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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

Strange how things are turning out. John Huntsman drops out and endorses Mitt Romney, and now Rick Perry hangs up his spurs and offers his reins to Newt Gingrich! All that campaign rhetoric about "Washington Insiders" and Perry endorses the one with the most questionable honesty and integrity? I can almost hear the music starting and stopping and starting and stopping. It almost seems as if the Party favorites are all acting out in a never ending play of musical chairs designed to distract the American Citizen from choosing the only real candidate who actually believes in America.

Wake Up America! Your Rights are disappearing!

Now, verified official reports revised vote totals Thursday that give party favorite, Santorum a 34-vote edge over party favorite, Romney, which reverses the eight-vote advantage held before the state completed certifying the results of the Jan. 3 caucuses with missing truckloads of votes in addition to known misreporting of precinct counts, affidavits of election fraud added to not knowing what the true count is and no way of ever determining anything:  the Republican Party in Iowa has declared party favorite, Santorum, the winner and another favorite, Romney, with another party favorite, Perry, gaining or losing votes.

Wake Up America!  Your Constitution is Almost Gone!

A truely stupid display of who they think is important considering it is based on and tallied from missing truckloads of uncounted votes. The Elementary School children of Iowa could have been more professional, but they don't have a hidden agenda to ignore and make sure the only candidate U.S. Solders and Americans at home respect isn't acknowledged, is too radical and can't win...because the Republican Party rigged the election rules at the last minute before voting, because for the first time in Iowa they decide to move the ballots around in a giant shell game, because the Republican Party and their multimillionaire lying dishonest party favorites can hardly wait to get into office and change nothing.

Wake Up America! Smell the Coffee, While You are Still Able!

The same old bailouts for friends and Corporations, the same old policies that will begin a new war, the same old practices that force more U.S. Businesses to bankrupt then close and be liquidated. More Citizens out of work, more inflation due to the ever failing economy and monetary system, more dishonest sleazy politicians making millions while in office. Wavy dark hair and perfect teeth in smiles as practiced as the sunset: they remind me of a small school of large sharks circling each other...just waiting to take the first bite!

Wake Up America!   Before You have No Choice!

I personally do not think that Romney can beat (Obama?) heads up in a fair contest. Gingrich might have a better chance but then when I think about what America would be like with another lying cheating multimillionaire in the White House, it makes me shudder and start looking for another choice that is not a party favorite. I turned to who the military is supporting.

Wake Up America!  Before the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave Is a Fading Memory!

Almost three quarters of the active duty military, those that have to do the fighting, more than all other candidates and (Obama?) combined together, support Dr. Ron Paul. And yet, we here at home hear the never ending beat of the war drums, and that Ron Paul would be detrimental to the military and our national defense. When I heard the people's booing Romney or Gingrich echoing in the past when they spoke about the military and the "Iran Threat" or they were "Bad Americans," I realized why Ron Paul wasn't among the GOP favorites. Those that are against Dr. Paul are the ones that sent our young people into harms way and really want to start yet another war. These Warmongers are the ones that ridicule and ostracize Ron Paul.

Wake Up America!  Before Your Freedom is Gone!

It makes me sad to admit, I do not have all that much confidence in voters that are so easily swayed by one party or another into voting for any candidate that supports undeclared preemptive unilateral war. With more and more of our freedoms being usurped in the name of national security, I see America rapidly declining into a fascist nation run completely by corporations wielding the most powerful weapons on the planet and that it frightening.

Wake Up America!  Before It Is Too Late!

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