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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real Money

Why do we use the money we have today? What makes us accept it as valid for commerce and trade?
It is that acceptance of a monetary unit such as the Federal Reserve Note requires a certain amount of trust from the people and the government.

In the present Presidential Debates it seems that while many candidates say all of these things about job creation and cutting spending, nobody except Ron Paul talks about sound money. Now the reason is mainly because they are paid not to. Now don't think for a moment that I am accusing anyone of accepting a direct bribe to layoff the issue. Most of them probably do not even understand what Dr. Paul means by sound money.

At first thought even I felt that he was referring to the gold standard. But gold alone would not make our currency stable or sound. It requires the backing of the United States Government's credit and goodwill, with its partners in commerce and trade. Having a stable currency will mean that real money of silver and copper coin must be recirculated, and the printing of paper currency can only be done by the United States Department of the Treasury, and then only through the Constitutional mandate for Congress to issue such an order.

That paper currency is a trade note that is redeemable in coinage and will be backed by the assets of the country, not just gold and silver, but the natural resources that are exported to other nations, payable in assets that can then be used to back the currency and then expand it without inflation or deflation of its worth. An ounce of silver or an ounce of gold will have a worth in U.S. Dollars pronounced by Congress as is its responsibility under the Constitution.

During the transition from Federal Reserve Notes to U.S. Dollars, banks will be required to reduce their fractional reserve lending practices until it is incrementally reduced to about 5% or 10% over deposits unless in times of need again, determined by Congress.

There may be necessary amendments to the Constitution to facilitate the prohibition of private banks from issuing the currency of the nation. This will include a clause that will make the Treasury the only legal printer of U.S. Dollars and minted coinage. We possess the technology today to inhibit counterfeiting of currency with design complexities and the sensing of those complexities via automation. 

The practices that have been in place now since the unlawful passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 have not prevented depressions as promised. The facts clearly demonstrate the contrary, that the control of the currency, first by making it plentiful and then by retracting it from circulation, the Federal Reserve Bank caused all depressions and recessions we have endured.

We the People who are aware of the issues and the solutions are in a situation I call the Moses Paradox. Moses had to wait 40 years until nearly all of the original people were but a few and he was able to indoctrinate the new generations with the Law. Those who have conspired to destroy what our founders fought and died for have had generations now to spin their propaganda to the masses through forced government controlled education and the private corporate media that supports those Money Masters behind the curtain.

This nation prospered enormously while the money belonged to the people and the government provided due diligence and vigilance to safeguard the people's money. But we were under attack by the European bankers even before the ink was dry on the Treaty of Paris. They were already plotting how to steal the wealth of this nation long before the amount of wealth was realized. They succeeded several times to get into the nation's money system, but they were identified by those representatives that were courageous and took their oaths of office with integrity and conviction. Lincoln was one, Garfield was another. The last American President to take on the banking elite was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And he did so against the advice of his father, for his father new that his defiance toward the Money Masters would cost him his life.

It doesn't matter if we trade with copper, gold, silver, or beads. What does matter is who determines what the currency used is worth and what will control that currency to maintain its worth even when there is expansion of currency in circulation.

The answer can be found in the Constitution for the United states of America.

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