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Friday, August 12, 2011

Media Hype Aside: Ron Paul Stands Out!

When the debate was over, the Fox News pundits praised Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Michelle Bachmann received honorable mention. But while ignoring the facts, it was clear that none of the others could match the ideology and common sense exhibited once again by Dr. Paul.

Again, as was the case in the earlier debate, Ron Paul's insistence on the Federal Reserve System bearing a larger responsibility for the economic issues, was picked up by Gingrich and to a lesser extent by Rick Santorum, but both fell short of the mark in calling for an end to the Fed's control over the money supply.

Calling for asset-backed currency, Dr. Paul was direct and to the point, where others felt that spending and regulations that hurt business development were the primary issues. None seemed to understand or at worst, seemed to brush off the idea that the Fed was creating money out of thin air and then selling it to the US at a price above face value. As I explained in a prior post, we can never get out of debt so long as the Federal Reserve allows the banks to create money (debt) without assets to back those debts (loans).

Gold has been a standard since the beginnings of recorded history. While salt was also an asset that was used for commerce, gold replaced it as a more convenient form of exchange and was/is the standard by which all currencies are valued. Having gold in reserve gives the currency backing, so the currency can never be worth less than the value of the gold coin or the reserves that back the paper dollar. Ron Paul explained this many times in the past, but it still escapes the general public and is omitted by the media pundits.

Dr. Paul also demonstrated why we need to bring our troops home, even in the face of a nuclear program by Iran. And when Rick Santorum interjected that we have been at war with Iran since 1979, Dr. Paul gave a brief lesson in history that clearly showed that it was by our intervention and support of the dictator Shah Pahlavi, that the "war" against the United States was promulgated by the oppressed people of Iran. The same can be said for the support of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, who also was a dictator and was eventually overthrown by the Philippine people. Ron Paul said it plainly, we need to "mind our own business" and stop promoting "peace" through force.

While he took criticism for his views on marriage, I feel that all the candidates failed to articulate the legal ramifications of a marriage versus a civil union. While I do not feel that a gay couple has any more rights than a heterosexual couple, and while I feel the institution of marriage is best left to the religions that provide such ceremonies, there is a need for legal definition to authorize beneficiary rights to a partner, regardless of sexual orientation. When a marriage is dissolved through divorce, the legal authorizations cease to exist as well. I see no difference with gay unions, they need to be granted the same fiduciary rights as any other union.

Regarding health care, it was a point that was missed by the rest when Dr. Paul spoke of how the markets need to be the driving force to provide health care and not the state or federal government. The issue was brought to a comparison to State laws on drivers licenses, which has been challenged in federal court, and precedence indicates that a free individual does not need to obtain a driver's license to operate a motor vehicle, but by obtaining one, an individual is entering into a contractual agreement with the State, whereby one is waiving rights to free passage and subjecting oneself to the laws, rules, regulations of the State and the law enforcement officers who then have the authority to impede travel for cause.

Finally, I checked out about a half dozen polls this morning and all of them listed Ron Paul as the winner of the debate. Why has the media, including Fox News, ignored this fact and instead reports that Mitt Romney was the "clear" winner? It does seem apparent to me that the Republican Party's agenda is contrary to dealing with issues realistically and honestly. That is why we MUST get Ron Paul on the ballot and in the White House.

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