By The People

There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Without Consent of the Governed

The People created a Constitution which in turn created a system of governance, which through the duties and responsibilities mandated by the Constitution is to serve the needs of the union of Free and Sovereign States not the incorporated states.  It is We the People who govern, and the corporate government that has replaced the system of governance has no constitutional authority.

The purpose of a system of governance under the Constitution is to defend the Sovereign States against foreign aggressors and guarantee the freedoms under the Bill of Rights, including life, liberty, and the ability to own property. It was never the purpose of the system of governance to control the People and the way they live.

We live in a state of confusion today, with regard to the function and purpose of those in Washington D.C., not because we have an uncontrollable government, but because we have a nation of People who are ignorant of the true purpose of a system of governance but are aware of a controlling corporate government, and would rather give up their freedoms to a corporate government willing to extend privileges to them for a price, than to take responsibility for themselves.

The education of children is the responsibility of their parents. If it was the mandate of constitutional governance to provide education it would have been included in the Constitution. Educational requirements are different from community to community. A one size fits all system of educational standards cannot benefit the student or the community within which he resides.

If there is to be made any investment in education, it must be from family participation and the private sector. The corporations with needs for skilled engineers must invest in the schools who provide them with the best candidates, and provide funding for those that merit a higher education . This benefits all parties concerned. Corporate Government subsidies on the other hand drive up the cost of education and it's mandates and standards deprive students of the truth and the very diversity the corporate government claims is a goal.

Health is a personal responsibility and health care is also your responsibility. The cost of health care is high because of how the system is designed. The deliberate interference of the AMA, FDA, CDC, DHHS, etc. and the exclusion or regulation of alternative medicine (suppression of natural medicine and other forms of treatment) benefits only the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations to the detriment of patients and providers alike.

We are a nation of immigrants and we adopted and created a system of common law, laws that were not created to make criminals, but to protect the States and their People. With nearly one million immigrants coming to the United States of America annually, immigration seems to work rather well for those who follow the law. Reforming immigration laws is analogous with reforming rape laws to accommodate the criminals instead of providing justice and restitution for the victims.

The current state of the union is in crisis. We have a corporate government that has taken control of nearly every aspect of an individual's life. We have a monetary system that is debt-based and enslaves everyone to the banks through the corporate state, both locally and nationally.

We have a Congress that is nothing more than a corporate board of directors who have very little say when it comes to the Chairman of the Board's tyrannical and treasonous actions. Instead of arrest or impeachment, they cower under the umbrella of a law suit, a frivolous waste of time and taxpayer resources.

If We the People want action, then it must be We the People who take that action, just as our patriotic founders did in defiance of George II and the banker controlled British Parliament.

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