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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Health Care Reform:An Open Letter to Congress

Instead of cutting a healthcare deal with individual mandates and government control, it's time for you guys to do something that would actually work. The Constitution's Commerce Clause authorizes you to tear down barriers to interstate commerce. Please do that for health insurance. Please give consumers a nationwide free market in health insurance. Doing this would . . .

* Only require a few pages
* Increase competition
* Lower the cost of health insurance
* Cost the taxpayer NOTHING

States pile on mandates that increase the cost of insurance. Things like . . .

* Maternity care for single males
* Infertility treatments for people who don't want a family
* Alcohol rehab for people who don't drink

These kinds of regulations increase the cost of health insurance, and that means millions of Americans are left uninsured.

Consumers need free market choices, not government mandates.

Do you really want to reduce healthcare costs and insure more Americans? Then, you could pass this simple reform in a matter of days, and bring instant relief to millions of Americans. You really need to START doing things that increase OUR power, and STOP doing things that increase YOUR power.

It would also reduce the cost of health care if proven natural remedies were allowed to be used by practicing physicians and other certified and licensed health care professionals. The pharmaceuticals industry and the American Medical Association both have strongly lobbied the Federal Drug Administration to ban anything that is natural from claiming cure for illness as their position is that drugs cure disease not supplements.

If that is true, then why do all of the advertisements for drugs say that it relieves the symptoms and not cure the disease? And why are there always so many precautions and side effects, some which can be fatal? Just for what? The temporary relief of a symptom? I imagine that there are some things that are quite unbearable to the human psyche and even with training there may be a point reached where a drug, even as a last resort must be administered else shock or stroke may occur. But be cautious because the very drug that offers you that temporary relief can be fatal in some (many) cases.

Drugs therefore need to be regulated more and studies of natural remedies expanded into public clinical trials that can be easily demonstrated for validity with empirical evidence.

Please make health care reform simple and straight forward instead of more complicated and regulated. I ask you as a voting constituent that wants only fair representation of the wishes of myself and my community who will continue to back you so long as you back us.

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