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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Will You Do?

The privately-owned major media can't report what it is told not to report i.e., "Obama Issues Kill Order" a follow on to Operation Mockingbird. The truth does not matter when the press is controlled: so what will you do?  If you continue to watch and listen to censored news, it is difficult to think over that which you have not seen or heard: so what will you do?  If you only have some of the facts, You can not accomplish much really: so what will you do?  If you unplug the cable TV and only use the Internet portion for a source of news for a week, they will notice, because your choice of services is recorded all the time.

If the person occupying the Presidency says he will do one thing, but he does something else: what will you do?  Will you say, "That's just how government operates these days?"  Or... will you take a stand against those people in government who refuse to follow the constitution, and vote out of office those that can be and then demand the appointed ones be removed?  With all of the stories about vote fraud and electronic voting machines fraud rob you of your vote: what will you do?  Will you shrug and think to yourself that it really doesn't matter because "they are all the same" when it comes to politicians?   Or... Will you demand that ballots be paper and counted by humans?  Or... will you just once again stand up for something that has more meaning than the rigged results of the latest poll: What will YOU do?

The Obama Administration has taken bold and brazen steps to remove the U.S. Constitution as the rule of law and turn the US into provinces of a North American Union with International Law replacing rights with permissions, none of which are inclusive of The Bill of Rights, in fact it will be a crime to dissent against anything the government does. So again I ask, "What will you do?"

When foreign troops start rolling into your community what will you do?  Will you comply with them because they have weapons or will you resist and stand up for America?  When they start pulling people out of their homes because they have been labeled as "extremists" because they listen to Rush or watch Fox News what WILL you DO?  Will you wait hopefully... for them to pass you by because you were never involved in anything "political" and so you don't think they will take you: What will you do?  When they do come for you, what will you do?

So you think that four more years of Obama will reverse the downward spiral our nation is in or that Mitt Romney will beat Obama and make things better?  I have posted all of the things that Romney said and all of his actions for you to decide about Mr. Mitt. Obama already has a past performance that is dangerously close to a Marxist despot. His CFR and Goldman Sachs minions selectively make and apply law when it suits their agenda and goals. So what will you do?

Now there is an alternative that the bought-and-paid-for media do not mention very often: Texas Congressman Dr. Ronald E. Paul. Unlike Romney he's not an all glitz and glamour loud filthy rich political animal. He is certainly not a politician in the baser common sense; but, more of a Statesman in the Thomas Jefferson personification of a true Patriot and Champion of the People. A man who is unassuming and stands for liberty.

Are you going to allow the two parties to decide the opponents and then rig the results or will you take a stand for liberty?  You may have brothers or sisters, fathers or mothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, serving our nation to protect it from our enemies. Most of them are supporting Ron Paul. 

What will you do?

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