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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Divided They Fall!

It should be apparent to anyone that is not sound asleep on their feet something ts very different in this year's campaigns than in previous ones. Not that any of the negative ads are worse than they ever have been; however, it seems there is a concerted effort by the privately owned major media to sway public opinion toward a particular GOP candidate.

Michelle Bachmann was the Tea Party favorite narrowly winning the Iowa Straw Poll in her own state. Soon after, Rick Perry joined the fray Bachmann's numbers dropped. Having followed the debates closely, I feel she fumbled several of the issues, as did Perry, who appeared to be just another puppet dangling by obvious strings. Bachmann has now suspended her campaign after the poor results she received in Iowa.

Herman Cain momentarily captured the attention of the public with his "Nine, nine, nine" tax plan, but public scrutiny of his past revealed some questions of his morality and fidelity. Perhaps that is also why Newt Gingrich has fallen off in most of the reported polls. When Cain withdrew, the privately owned major medias were telling us how Gingrich would gain the majority of the Cain supporters' votes and Romney might pick up the remainder. I read now where many of them are changing their support to Ron Paul, and his poll numbers seem to indicate that is the case.

Now that the Iowa Caucus results are in, it seems that the once touted Bachmann is in single digits,  Mitt Romney won with eight votes more than Santorum, and Ron Paul 3rd by percentage points. Romney is really just as good at being behind someone as he was when the GOP favorite was Senator John McCain. Romney finished third behind McCain who of course lost to Obama in the Presidential election. Now McCain who attacked Romney in 2008 is endorsing him for the GOP candidacy. More flip-flopping by the GOP elite just to deflect attention away from Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's sound principles and convictions backed by his thirty years record of voting was given little attention by his own party and faded in comparison to Obama's now failed promises and failed programs of change.

Steve Forbes has been speaking well of his Bilderberg selection, Rick Perry and his flat tax idea, while also taking cheap shots at Ron Paul. Dick Morris has tried trashing Ron Paul on Fox News, calling him a radical and extremist. Morris says he would dismantle the military and allow Iran to become a nuclear power and destroy Israel. A few are calling him an isolationist because Dr. Paul says, that it is better to enjoy commerce and trade with nations instead of preemptive military force to make others comply:  that America should lead by example and not by force.

Now there is a needed strategy on the part of the Democrats given Obama's ineligibility to be a presidential candidate in the 2012 election. So far, it has been a strategy of shifting blame that began with President Obama placing blame on former President Bush for the bailouts, deficits and wars. Now the Democrats are blaming the Tea Party Movement for making it impossible for the President to get any legislation passed to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The Tea Party Movement is not in office and never has been.

But everyone knows that what happened in 2010 was just a warning to all of Congress and the President. The people of America want and demand real change. Not hollow promises and ever failing policies and programs. Both political parties have been put on notice. Americans deserve the changes that will return our nation to that which was always admired and envied around the world.

The 'Restore America Now Plan' can cut spending by one trillion dollars in the first year of office and provide a balanced budget with spending limits by the third year. This can be accomplished by reductions in unnecessary government bureaucracy. suggested are the TSA, corporate subsidies, and unnecessary foreign aid. In addition to the reductions, an end to the never ending wars which have nothing to do with defense of the country. Bring the troops home, and back to their families. knowing the constitutional limits of a standing army, Dr. Paul would be well aware of how the Coast Guard, Marines and Navy can be used as a very formidable defense. He is not against a strong defense but he does stand with the same non-interventionist principles for which our founding fathers stood. Those principles were used to established routes of trade and commerce without intervening in how other nations govern their people.

Dr. Ron Paul stands alone among all other candidates to break the misguided recent trends of politics and policies that has all but destroyed us from within. We must prove that we can exercise our protests with the vote and make changes. Will enough fellow Americans come to their senses in time?

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