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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From Risky Gamble, To Disaster, To Debacle: The Democratic National Committee Plan

I have been reading and following an issue since 2006, with interest and ever growing concern. The rhetoric concerning; Muslim and Christian, black and white, oppressed and free, citizen and foreigner, liberal and conservative, democratic and republican, socialist and fascist, communistic and capitalistic, national and global, sovereign and slave, etc. and any other supposed highly polarized dichotomy is unimportant.

It seems to me that what is important is what our nation is based on which is the penultimate law-of-the-land and what is written in it. Any other argument is unimportant. It supersedes and defines all three branches of governance and their functions and places a self correcting system of checks and balances to prevent the corruption of equal exercise of authority and function of the three branches and U.S. Constitution itself.  The U.S. Constitution spells out and allows everything regarding our government and the rights of the states and all U.S. Citizens. The people are given the ultimate authority to amend or remove parts that are non-functional by way of the procedures contained within U.S. Constitution. The Declaration of Independence is equally important and spells out equally important concepts. Other documents are important and describe or amplify various concepts or beliefs which were imployed by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Our American Society is a Society of laws which are to be applied equally to everyone in all of the states and the communities within those states. Each State has a State Constitution which is the document of governance for the citizens of that state and is absolutely necessary to the governance of any rights not specifically stated in the national document of governance.

When any law or procedure that is outlined in the U.S. Constitution is not followed scrupulously, the worth of the U.S. Constitution and its function is reduced. Reductions of worth directly affect the laws, codes, ethics, and morals of the ways governance is applied both internally to the States and their people, and externally to other national entities and there people when in our country.

But enough of my opinions, and proceeding to what I think is important regarding the issue at hand. Namely, the issue of the eligibility of the person occupying the presidency. The qualifications are clearly delineated in the U.S. Constitution for everyone to read and understand. The comprehension of meaning was spelled out in the language and common understanding of the words at the time of composition.

The singularly primary qualification is one of "natural born citizenship" which stipulates both parents must be U.S. Citizens and the candidate must be born in the United States of America. There are other qualifications, to be sure, but they are taken as of secondary importance but must also be met. The person occupying the presidency can not meet the qualification of natural born citizenship regarding either stipulation. His father was not a U.S. Citizen and the candidate was not born in the United States of America. Everything else pales in comparison.


For anyone living in Barak's 57 States, the news that a new Birth Certificate has surfaced and has been revealed by the African Press International, API, and shows to be another original, official, certified, genuine and interesting piece of the issue surrounding the location and parentage of birth of the person occupying the U.S. Presidency is at the very least confusing considering the other original, official, certified, genuine birth certificates that have been displayed or uncovered.

The API on March 9, 2012, has reported that since March 6, 2012,they have been in possession of the certificate and a letter of authority from the Office of Registration of the Coast Provincial Hospital verifying its genuine nature. Whether or not the veracity of the API is questioned, the indisputable probity the document presents itself is all that matters, which has yet to be confirmed by any U.S authority or party interested in this issue. What can be said without question is there are too many of these certificates with conflicting facts and that alone is much more than sufficient to warrant a true and honest congressional investigation.


After the true facts are determined, and if a fraud is determined to have been perpetrated against the U.S. Constitution and the people of our nation, it should be obvious that all the people that participated in this conspiracy to place an ineligible person into office, be identified and placed in custody without bail until they can be charged with as many charges as can be filed. Then after impeaching and removing anyone the person occupying the presidency appointed to any position, void any and all instruments generated or signed or agreed to by any of these illegally appointed people including the president, and bar them, if any of them are ever released from prison, from holding public office anywhere within the United States of America for the remainder of their lives.

But, that is only what I think, personally I'm going to Disney Land, or maybe fishing or hunting.

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