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are not even aware of the dangers.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chuck Chuck: No Defensive Senator for Defense Secretary

Why a Presidential appointee for Secretary of Defense shows up for a confirmation hearing so totally unprepared and clueless, bumbling, mumbling, and stumbling over simple yes/no answers is beyond me. If this is the choice of the President, Obama is truly doing what he can to destroy our defenses.

A Commander-in-Chief that has control of the most formidable weapons one the planet, must have a Defense Secretary that is competent in military and political strategies when dealing with the types of enemies that we have created.

Charles "Chuck" Hagel is obviously not the choice that I would make. Actually, I would like to see someone like Ron Paul in that spot. A true statesman that has military background and knowledge that would surely be a positive in our national defense interests. Unless the goal is not to strengthen but to weaken our defenses.

So let me see if got this right: The government wants to take our personal defenses away, while they are arming the IRS and other Homeland Security agents with "assault' military weapons using hollow point ammunition that is prohibited by international laws or treaties, design for maximum kill capacity. And they want the People by proxy of their Senators, to confirm a man who has little clue about any defense beyond covering his own hind quarters when caught in a lie or just plain demonstrably wrong about an issue.

While all the economy goes to hell in a hand basket,our elected representatives are looking out for our best interests by putting a self important member of the Republican Party up for confirmation by the Democratic-controlled Senate, showing the public that the liberals are willing to "reach across the aisle" and select a member of the "opposition" for a cabinet position. If anyone watched the badgering he got from members of his own party, it seems obvious that he is not the Republican choice for the position.

In all the time he was being questioned, it seemed that he was lost, unable to think quickly or clearly enough to even seem credible. Not the person that I would want between the President and the military. I can't imagine how he was elected as a Senator by a majority. The other choice must have been really bad!

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