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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beliefs and Actions

So... Palin says, "they are getting more grounded in their beliefs and are articulating them better."

Palin thinks Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum are becoming more grounded in their beliefs. These politicians and businessman are fully grown men with past actions and public statements which should have cemented their convictions and character development by the age of 21.

By the time U.S. males turn 30, patterns of belief and behavior are developed and become set and the actions and words derived from them define and reinforce those convictions. These male characteristics remain in and with their holders until overtaken by death.

The prime ability and skill politicians must posses is to speak well and convey their ideas to listeners convincingly, nothing else is more important. Even if mistakes are made in their actions or words the skill to talk around, under, over or through opposition, disaster or debacle is paramount:   nothing is more important to a successful career politician. If nothing else, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum should have developed the skill to speak well and convincingly, by now.

You might think Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum truly would have made up their minds ten years later by their 40th year of thought over what they believe in and their actions should have revealed exactly what they believed, or 20 years later by their 50th year of thinking over the same things they believe in and whatever they have done.

Most, if not the majority, of the male population of the U.S. Are considered old codgers that are completely set in their ways by the time they reach their 55th year. Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have the experience of their actions and the publics' reaction and response to whatever they have done or said in the past with which to work. Regardless of reaction and response, when considering the true worth and measure of any man, his record of actions can be the only quality of merit or accomplishment.

Romney, a corporate raider with a record of business cannibalism and destruction, believes money and the power to get more is the most important thing in his life, since he has spent his entire professional life doing just that. Great hair, pretty teeth and a real live shark.

Gingrich, a politician with a long ugly record of ethics violations and more, continues to do and say whatever he thinks people will believe. His personal life, a failure at any point except to take advantage of self-made disasters, and use them for financial or political gain reflects his professional life and vise-versa. Great hair, rotund presence and words that are only backed by current listeners.

Santorum, another career politician with severe blemishes, pandering to lobbyists, developing rapidly into a sleazy politician (no moral or ethical compass of any bearing) and representing foreign institutions by adding an amendment which drove the suicide rate at one home for Veterans from 59 in 2000 to 131 in 2003. Earmarking, big government spending, and bringing religious matters and concerns to whip-up the voting public. It should be remembered that the U.S. Constitution prohibits laws regarding religion. Santorum does not think it important and does what he can to circumvent the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, even at the high price of U.S. Veterans lives. Suave, self righteousness at any price oozing from every pore.

However, there is a completely unexplainable exception to this cavalcade of professional Politicians and wanna-bes.

An apparent statesman, who relies on and applies judiciously and unerringly what was written and trusted more than two centuries ago. His entire carrier has in purpose and action been applied to the benefit and well being of his countrymen. These actions of record were gained by a thorough understanding of what was written and what it represented. Few politicians and even fewer citizens take the time to truly become familiar with the document that defines our nation and by extension its people. While others argue, accuse and insult one another, this statesman explains truthfully and simply what has gone wrong and what must be done to correct these problems. His beliefs are secondary when compared to his record. He lives an ordinary life with his family in Texas with one huge glaring difference:  he well knows his beliefs and convictions and has had the character and courage to stand alone in upholding the U.S. Constitution against all enemies.

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