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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sawyer Adrift On A River of Lies

ABC's Diane Sawyer has relayed the triumphant victory of the Texas Primary for Republican darling Willard Mittington Romney as having more than the required number of delegates to catapult that dead weight to be the nominated republican candidate for president.

But, WAIT A MINUTE... less than ten percent of the precincts had been reported when she reported. and less than 30 percent have been reported as I write.  An interesting video:

The Texas primary like many other primaries does not pick delegates until the delegate's convention is held and that occurs after the Primary. The delegates are assigned in regard to the proportion of the popular votes cast during the primary, which has not yet been counted. The delegates  then hold a state convention to vote for the delegates to attend the Republican National  Convention in Tampa, FL  The delegates will then cast their votes at the convention for the candidate who will represent the party in the Presidential election in November. However, the delegates are not bound by the first vote rule or any other rule. Reference US Code and Republican Party Rule 38:

Summary: It is Unlawful to use intimidation, threats, or coercion for the purpose of interfering with the right of a person to vote as he may choose as a delegate for the selection of a candidate for the office of President. -

No delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or congressional district to impose the unit rule. 

Any Delegate can vote for Ron Paul or any other candidate running for the Republican nominee for president. Any Delegate can vote for whomever, on the First Ballot at the delegates' convention to be held in Florida which has yet to happen! NO PERSON HAS EVER BEEN DISQUALIFIED FOR NOT VOTING with the "UNIT" EVER!

Once again, the ditsy blond seems to have gotten just about every single fact wrong and incorrect and then declared something-or-other based on poor reasoning skills. Way to Go, ABC!


  1. Due to voter fraud all across the Great Lone Star
    State by the RNC and Romney Campaign Operatives, Dr. Ron Paul has now won the state primary
    and holds the delegates with a 5 to 1 lead.

  2. Fraud confirmed in Texas. Election judge says votes were switched.
    by Dr.K. Research on Mon, 06/11/2012, 13:29, in Daily Paul Liberty Forum

    Note: this was first revealed by an alert DP'er, who posted this blog post:

    Could Ron Paul have gotten 72% of the vote
    instead of 12%? Anne Beckett, election judge
    for Austin (Travis County), says it is so.

    In fact, she did an entrance poll of
    Republican voters for their party preference
    and says that a minimum of 66% offered on
    their own that they came to vote for Dr. Ron
    Paul. As she polled them she wrote a line on
    her hand, then, counted the total voters.
    A minimum of 66% and as high as 72% of all
    the votes went for Paul, NOT Romney (she
    wishes to be conservative, but says that
    at the bare minimum 66%, not 12%, of the
    votes went to Paul).

    For credibility it is important to note
    that she took a complete poll and was there
    from 6:00 a.m. until closing (12 hours).
    The precinct she judged was 247-R.

    Here are the 'acclaimed' numbers from
    the election board:

    Scroll down to pg. 456. The results she is
    disputing are as follows:

    Live voters, May 29
    Mitt Romney: 72
    Ron Paul: 15

    Early voting (absentee ballots)
    Mitt Romney: 41
    Ron Paul: 4

    Don’t feel depressed about all that has happened.
    We have been severely cheated. Apparently, in
    this case the real numbers in the live voting
    are 72 or more for Paul and 15 or less for Romney.

    Ms. Beckett states categorically that these
    numbers are false. In her words, it’s “completely

    UPDATE: She has noted another anomaly. There
    were over 155 Republican votes in her precinct,
    not 87, as listed above. One wonders how many
    other times were the number of Paul votes in
    Texas precincts simply purged by these vile
    computerized voting machines.

    The judge has filed an affidavit with

    Tune in to this epic show. Dr. K. will interview
    Ms. Beckett about her findings and will discuss
    the full strategy going forward for proving the
    fraud in other counties and states.

    See also:

    Note: here are all the charts by our mathematicians
    on vote flipping:

    BIG UPDATE: this Travis County chart is a must see,
    which confirms Ms. Beckett's findings -

    Note how Dr. Paul starts out at a higher vote count
    level than Romney, only to be suppressed with
    increasing vote counting.

    Previous update: See also this powerful analysis by
    one of our top experts in Riverside, County, CA, also breaking news:

  3. Hi-yall,

    Since "Sapper Gloves" Romney lost the popular vote in The
    Great State of Texas, because of voting machine tampering
    and other illegal acts of vote fraud, and since The Great
    State of Texas is an all or nothing (regarding delegates)

    Doesn't that mean the candidate who won now has all the
    delegates for The Great State of Texas? Because the major
    media continues to report that "Sapper Gloves" Romney has
    won many states-when he didn't, Romney's delegate count is really down around 250 somewhere. The only thing that
    "Sapper Gloves" Romney has won is a solid reputation for
    vote fraud and RomneyCare (on which ObamaCare is based).
    What a looser this liar Romney is!

    Dr. Ron Paul has those delegates!