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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Education Funding vs. Freedom

To demonstrate how the unconstitutional funding of education is a tool for the political ambitions of Congress, lets examine a case that is close to me. I supported Art Robinson for Member of the House of Representatives in 2010 against incumbent Congressional fixture Peter De Fazio.

All was going well until the last week before the 2010 elections when the media blitz of negative ads (paid for by DNC) came out against Dr. Robinson, claiming that he was being funded by corporations. He narrowly lost. As a consultant he does take funds from corporations to perform research and development. Then again, Mr. De Fazio takes money from the DNC which is funded by big corporations, unions, pharmaceutical companies, and of course banks and financial institutions.

All of Art Robinson's PhD undergraduate children were home schooled proving that standards and methods in mandated and regulated curriculum is not necessary. The tax dollars collect by the federal government and doled to the States for education would best serve the States and the People if that money stayed within the respective State to used to their specific needs. Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul agrees and stated, as President he would end the Department of Education.

Much of what Art Robinson stands for can be appreciated from a perspective of Constitutional law and the limitations of the federal government. Having such a representative in Congress will benefit Oregon because we will have a representative with Constitutional integrity to remove federal regulations that inhibit commerce and trade, and not create more bureaucracy and tax dollars wasted.

If we are to save the Republic and restore the federal government to its limited powers according to the Constitution, we will need more representatives like Art Robinson, representing the voice and the will of the People.

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