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Saturday, January 7, 2012

They Are All The Same!

UPDATE: Ron Paul ad says what I have said about these candidates. Maybe the rest of America will see the truth before they vote.

At some point in time it seems that Americans will begin to realize that the GOP candidates and Obama are all really the same. The only differences are minor ones that serve their own special interests.

Mitt Romney has changed his positions with each bid to get elected. His former 
Hedge Fund running company is now under investigation by the FBI, he has refused to release his tax records, he passed a health care bill in his State that is as detrimental as ObamaCare. His silly call to "punish" China for the "manipulation of their own currency" is blatantly absurd. That is what the private banking cartel's Federal Reserve System (whose only purpose is foreign profit) has always done, which has made our dollar so unsound the U.S. lost its most favored credit rating which is due to be down graded again. His policies on Iran will force the U.S. into another foreign war where borrowed money and American lives will be the cost, with an outcome of further destabilization of the Middle East more innocent lives lost or ruined and increased resentment toward the U.S.
Rick Santorum is also a war-monger as well as being anti-gay. He would have the U.S. military carry out a preemptive strike against Iran to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power and possibly developing nuclear weapons. His continuing insistence on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between a man and a woman inhibits freedom of religion and expression and is on its face unconstitutional. His term in the Senate among other questionable habits displays his penchant for earmarks and pork-barrel projects; so, I fail to see where his present policies or politics are any different from the present actions of a failing congress.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich speaks well but his actions betray his words. His past is littered with illegal actions while in office, and marred by continuing infidelity in marriage. His stance for military aggression against "Islamic extremists" is well known. His more dangerous position against the judicial branch of government is also known. Newt, as a leader, will bully the legislature to impeach and remove judges or justices that do not comply with his agenda.
Governor Rick Perry of Texas claims that he created more jobs in Texas than Obama did in the rest of the U.S. While that might be true (I still question the numbers of part time government summer jobs) he also authorized free education to illegal residents in Texas, and then he raised taxes significantly to pay for those entitlements. He tried, by Executive Order, to force young girls to take the Gardasil vaccine (the Texas legislature voted against it). He has stated that he feels the Bilderberg Group are "good guys" and they want to help us out of our economic mess. This same group, Bilderberg Group, gave us Obama and it supports the banking cartel behind the Federal Reserve System and is directly tied to the other central banks of the world that are bankrupting nations in Europe and all around the world.
All of the favored GOP candidates, like Obama, want the government to be everything to everyone, deciding and then telling you what you can eat, what you can drink, what health choices are right for you, and how much of your wages or savings you can keep: doesn't this sound just a bit socialistic or communistic, systems that historically fail without rigid police state enforcement? Not one of these favored candidates or Obama have even mentioned correcting or repairing the damage that has been done to the U.S. Constitution, they are, in fact, the ones responsible for recent and ongoing damage. None of them have come up with any plan to make America productive and competitive in global markets. They all want the government to manipulate "fix" everything so the problems will vanish, like some magic trick with a rabbit. It was the government that created the problems by passing unconstitutional measures, incorrectly regulating and taxing businesses into closing or relocating off-shore and by allowing Executive Orders to stand.  Even Mitt Romney has a good portion of his undeclared holdings outside the U.S. in foreign banks.

As I listen and watch the candidates speaking in debates and town hall meetings, and as I then listen to the analysis from the so-called political experts, it is clear that the agenda is not to fix anything, but merely give the illusion that GOP party favorites are the best thing we have other than another term of Obama.  Let's face it, if I ran against Obama with his record, I could beat him soundly.  So could any of these candidates, but the real question we all must ask ourselves is:  who truly has the only track record of voting, based on the U.S. Constitution, that reflects sound reasoned judgment and has real plans for the repair and restoration of our country.  "Can the favorites restore America or someone else?"

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