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Monday, March 4, 2013

Taxing the Wealthy to Create Prosperity

No other nation was more productive and prosperous than was the United States of American just after the turn of the century. And no other nation was envied for its wealth as much either. That is not taught in history. It is one of those lessons that good teachers brought out of the students when they studied American History. At least some did when I went to public school.

Today there is a huge majority of Americans who were educated improperly to promote the free thinking and liberty loving people of the past. Today the American Dream has been recreated by ideologues who make it seem that the American Dream has something to do with the government providing for the health and wealth of the citizens. And this twisted ideology now includes people who are not even citizens, and those citizens who never participated in this forced charity except as recipients of someone else's labor and wealth.

The government seems to be in a quandary as to how to solve the economic crisis that is and has been upon us for over a decade. The recent turmoil can be traced backed to September 11, 2001. But the particulars of how that began the plunge of American economy is for another topic. This is to see who is benefiting from our demise and how we must proceed if we are going to save the Republic.

Nothing that has been tried or proposed by anyone in government thus far has proved to be the answer. And that is because nobody in government has the courage to stand up and point to the real criminals in all of this. And that party is the central banking cartel. See, when we discuss cartels, it is usually drug cartels or oil cartels, and both are perceived to be negative. Why then would a banking cartel be any different? After all, they are a group of wealthy investors whose purpose is to make money by controlling it. They are the ones who create market bubbles and then burst them. It was the banks who crashed the markets and create panics that resulted in runs on the banks. Look at history and it is evident that no laws that were passed ever solved the problem.

But there is an interesting bit of history that I have discovered for myself. Those nations  that taxed the wealthy too much, that is to the point of losing that revenue because of bankruptcy or the rich just leaving the country, all collapsed. All of  them did. Not one survived the debt they created and attempted to pay off with taxes. Not a one.

And that is because none chose the true path to prosperity. Our founders did but later administrations were corrupted and the majority if people were unaware of what was happening. They had become complacent in their prosperity and relative peace. They let down their guard and were not paying attention to who was working against their liberty and prosperity. And soon there was 'need' for a central bank created by the very people elected and entrusted with preventing such s criminal act from being perpetrated on the citizens.

So how do we fix the problem? Simple. Get rid of the central banking system. It is a Ponzi Scheme that can never benefit the nation that it holds in its grasp.

If the wealthy invest in businesses that will make them profit, that is good for the economy. Businesses that need funds to expand or improve sell stock to these wealthy investors or borrow from the bank. The bank lends money that it doesn't have and charges interest on the loan. The same way that the banks behind the Federal Reserve System 'lends' money to the United States of America and charges us interest. And where does the Federal Reserve get that money? Magic!

The money we use today in the form of Federal Reserve Notes are not money in the true definition of money. Real money is something that is of worth all by itself. The Federal Reserve Notes by definition are promissory notes. They are IOU documents. And who owes who?

We are constantly being told how government spending is out of control and that our children and grandchildren are being left with the debt. Not unlike our parents and grandparents who worked and paid taxes, and paid into the Social Security and Medicare retirement accounts that were promised to be there for them when they retired. Even the very wealthy, who probably never collected a dime from the accounts because they paid more in taxes than what these benefits would have compensated, paid into these accounts from the day they were started under federal law.

Our government by consent of the People through the ballot box, has mortgaged our very lives and the lives of generations to come, in order to provide programs and expand itself to the point of collapse.

Will be be forced to auction our national defense arsenals to pay the foreign nations who are our creditors? Will be sell off more public lands to foreign nations because with all the spending by our government, they can't make the forest service or postal service work within a reasonable budget?

The great Obama told us we need to 'tighten our belts' while he plays links with Tiger Woods, and travels the nation on taxpayer expense to campaign for his programs and policies, none of which can nor have they fix any of our economic problems. In fact, based on the evidence, they have spiraled us further down the path to collapse. How long will America be able to find willing lenders to finance its ever expanding debt and spending?

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