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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Markets Respond to the Debt Deal

With the closing bell, the markets have responded to the debt ceiling raise:

updown  DJIA 11383.7 -512.76
 NASDAQ 2556.39 -136.68

 And that was just in America. The world markets fair no better. With much rhetoric about the Tea Party Movement being blamed in the liberal media for all the ills of the Republican Party and their refusal to compromise, they are blazing new paths of journalistic malfeasance. The President is enjoying his birthday in Chicago while continuing to campaign and raise funds for his reelection. Congress takes the rest of the summer off, unemployment claims rise, and We the People are left with nothing more than lip service from those we elected, and who swore oaths to follow and protect the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Seems there are many enemies of the People elected to public office.

At least one Tea Party Caucus representative has stood by his promises:

"The stock market reaction this week has proved something I said during this debate: the long-term problem wasn't the debt ceiling being raised or not, it was the debt crisis, the unsustainable level of our debt. The plan Congress passed, which I opposed, did nothing to solve the debt crisis, and the market reaction shows it."
And his father, long-time Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul has also said the same things for many years. What is happening now was predicted and avoidable. This is not a problem with Democrats or Republicans, so much as it is a problem with American people, who have been swindled out of their Constitutional government based on the lies of the corrupt politicians they keep reelecting from the same two parties. Americans have become complacent and complain rather than take action to remove those party loyal politicians from office.

I wrote earlier that the November 2010 election results that swept a majority of Republicans into office, was merely a "shot across the bow" and that everyone would be watching what effects that would have on the President. Initially, the liberal media predicted that he would swing more toward the center, but in fact he has swung farther to the socialist left, demanding and receiving a raise in the debt limit with no immediate impact on reduction in spending, in fact, the government will increase spending at least until 2012 elections.

I have been a registered Libertarian for many years, although I am not a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party. But I will change my registration so that I can vote for Ron Paul as the candidate who will beat Obama in 2012. The media will continue to ignore him when they can and ridicule him when they cannot ignore him. But there is no denying that he is the ONLY candidate that addresses ALL of the issues strictly from a Constitutional perspective and not a populist one.

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