obama would have had to notice that her son looked nothing like the man she THOUGHT was the father and, the OTHER man she knew she had been with at the same time was…Subud…Living in Indonesia. Is there any better explanation for why this young woman, with no ties to that country, would go to live there?

That would also explain how Barack Hussein Obama, adopted IN Indonesia by the 
INDONESIAN LOLO SOETORO, was able to attend school IN Indonesia as his records 
indicated, with Indonesian citizenship.

He was Indonesian all along. It would also account for the attempted name inclusion on the passport extension application with Soebarkah, in parentheses, then crossed out.Such a theory, speculative, as we must speculate where no verifiable evidence is available, also would go a long ways toward covering the whole fraudulent birth certificate issue as a child, born in Kenya, would not HAVE a Hawaiian birth certificate and who better to “authenticate” the forged certificate that Loretta…”DELIANA” Fuddy…A woman who WAS the CHAIRWOMAN OF SUBUD USA FROM 2006 UNTIL 2008 IN SEATTLE??? A woman who may…MAY…Have known the TRUTH regarding the “son” of Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro. She being the one to produce the long version of the Birth Certificate that has been proven by multiple experts to be a forgery, and since she did a poor job in preparing the document that was proven fake and now would be under the microscope on why she would do such a thing had to disappear, what better way, plane crash not so great as to kill all on board but just one DELIANA FUDDY.'
by De Oppresso Liber


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