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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is America a Land of Cowards and Slaves?

There are no brave Americans. Americans are cowards. In the near future right around the corner from today, the real Americans are going to be wondering "just what the hell happened?" The Great Experiment is almost over. Not because the idea was ill formed or the concept flawed, but because the inheritors were asleep or worse yet, because the American People have been lulled into a state of passivity, due to little adjustments constantly being made in various ways over generations of families.

U.S. Citizens are out of work and hungry, if you ever believed, or cared, or not, the middle class is extinct. What were they? People that owned (no mortgage) their own house and the land upon which it was built and had the ability and skill to produce goods to support a family of four or more. They earned 4 to 5 times the minimum wage. As sub classes, Yuppies and Dinks were looked on unfavorably.

The rich greedy ego-maniacal ne'er-do-wells running for president, not to mention the fraud in office, have demonstrated in thoughts, words and actions their negligent, incompetent, and treasonous acts and are a disgrace against all statesmen. These pretenders to concern for the welfare of our Nation and its' Citizens have no regard for honor or integrity for statecraft of any stripe-and-color unless it is yellow-and-green and serves their own purposes. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are liars, cowards, and traitors.

A true and real nightmare has been brought to life and is unfolding right in front of our eyes, and most Americans are blind to what is happening. When the average citizen has been asked directly what he thinks or how he feels, the most common response is he does not understand the question. This ignorance can be understood considering the scope and magnitude of the methods being employed by the enemy, but it can not continue or the result will be death. Some of the responses to questions about the war have been the responses of gibbering idiots.

War is being waged and engagements with America's Enemy are sporadic but in progress and America is failing. America has been fighting the war haphazardly because it only dimly recognizes engagements and does not well understand the war fronts at all. The war is raging on multiple fronts and America is loosing badly in various engagements.

This war is being waged for the total and complete annihilation of the very heart and soul of our Nation. The majority of American soldiers engaged on the ground can not recognize the enemy or identify its Leadership. The Soldiers that have been placed in harms way are not trained and poorly equipped for this war. The casualties are severe, and what little of the Army at the various fronts that have managed to survive, have been signaling desperately, by every method imaginable, across an expanse of time, for relief and supplies and those have been misinterpreted, and the requests have been ignored.

Make No Mistake! Your Way of Life and The Very Survival Of Your Families Is The Price That Will Be Paid In Full.

The known recent engagement cost has been calculated to be $27,000,000,000,000.00 dollars (27 Trillion) and is about to be increased by an additional war funding of $1,300,000,000,000.00 dollars (1.3 Trillion). The money that is being spent by our government is real and represents the entire current earnings (wages, salaries, investment earnings, and dividends) and the savings of American generations past, present, and generations to come. The country is in debt to the tune of "your Great Grandchildren" and it is almost to "your Great Great Grandchildren," which is just 80 years.

The cost of the war in current dollars has been roughly estimated in the Quintillions of dollars (example, $123,456,789,101,234,567,891.01) the actual cost will never be known.

The War consists of a multi-dimensional battle field that is global in nature. In addition to the normal fully integrated symmetrical and asymmetrical methods, newer Temporal Methods have been deployed for some time and the effects have been devastating because they were unrecognized by active American strategists and completely ignored by American Military strategists. The Military has been and is trained to engage combatants that look and act like themselves, not words, ideas and concepts from the past, present and future. The actual Geo-temporal war plans of the Enemy are not known, only the results are recognized and then not completely or clearly. 

Some of The Known War Fronts:


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America-Iserbyte

The Underground History of American Education-Gatto
Change Agents

Economic Stability

The Federal Reserve System-
       The Creature from Jekyll Island-Griffin
       The Great Debasement-smith

International Monetary Fund

Governmental Integrity and Security

Patriot Act-NDA Act-NDRP-Department of Homeland Security-U.S. Policy (CRF)
Incorporation of the United States 1871
Removal of the legitimate Ratified original 13th Amendment to The Constitution
United Nations-Club of Rome-Round Table Group, Committee of 300, Agenda 21, etc.

National Physical Security

The Report from Iron Mountain-Lewin
The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis-Quigley
Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time-Quigley
Illegal Immigration-Open Boarders


Geo engineering-Weather Modification-Colony Collapse Disease-White Nose Syndrome
Chemical Fertilizers-Herbicides-Pesticides-Fungicides,
Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Terminator Seeds
        Contamination of non-GMO Crops by GMO Pollination

Medical and Health 

Codex Alimentarius-World Heath Organization-United Nation
Chem trails-Geo engineering-Weather Modification--Metal Rosining-Deforestation
AIDS-Lyme Disease-Morgellons Disease
Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Foods-
        Reduced U.S. Birth Rate-Chemical Sterilization
Fluoridation of Water

National Psychological Modification

The Report from Iron Mountain-Lewin
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars TW-SW7905.1

False Flag Operations
             Ruby Ridge
             Kansas City Bombing
             World Trade Center Bombing
             Sandy Hook School Shooting
             Boston Marathon Bombing
The Round Table Groups

Social Philosophical Modification
Literary introduction
            Animal Farm

            Brave New World
Neo Republican Party-Fascism-Nazism-Police State
Neo Democratic Party-Socialism-Marxism-Communism-
        Police State
  Gun Control, etc.

Political Ideology

None Dare Call It Conspiracy-Allen
Our Enemy, The State-Nock
TAVISTOCK -- The Best Kept Secret In America-Coleman
Conspirators' Hierarchy:  THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300-Coleman

Religious Philosophical Modification
America: a Muslim foundation?
False Flag Operations-Waco


Geo Temporal Warfare-Fully Integrated Battle Field-Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Warfare-Unconventional Warfare, etc.  Planned in detail to unfold over five or more generations (gen = twenty-five years)

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  1. This is exactly what is going on in america today. Cant quite put my finger on their aganda of ruining our economy and being in all countries around the world except for what the "consipacy theorist" say makes some sense! The NWO as Bush senior referred to is a definate possibility! If we dont wake up NOW! ALL WILL BE LOST!! Please get involved and help those out that are fighting to regain control of our country before its too late!

  2. Central Banks, money-changers, the goldsmiths of ancient Egypt and Rome. Julius Caesar was assassinated by them, Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy all were murdered by the same bunch of crooks. And yes, they are the same as NWO, CFR, Trilateral Commission, UN, Bilderberg Group, etc. Check the names of the officers and stockholders of the world's largest banks and you will begin to see the connections and patterns,

  3. I see the relationships being talked about. The pressures of costly housing because our dollar being worth less and less. The pressures of food with little nutrient value and water with additives to reduce the ability to think. The pressures of too little available work and low paying of what there is. The pressures of our kids learning garbage, like sex education, in school. The pressures of increased police presence and invasiveness everywhere. The pressure of one war after another with no end in sight. Other pressures like the total lack of judical review, unconstitutional laws being presented and passed in congress, a properly ratified amendment that was there- mysteriously being left out, the list is long. All of it-to mentally condition the people into accepting these garbage politicians who have no plans but more of the same and the takeover of our country.