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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Lost Tune: Something to Fret About

It seems to me, if what was contracted with an Indian or Malagasy supplier was a finished block of wood of such and such a size which was produced by an Indian or Malagasy Worker and then shipped, the DOJ case will be dismissed, eventually. If not, The American Manufacturing industry using imported rose wood or ebony is doomed to failure. The supplied block of wood is a finished product, by definition of contract specification. The use to which the purchased product may be subject to after payment and receipt is determined by the purchaser.

Otherwise, manufacturing, fabrication, and artistic craftsmanship have taken a heavy and fatal blow. The sources of rare or exotic wood not domestically grown and available in the United States would be outlawed for every industry using such wood. The furniture industry, the guitar industry, the American made piano and harpsichord industry, and in addition to these the manufacturers of salad bowls and kitchen utensils will fall to predation by over zealous actions of DOJ thugs in hob nailed Jackboots pounding the streets carrying sub-machine guns in a silly effort to uphold a law that was poorly crafted to benefit a particular group which has self serving interests and goals.

During the interim people lose their jobs, US made product is lost to the customer, the company operating in the US loses revenue, companies leave the US permanently taking jobs with them or close, foreign companies lose revenue because they can not sell product, revenue is lost to the US, all this and more at a cost in many millions in expense to the tax payer, because some dolt at DOJ wants to make a name for himself.

I do understand both Andrea Johnson's, forest campaign director for the Environmental Investigation Agency, a nonprofit advocacy group and Jameson French's, CEO of Northland Forest Products and the former chairman of the Hardwood Federation, a trade association, positions on the lack of jobs in America and who are very concerned about the rampant and completely insane clear cutting of American forests that has all but ended the American Timber Industry. Perhaps, they would do better in setting up a National Trust for the Billions upon Billions of board feet of Ebony, Indian Rose Wood, and maybe Teak forests left in the United States. I can only wish them great success in this environmental and job conserving venture.

If I were truly rich and wished to display my contempt for such government stupidity, I believe I would order a couple dozen chords of Indian Rose Wood and some of that long lasting Ebony and use it for firewood, or does the DOJ expect ashes to be shipped from foreign shores. What a bunch of horse feathers!

By the way, very nice instruments and they sound just right!

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