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are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Teach Your Children Well

Updated August 7, 2013

Ask most individuals today and they will tell you that the government needs to do more for educating the children. The problem is no matter how much money they take from the taxpayer or borrow from the banks, education in America is dying.

Most of our founders did not have formal education. Yes, some had wealth and attended university, but many were taught at home. And they did not have easy access to a wealth of knowledge as we do today. The internet and online classes allow more individuals to learn, so why are Americans so dumb?

This is caused by what is taught and not necessarily who is taught. It is further eroded by a generation of teachers who are more concerned with policy than what they are teaching. And they too lack the skills, not because they are stupid, but because they also suffer from incorrect educational information and are themselves taught how to present the slop they are federally mandated to teach.

Standardization equates to control and poorer quality based on results. During the debates, only one person advocated the elimination of the Department of Education and a return of control to the local communities. After all, who knows what subjects will best serve the needs and wants of the people who live there? Obviously there will be increased diversity in curriculum  and that is a positive move toward making education work for American.

In his book, The Underground History of American Education,

 John T. Gatto explains how and why the quality of education has plummeted in the U.S. and offers common sense to fix the problem. It puts the responsibility to educate on the parents instead of the government. and it further makes it clear that schools that are private will be forced to compete in order to be successful.

Home schooling and charter schools offer more diversity in education than public schooling because they can tailor to the needs of the students instead of to some government mandated social standard. Further, they teach that which the students want to learn to further their dreams and aspirations and in a manner that parents are aware of and approve of.

There are many detractors who will claim that only the wealthy will be able to afford to send their children to the best schools. In fact the opposite will be true as the "affordable" institutions will compete with the most expensive schools in what they teach and how they present it to create the greatest comprehension levels. The end result will be students who learn and excel in their respective fields, and once again compete for the best jobs.

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